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  1. Another day dawns ... and it's still not working. C'mon, folks! We pay for premium membership and we want premium features AND premium customer service.
  2. I use Cachly on my iPhone, and my existing PQs seem to be working on that. I don't know if new ones can be created, however.
  3. Same issue here. I've tried various approaches and all yield the same non-results.
  4. Same thing happening to me. When will this be resolved? Trying to plan a trip and have limited time to do so.
  5. Just had our first Adventure Lab go live. A fellow cacher was nice enough to beta test it for us before it went public, and would now like to claim his finds. But even when I take down the geofencing we put up, it still tells him he needs to get closer. I assume there is a built-in proximity feature that prevents "couch caching" but wonder if there's some way he can still earn his smileys. Seems like there should be some way to do this.
  6. Still having this issue. I'm using Google Chrome. I get a lot of messages on my virtual and can't respond to them in the Message Center from my desktop. Have been able to use the function in the geocaching app, but that is not my preference.
  7. When I receive an email notification for a new cache and tap the link, it automatically opens it in the geocaching iPhone app. However, I can't see any attributes. Specifically, I need to know whether the cache location is dog-friendly as our dog is our hiking companion. To add insult to injury, there seems to be no way to copy/paste the GC# from the app into another, more user-friendly app (i.e., Cachly) so I either have to memorize the # or write it down somewhere else. Am I missing something? Is there an option to view the cache description in the browser so I can see the full attribute info?
  8. Yep, just saw that gem this morning. It now opens in the web version, which on my iPhone is pretty useless. For now, it appears that the Classic app is still working, so I'm going to download all my PQs offline NOW for an upcoming vacation just in case.
  9. At first I thought the new app looked pretty good, but now that I've taken a deeper dive, I'm pretty dissatisfied with a few things: 1. Used to be a search function in the map so that I could move the map and then search the new area without having to know the name of the town, etc. to search by. I don't see that option anymore. 2. Field notes ... I've always used the app to make notes and save them to refer to later when I log. Now I have only two options after creating a log: post it or cancel it. No option to save it. This is only going to result in more people logging "TFTC" instead of an informative log. Bad move! 3. Seriously, no offline lists? Lots of places have little or no cell phone coverage. And who wants to use all that data in the field? I really hope we are able to use the original app at least until all these issues are resolved. Doesn't anyone at Groundspeak beta test these things with "real" cachers? I would have been happy to participate but was never asked.
  10. Mr. Yuck: It is not browser problem. The browser (Chrome or IE) both see the older animated ".gifs" It seems that my guess would be that the "code" in the template of the logging has been modified. Working with code sometime now. The question is why?
  11. Is anyone experiencing this change in our logs? Should you decide to upload an animated-.gif. The .gif file no longer animates in the log. The guest who reads the a log and tries to experience the animation sees only a still photograph of the animation. This seems to have been a recent experience. Can anyone tell me the cause or the why?
  12. I have a number of PQs that I generated from Bookmark Lists -- for example, my Ignore List. I noticed that when I try to map the PQ, the caches shown on the map are the ones nearest to my home location that I have not yet found ... NOT the ones on my Ignore List. I tried creating a new PQ from my Ignore List, and that one mapped fine. Seems like all of the PQs I created from Bookmark Lists have the same problem ... will I have to go back and re-create all of them or is this a glitch you're aware of and will be fixing?
  13. But why is there only a short list in the weekly mailer containing only new caches within a distance of a few miles? I use notifications to get new caches nearby and used the weekly mailer with a list of the new caches within 70 to 80 km around to find new potentially interesting caches for planning tours. With the new "short" list you have to search manually and for this you spend a lot of time reading listings. Until now, the "long" list of new caches gave me a quick look for interesting new caches around. Will there be a way to set up a parameter for the mailer to get a list f. e. of new caches within 100km around? Events more than 100km away from my home coordinates are not interesting for me, but the event list showed a lot of them. Regards Thomas I agree with Thomas (Homer_J_Simpson). What use is the newsletter if it only lists new caches near my home coordinates? I use email notifications for those. I don't want to expand my notification range because I don't want to get an email for every guardrail cache placed within 100 miles. I do want to see new groups of caches or power trails in other states, however, and the newsletter was the perfect way to find them without having to endlessly scan the map. Please bring this back to its original design!
  14. Thanks for the info. I will miss having the farther caches listed. Guess I will have to increase my notification range, though I don't really want to receive all those emails. Sigh.
  15. I hope this is the right place to report a bug with the Groundspeak newsletter. I received mine yesterday, and all the content was incorrect. There were very few new caches listed, and those that were all said they were between 0.0 and 0.2 miles from my location, which they were not! There were also very few events and megas listed, and both lists had the same distance problems. I checked with other GC.com members on Facebook, and they all had the same problems. I am located in Connecticut; the others I spoke with are located in New York.
  16. One of mine (GCF690)was vandalized. Someone put something very stinky in the ammo box. It was disgusting. I recently was surprised to see the same park on the news. Someone set a series of fires there, including one that burned the patch of woods where my cache used to be. http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/10688728/ Making them Premium Members Only caches or puzzle caches will usually solve the problem.
  17. This is probably a dumb question, but will this change affect the iPhone app map choices as well?
  18. There are some features I like ... for example, now the Pocket Queries come up with just the caches on the PQ instead of all the others in the area. I also like the map options, though it doesn't remember my choice and always goes back to MapQuest though I keep checking off OpenStreetMap. I guess access to the old maps is gone? That's all I've had a chance to explore so far.
  19. Yes I am experiencing a similar problem. I have notified Garmin my product is still under warranty. The battery life is very short on the unit as well. Have to deal with one concern at a time.
  20. Does anyone know if the cacherstats.com website is down for good? It hasn't been updated since mid-September. Is there an alternative?
  21. Try reading all the threads regarding this issue.. Especially the one right above yours >.. cheers We haven't gotten ours yet either, and we logged 19 caches on Int'l Geocaching Day. I can only assume that with multiple changes taking place around the same time (website, challenges, iPhone app upgrade just to name the few I noticed), it may be that they bit off a bit more than they could chew. I'm sure it will appear eventually ...
  22. Yes my 62s eats batteries for breakfast. What is that about? Any further info would be greatly appreciated.
  23. We are considering a fall geocaching trip to do the West Virginia Geocoin Challenge. We have our Playbook and see that the area needing to be covered is quite extensive. Would welcome suggestions as to the best place(s) to stay in order to be as centrally located as possible. Or would it be best to complete one area (farthest from home in CT), then move northeast to another hotel? Thanks! Alphadog from CT
  24. Thanks for this link. This is exactly what I was referring to. The two links other posters provided were to the two Geotrails I mentioned: Star Spangled Banner and Great Lakes. I neglected to mention in my original post that we enjoy earning the coins that these challenges offer as a reward.
  25. We really enjoyed doing the Star Spangled Banner Geotrail in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC this past spring. And we have our eye on the Great Lakes Seaway Trail Geotrail for next spring. These are both sponsored by the local parks departments/visitors bureaus so tend to be well maintained and very user-friendly. I am just wondering if there are other similar geotrails out there and how to find out about them. Thanks! Alphadog
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