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  1. So what happens when we get divorced and we have to split the GPSrs? Who gets the newer one??? Ok, let's not get started on that one. Thanks for all the smiles guys (and gals).
  2. I see..... Yes it is (msot impressive). How did you hear about the Tree Circus? Most people have never heard of Scotts Valley, more or less the trees.... They have since been moved here. I'll be in touch soon if this is still available; as of 2 weeks ago I'm looking for a new job - dadgum dot.com bubble! Thanks for the reply.
  3. quote:Originally posted by The Gowen Family:I may get groaned off by the guys. But if my husband went out and bought a $300 dollar GPS, without talking it over with me, I would have a few choice words for him. We go together and take our two girls with us. (10 months and 3 1/2 years) We have a Garmin 76, and we have been taking turns using it. I would talk it over with your wife, As much as I love GeoCaching, I love my husband more and would work it out, before I divorced him over it. Yikes, this was intended all in good fun. I'm not actaully going to divorce her over taking the GPSr.....unless of course she took my compass and topo maps, too!
  4. Ok, I'll ask the obvious question: Why are you getting rid of it? I'm using a Magellan 2000 right now and need to upgrade soon and this looks appealing..... Thanks!
  5. quote:Originally posted by thekayakpack:Post a cache, called "Dear Jane", giving her the coordinates where she can find her packed bags !! Ok, now I am laughing my @$$ off! Thanks for the smile.
  6. quote:Originally posted by Team Tecmage (R&T):Get a yellow Etrex or Mag 300 or 310. I've been thinking about the Magellan SportTrak just becuase I'm already familiar with the Magellan interface.....do you have an eTrex? That's the other one I've been considering but haven't really looked into it much yet.... BTW, I love your picture! I cache with my wife and 4-1/2 year old daughter and love the family time.
  7. quote:Originally posted by Eeyore and Shadow:Just get another GPSr, one is never enough anyway. And when she comes home imagine how happy she will be that she now has her own so there is no bickering on the trail as to who is going to hold it. Yeah, but then she'll she how cool my new one is and she'll have to get a new one, too!! (We're using an old Magellan 2000 right now)
  8. Team 360: I have a good friend in Phoenix that I told about geocaching and I'm trying to get him started on it..... What do you think about me giving you the coords to his house as a virtaul cache? You'd have to knock on his door and post a picture of yourself with him to qulaify as a 'find'!
  9. quote:Originally posted by sbell111:Alternatively, you can try your hand at geocaching without a GPSr. I COULD but that would mean I'd have to do some actual work instead of relying on the GPSr! Besides, not staring down at the GPSr on the trails may make me look up and appreciate all the beauty of the area around me.....can't have that.
  10. Ok here's the scenario: It's my mother-in-laws birthday in a few days so my wife and father-in-law are taking her camping for 6 days. I'm not going becuase of work and because.....well, it's my mother-in-law :-) Anyway, after helping them pack and sending them off I come to see that she took the GPS with her so she could do a few caches with her parents while she was gone. Problem is that we only have the one GPS so now I can't hunt for 6 days!! The question that I place to you my friends is this: Should I be happy that she may get her parents hooked on geocaching, too? OR Should I leave her a "Dear Jane" letter explaining that nobody in their right mind would do that to a loved one?
  11. Thanks 2oldfarts! I've got a friend in AZ that I'm trying to get hooked on the sport, too! Thanks for the additional info DaveD. I'm going to play aroudn with UTM as well so I can get comfortable using all coord systems. As it is I have to convert the coords on the caches to go into my Magellan as Deg MM.SS. so a little flexibility in what I can use shoudl be a good thing! I appreciate the responses.
  12. Ok guys, I jsut started Geocaching 3 weeks ago and thought that I'd try to get a few neighbors interested by visting a few BMs in the area. I poked around the site and FAQs but couldn't find a way to convert the coords to WGS84; is it possible? I'm using an old Magellen 2000 (I think it's so old it was HIS!) and it doesn't have the datum as an option. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  13. JungleHair: Thanks for the tips on the right programs to check out. I've got the Palm V11x and I'll give those a shot. Many thanks.
  14. Hey y'all, is there a particular program that you are using to download the cache pages onto your Palm? I'm thinking that I could probaly do it with AvantGo but didn't know if there was a more specific program that could be used. Thanks!
  15. I knew there was a reason that I hated traveling to the East Coast! Kidding. I may ask your advice on caches on my next trip out East. I usually visit the New Brunswick/Princeton area. No plans yet to come (it's all business related) but I'll let you know if I do. Glad you clarified the meaning for me 'cuz I thought it was a : Smash Ticks and Ugly BiterS tool. But then again, I know how BrianSnat feels about ticks from a previous post
  16. My wife and I found one of these in a recent cache and had to take it becuase we had no idea what is was. We figured that somebody might know, but no luck so far......HELP! I thought it might be for repelling or for a bike but I just can't find out what it is. I'd like to leave it in a cache where I know it would be appreciated so I need someone o help me out here. If nobody knows, I'll try posting a picture for viewing as I'm sure it's a name brand of whatever it is. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  17. As you come down through California, make sure to coem down Highway 1. This will take you from just south of San Francisco all the way down to Monterey. Plan on stopping in on the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz for a ride on one of the oldest wooden roller coasters i nthe world and enjoying the rest ofthe fun of a good old fashioned boardwalk, food, etc. Then head down to Monterey for some fresh seafood that can't be beat! Finally, I'll agree with some of the other posts....make sure to leave time to go through Yosemite - it's gorgeous! Safe travels.
  18. Thanks for all the help guys. A number of you posted about the conversion from decimal minutes - thanks a million! "Wherever you go - there you are!"
  19. Hi all, I'm new to this so I hope this is just an easy thing that I don't yet understand. The coordinates on the site are listed as: LAT/DD/SSS but my GPS (Magellan 2000) only has room for 2 numbers under the seconds.... Is there a simple rounding that needs to take place or am I missing something?? Any information that you can provide would be VERY helpful. Mahalo! Kealia
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