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  1. Well, two weeks later, the summary is that I accidentally let my premium membership lapse. It's fixed now though. I've confirmed by accident that Personal Cache Notes are indeed an undocumented feature of premium membership. I figured it out when I wasn't getting Google's maps, and couldn't do pocket queries, both things I do a lot and are also premium member only things.
  2. I just noticed. That section of a listing is missing from my rendering of a page on my PC. Usually I use Firefox, but I opened the page in Internet Explorer AND chrome, and it's still not there! I've attached a sample listing. When opened in other browsers, it's identical.
  3. I heard it became a thing when Geocaching was invented but there were not very many geocaches to find yet, so something similar was needed to fill the activity.
  4. Wow, I'd forgotten I even did that thread. How'd you find it?
  5. I've decided to casually look for LT0708 and the two reference points LT0707 and LT0706 (I'm not terribly optimistic though) - and I found an old log that said " See forum discussion." however I searched and can't seem to find any old discussion. I searched for LT0708, also CAMPBELLVILLE (the name of the mark) and also Cohasset (The name of the road the mark is on) and can't find anything. - the location is a cement slab that is in disrepair, and used to be a forest fire lookout many years ago. There's also a picture on the log, but I'm not sure how to interpret it, or if it's helpful at all. anyone know anything, or have tips?
  6. So I just got a Garmin 64s and it came with a ton of geocaches built in, but my question is how do I delete those? There doesn't seem to be a corresponding .gpx file in that directory on the device.
  7. If I interpret that picture correctly, the ground has subsided about 50 feet since 1925, is that right?
  8. Here's a related question. Why? Why is there a benchmarking section on geocaching.com?
  9. It was somewhere mid 2000. Somebody here once had the exact date though.
  10. Whale Shark Geocoin Manufacturers Sample Prototype Black http://www.ebay.com/itm/152143253919 Whale Shark Geocoin Manufacturers Sample Prototype Blue http://www.ebay.com/itm/152143253251
  11. I found this article about the marks our friends across the pond use. http://www.bbc.com/news/in-pictures-36036561
  12. It used to be, when I got a Geocaching link in my email (on my phone), I would tap it, and it would then ask me if I wanted to open it with the app or the website, but it does not ask anymore. It just launches the website. I purposefully didn't check the always box so that this wouldn't happen, I knew it would. How do I fix it, make it ask again? thanks
  13. I'm thinking some kind of central server behind this whole thing has disappeared.
  14. Well, I thought to myself that I haven't given FindMarkers a try in a while, so I thought I would give it a shot. But it wasn't on my iPhone! I have to download it again, but I went to the App Store from my bedroom in California, and it couldn't find it. I followed that link directly to it in the first post of this thread, but then I only got this: So I don't know, I guess it's gone. I'm guessing this is related to why it's crashing for some people. Well, it was fun while it lasted.
  15. If you delete somebody from your friends list, are they notified of it?
  16. I believe those, and big crosses that you sometimes see at or near benchmarks, are for Geo-rectifying aerial photos.
  17. I'd like to get one of those. How do I?
  18. I've found these PLSS markers in the wild by accident many times, usually in the National Forest or on BLM land. None of them are in the database.
  19. I am curious, why are you doing this? Personally, if you're going to do this, I'd be very careful to make a ring around the mark and not get any overspray on the mark itself, perhaps make a mask? I like to see the brass of the mark, and don't like to see a mark painted.
  20. I have an Oregon 600. I usually use the map when I'm far away, and switch to the compass when I'm near the cache. Well, somehow I accidentally changed the arrow on my compass, and I can't figure out how to change it back. Can anyone tell me how? thanks
  21. I looked at them also, they also wanted $40 to ship to The United States
  22. Thank you Lisa, I am sorry for being so persistent, but I really want this. What day do you expect to have them in? I am already on the mailing/waiting list.
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