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  1. One thing to try is to insert the CD and reinstall the UPS driver.
  2. Do you live anywhere near Houston? I have the older version of Garmin Topo that I can give you. To tell the truth the newer version does not have much more detail than the older version. It has the roads around my deer lease but none of the tanks or gas wells or even a large kalechee pit. Fellow Texan, hunter, Geocacher, and novice computer tinkerer, LoGears
  3. That should be easy. Thanks for the help.
  4. The packaging shows two views of a topo map, one is a normal 2D topo, the other is a 3D version. How do you get the 3D to display. All I see is the standard 2D flat map.
  5. I have been playing with my new Garmin eTrex Vista HCx working with Mapsource. When I created a route on the GPSr and uploaded it to Mapsource on my computer it worked fine. Then I deleted it and it's waypoints from my GPSr and made another route with new waypoints in the GPSr. I started a new map file in Mapsource and attempted to upload the new route and waypoints but kept getting the first one. I could not upload the new route at all. I tried clearing the micro SD card and downloading the maps again hoping this would fix the problem. On the next attempt to upload the new route from the GPSr to Mapsource I again got the old deleted route. Any suggestions?
  6. I pack a CCW to go out to the mailbox. While geocaching? Ofcourse. Why? Because I can.
  7. GPS Cell Phone Small digicam GMRS radio Headlamp Xtra batteries for the above including the phone. Hiking stick Gloves Hat Small machete that's about 16 inches total 25' of paracord Fire starting equipment If there is any chance at all of rain, a poncho Pen Nalgeen bottle full of water GSI stainless cup for the Nalgeen bottle Svea 123 stove Coffee singles Snacks S&W Chief's Special Five extra rounds for the S&W Extra cigars
  8. I'm only 11.............in Celsius................52.............in Farenheit
  9. Try this. Use the GPS to get near GZ. Find a location with clear overhead if you are in the woods. Stop and watch the BEARING TO TARGET screen. Don't move. It will probably be changing slowly. Keep waiting until it stabalizes. This might take a few minutes. When the BEARING stabalizes then transfer that bearing to your cumpass and take a sightng. You can be pretty sure that the cache is somewhere on that line. The distance to target scale will tell you how far. Normally you will be able to spot the location. If you do not see a likely spot for a cache to be hidden then change to a location a short distance away and repeat. The intersection of the two bearings will be the exact location of the cache. I started using this method after the first time my GPS lead me back and forth across a creek. In dense woods the signal will fade in and out and give false readings. It sort of guesses based on the last good signal.
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