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  1. What I don't understand is why now? I've had that update for ages and used the machine in July to look for 3 different Chirps and it was fine. What has made it suddenly exhibit this behaviour?
  2. I was at the Mega in Yorkshire last week and suddenly, half way round a series, my Oregon 750 turned off. I changed batteries several times but after that it would only boot and then turn itself off after 45-60 secs. Turning off Chirp today has stopped that behaviour but does mean I won't be able to use the Chirp function if I ever need it. A bit silly really!
  3. Same problem for me as well. Needed it in the field yesterday and it just didn't work although i still got push notifications. I just tested my 750t and am experiencing the same phenomenon.... No GCLive functioning via Smart Phone Bluetooth Link.
  4. I've been given an Oregon 750 as a late Christmas present. I finally managed to suss it out but one bug bear is that the cache symbols on the map are so small they are virtually impossible to see. Is there any way I can make them bigger so that I can actually see them?
  5. Mellers - I got the FTF yesterday on GC6PR8X Something Fishy but hadn't received a notification for it when it was published despite being set up to do so. It was just sheer luck that I did a search yesterday on unfound caches within 10 miles of me and sorted them by published date so spotted it. The CO is very worried he set the D/T rating too high or that the puzzle is too difficult because it took nearly a week for the FTF to go in an area where the FTF hounds are ferocious.
  6. I have a newish Garmin 600. One thing I don't like about it is that when I get near to a cache it will 'unlock' from that cache and then to read the hint or mark the cache as Found/DNF I have to go through the procedure of finding it again in the Where to? menu then loading it. If I'm standing near GZ and want to read the hint it may very well lock on and then instantly unlock from the cache so that the only way I can actually find out anything about that cache is to walk 20-30m away and reload it again. Is there a setting I'm missing or a way to stop the machine from dumping the cache until I tell it I want a new one or make a log entry ie can I change it's sensitivity?
  7. I'm glad it's not just me with issues. I have a 64s and an Oregon 600. Both have problems and ideally I'd like a fusion of the two! Yes the 64s suffers less from lagging but I found that because it was all button pressing it took forever to find info, enter new coords etc by which time my buddies were half way across the next field. The 600 otoh lags like crazy at times (although I'm getting better at slowing down when it says 20m to next destination) and was a nightmare before I changed the default screen sensitivity, found the lock datascreen button and created profiles (who thought it was bright idea to have a reset defaults button on the map page menu? Like I'm going to reset the machine to its default state when half way round a day out. This should be buried deep in the setup menu.) But I like the fact I can customise it and ditch all the junk stuff I don't want or need. Both units lock occasionally and both suffer from the dreaded press enter Next Stage and the machine turns off instead. Oh and don't even get me started about the day I turned up 50 miles from home and the 600 only had a handful of the loaded caches showing despite the file being intact and full when I checked it at home later.
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