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  1. My thoughts exactly. Sucks we have people like this that ruin it for the rest of us.
  2. Downloaded and installed. Went smoother than I thought it would. I like that I can have more control over what is displayed. So far so good.
  3. Search is your friend. There has been much put up on this.
  4. I got the same bundle. In mapsend have you set some regions? If you have use the conversion manager to convert from mapsend. Is the conversion manager searching for the GPSr? If you pc recognizes the GPSr as a removable it should see it from the converter.
  5. I have caches on my GPS that were uploaded from the Geocache Manager. I guess if I can put them on mapsend from either the Geocache Manager or the GPSr. I do appreciate your help on this. Mitch
  6. Import loc or gps files into Geocache Manager, EasyGPS, or GSAK, and transfer to .gs file in geocache folder in your 210. Embra, I can get them to the GPSr, but I'm trying to get Mapsend to pick them up to show on my PC. I want a larger picture representation of the area. Noticing that my changes to the email and sig aren't changed yet. What gives?
  7. Import loc or gps files into Geocache Manager, EasyGPS, or GSAK, and transfer to .gs file in geocache folder in your 210. Embra, I can get them to the GPSr, but I'm trying to get Mapsend to pick them up to show on my PC. I want a larger picture representation of the area.
  8. I've figured out the waypoint download work around. I have to convert via the Magellan prog then import. Jeez. Next I'm trying to figure the work around to get the caches.
  9. I've been out of it for a while and this Christmas I was given this GPSr. I've been able to commo with the PC, uploaded caches etc... I'm trying to download them to the pc but can't get to commo with the program. The GPSr will do a track log and I can see myself on the program, but for some reason I'm not able to download the caches. What am I doing wrong? TIA. I love this GPSr for the cache stuff!
  10. TNRonin

    Explorist 210

    I'm just now getting back into this stuff, so the tigergps deal, isn't much or a deal?
  11. I'm afraid so, the pricing is basically set by MAXPEDITION. I have a Black Condor, and black CP-M, don't have the H-1, M-2 (not big sellers), in stock but I can get them, and the 5" sheath is not out yet. I haven't been able to update the site since I'm working full time now, and have kid stuff in the eves. I can order the H-1 and M-2 if you want. Shoot me an email at xxmitchell@tnrdgrnr.comxx if you need to.
  12. OD M5s coming in. Last batch of ODs got snatched up by local LEOs. I have RPs coming in, though only one of the khakis for each size. They are hot sellers. I'll send three sets of short malice clips today..
  13. Dude, I hope the wife is ok. I've not sent the dang Malice clips yet, been covered up also. I guarantee they will ship tomorrow. I have you address. Oh, long or short clips bro? Long ones are about 6" at the fold and short ones are around 4". And no you can't cut them to length.
  14. Hey peter, I got them in and they went right back out. I'm wanting to do an order on some more. The Roly Polys are good sellers as well. I really think the M5 is going to go for a survival kit, and for organizing stuff. I like them! The SWAT guys have discovered this stuff and are getting it for their packs. I only wish they had a waist belt, I'll have to make me one of those. I also got in the H1, that is a pretty neat little piece. It is not nearly as big as the thermite, but it would be good for your GPS, FRS, with a pocket on the outside for a multi-tool or cell phone. I'll get the MALICE clips out ASAP. Take care.
  15. I'm running a Map right now. It has been great with one exception. The hairline cracks that occur on the case. I'm about to send mine in for whatever they do to them. I checked on the upgrad/trade-in and they are darn proud of their meridians. Not even close to the market price soooo I guess I'm going to stay with the sportrak and hope they have the crack issue fixed. Or they will be turning my sportrak around so much they will wish they had offered a free upgrade. YMMV and they may have fixed this issue. Good luck.
  16. Wow, I like all the features you all listed. I hope someone is listening because they are all do-able. I like the emergency locator the best though. That is kewl! I would like to be able to plug an ID into mine and know where someone is, like the rhinos do.
  17. TNRonin

    Magellan Cs?

    are they on the turn around time for sportrak cracked cases? I also checked on a possible upgrade, but they want an additional $209 IIRC to go to a meridian Plat. I asked about the cost of upgrading to a gold as well. I just don't want to have to worry about this again. Input greatly appreciated. Mitchell check out Protestwarrior.com if you get the chance, what a hoot!
  18. Let-ca, no you aren't missing anything, I'm an idiot and overlooked it. I'm in the process of getting the backorders filled. In fact, if there is anyone that has not had this taken care of please shoot me an email. Peter I'm still waiting on an address so I can send the clips. Take care and I'm in the process of fixing the site right now. The Thermites and Fatboys are still as scarce as hen's teeth so I'm still going to limit ordering until that gets smoothed out. I really hate being the low man on the pole, though I can understand it. only 5 weeks until summer break!! The website has been edited. Edited to add: If you want an M5 you need to let me know, I have three on order now. 2 black and 1 OD. Seems this stuff is getting popular with the forestry people. I have not ordered any Khaki, but the order has not shipped yet from Maxpedition, I can add it on. You will probably need to let me know before the end of this w/e.
  19. Peter there is no charge for the MALICE clips, you overpaid me previously. Shoot me the snail addy for you locale so I can send them on. Mitch Had/having a crappy show, nothing to sell but the nick-nack-paddy-wack stuff. The Roly Polys are pretty decent. They did send me two samples on the last small order. I'll be getting a few of these.
  20. My sportrak doesn't have the reposition waypoint function either, at least I can't find it. If someone knows IF there is one, I would appreciate having it explained to me.
  21. The north finder is pretty useless if you are not moving. That is where you get your direction finding ability. Just moving a specific direction is for a short distance should be enough to give you a direction and orientation. Standing still will get you no where unless you are facing in the same direction when you look at the screen as you were proceeding. At least that is my take and how I use it. YMMV
  22. I always like looking at the gadgets, but I'm sure you will agree survival is more in the mind than in the gear.
  23. Just a quick note on the roly polys, I have some samples coming in. Peter I have the MALICE clips on-route to me, then you. This looks interesting. Leeman thanks for the link information. Price is not bad either. Though just looking at the contents a person could do their own. There was a rescue organization that was making the kits. I got one for my 8yoa boy. I saw one a friend had and really liked it. REI has them fairly reasonably. Oh and the new pouches should be getting here soon. Like this week maybe? Dunno how customs is working things. Take care. Mitch
  24. I talked with them today. I'm supposed to get some roly poly samples for a small order (scraps) that I've got coming for a show. I'm so embarassed, I don't know if it is even worth it to do a show now.
  25. Leeman, since they have come back from the SHOT show I don't much in the way of CS from them. They have 18 new vendors so I'm sort of low on the food chain right now. Sort of pisses me off, but that is life. I'll stay on them and find out when they are going to start delivering. Supposed to be mid March IIRC.
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