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  1. Check your batteries' little connector plates. As I recall, this was semi-common with some Garmins, and just require a shutdown, a little bending out of the connector plates to make a tighter fit, a restart, et voila. Did you press - find - geocache - goto - to navigate to the cache, this will show heading, bearing arrow, and ETA on the compass page
  2. I have a Magellan Meridian I just dusted off and now has a good sat lock. Tell me where to send it and the girls can have it.
  3. Funny, I was sure that updates/firmware was the first thing I commented on in this thread. Right about one thing though, if it was a faulty unit I was in no way gonna give it a second chance. I really have compaired the map 60csx side by side the oregon in the field and the 60 is far more accurate. I like the oregon as a pda but but not a $400 pda
  4. Garmin tech support sent my tide data for the Map 60csx this morning. Just finished loading it up. Seems the data was left out of the newer models. But, its in there now! Go Garmin!
  5. Returned my Oregon saturday, after the better part of a year for the 60csx. Just could not take any more bells & whistle updates. Real glad I returned it for many reasons. Cant measure distance as well as the 60, 60 tracks better - never glitches -, map pointer always points the right direction, never lose sat signal, the map is not off track from pointer as it had been from day one. Just one problem I had with the 60 was the newer version does not recive tide charts. Called tech support at Garmin this morning and it is now loaded up. Could not be Happier
  6. Garmin advertises that the map 60csx is pre loaded with - tide data - but the specs show that it will not recieve - tide charts -??? E mailed garmin to have them explain it
  7. I will give the link a try. Thanks alot!
  8. anyone know how access tide data for garmin gps map 60csx? It does not show how in the owners manual but, the discription says it can. I have tried without sucess. A little help would be greatly appreciated. THANKS
  9. OK!!! Lost some sleep over this one. Did not get sever error until I deleted gpx file on my 400t for the first time. Waited for the wifes map360 to check it. Then went into panic thinking I dumped a program Ahhh thanks doug for posting
  10. How do you figure? It sucks until you upgrade the firmware and then it works great. Yeah, I have installed all the latest firmwares and beta to date but, I have not noticed any improvments in accuracy. You may disagree but for the price forked out for the 400t I really thought it would be a more reliable device. I have posted in earlier threads that if I mark a waypoint and walk away from it, the oregon will not bring me back to the waypoint in 9 out of 10 tries. As near as I could get was about 8' and the waypoint will also drift. Using the compass mode I have the same problem that this guy has. It will very rarely zero. It will go passed it by 30'N so I go back about 30'S, the unit says now zero is 40'W. That's not very accurate. And people keep posting up here and on wiki about this very same problem so I would think that -no- the problem is not solved yet.
  11. the oregon is not as accurate a gps as your etrex nor is the oregon as accurate a gps as my map 60 garmin messes with all other apps but continues to fall way short in simple accuracy so far the oregon is alot of fun to play with as long as I do not have to depend on it for anything other a pda
  12. Big difference in accuracy between Garmin Map 60 and my Oregon 400t. the 60 has always put me within 3' to 6'of a waypoint. Where the Oregon cant even bring me back to within 20' of any starting point. I wish the accuracy of the Oregon had to do with one set direction - due West 40' - like you have found the other cachers gpsr has. The Oregon problem has to do alot with drift and its reliablity with or my trust in marked waypoints. Maybe I should up the difficulty of my caches a star or two when I use my Oregon when placing them because it could be within 40' of the cache.
  13. I really wish I could consider not getting on a location a minor shortcoming. I'm running the 3.01 as well but I do not see this problem as being corrected or suggested in any of the garmin updates. (marker drift/stick)I can live without the manoverboard feature and what good is waypoint averaging going to do if the unit cant decide where the waypoint even is? As I have posted before, so far I have a really nice PDA, something I was not in the market for when I purchaced my 400T Like you I want to wait and see but, it is a gpsr first and formost.
  14. I have had my 400T for about two months now and noticed right away that the location marker would stop moving while I was still searching for a cache. Somtimes the marker drifts with a mind of its own. Other times I will be heading North but the marker is pointing south. NOT GOOD! Have been reading some threads about this problem with the Oregon and apparently it has been a problem since inseption. Does anyone know of a fix? I really like this unit but, hate to think I invested into an expencive PDA rather than a nice GPSR. Just wanting to know if others are experinceing the same problems? And, do I return it or keep it?
  15. Once in a large city park, I found a cache while looking for a place to hide one. I signed the log, wrote down the coords . When I arrived home I tried to find it's listing ,and it's position on the maps. Never found out who it was listed with , But I am signed in on the log.
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