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  1. I first started to post this question over in the Midwest forum but it appears that forum sees little traffic, the last activity was 5 days ago. So I am posting here. Apologies in advance if this is inappropriate. and I will understand if a mod moves this. I love adding new states to my found list and have not had the pleasure of logging a cache in Wisconsin yet. Next Tuesday morning I will flying cross country and have a 2 hour layover at General Mitchell airport between 5:25 and 7:40 AM in Milwaukee. I would love to snag a couple of Physical Caches during my stop. I noticed that there is a mystery cache at the airport. But I have a personal preference of logging at least two caches before beings satisfied to claim a new state. When checking the maps I noticed that there are two caches in Holler Park Just outside the main entrance of the airport. I would love to claim one or both of these caches. Can someone in the area that knows of these caches and or area give me a little advice? Are cabs on standby at the airport? Would I have enough time to get a cab and get out to the park and find the caches, return get back through security and still make my flight? Will Milwaukee cab drivers wait for me at the park and return me to the airport under these circumstances. I would really hate to be stranded and miss my flight. How would I explain that to my wife waiting at the airport? Would they find my actions strange? What type of cab fare could I expect to pay? And last: Any gung-ho cachers live near the airport want to meet and help a fellow cacher by giving him a ride? I will buy you breakfast at any fast food joint nearby.
  2. One of my favorite caches I have ever visited is TeaKettle Junction, Link , it is one of the older virtual caches located in Death Vally N.P. I have returned to the location since my initial visit and it will remain on my watch list as long as it exists. It is well known that park rangers from time to time remove old teakettles, and some people say this is necessary to preserve the cleanliness of the park, however I was disappointed to find last year that the coffee pot I had left only a year before was gone, and monitoring the posts for this cache I have come to the conclusion that the apparently the only criteria for removing items is their age, in fact when I was there last November I couldn't find a single pot over several months old. It is the stuff left behind that gives this place it's unique charm. I was wondering if anyone knows what happens to these items once they are removed? Do they end up sitting in the back of some warehouse 13 somewhere, or are they unceremoniously dumped in the garbage? It would be nice if there was a display of some of the older items found here. Has anyone else visited this spot and wondered where all the older stuff is? According to the NPS people have been hanging pots and pans here for over 100 years. Where did they all go?
  3. Thanks for all the cool stories, Love reading them!
  4. Last fall I was out hiking and caching and one of the caches I found (Boar Hog Gap GCTFFK) had a log written by a none-cacher. I don’t remember the exact wording of the log, but apparently this person had been out hiking in the rain and heard the unmistakable sound of water dripping on metal. (The cache is a ammo can hidden behind the roots of a tree near a cliff.) Apparently the rain was collecting at the fork of a limb and dripping on the cache, which was lying on its side, thus the ding -ding - ding sound that attracted the hikers attention. The log was very detailed and the cache was replaced correctly. Although the writer made no indication on whether or not he/she would join the game, and I saw no evidence of an online log for the find, I was presently surprised by their respect for our game.
  5. Kudos for a great idea. Go for it, I'm sure someone in the area will be happy to have a place for a cache with full permission. Maybe you should post a request in the local forum for the area .
  6. I have found two caches that were "Booby Trapped" in this way. The first one Cave Rats Nest was in a small cave about 30 feet from the entrance. To reach the cache you are required to crawl a short distance to the room with the cache. When you reach the room there is enough space for you to stand up. The cache is, or was when I found it, on a small ledge over the entrance tunnel behind your head hidden from sight. When I found the cache it had, on top of the cache a battery powered Halloween prank that consisted of a laughing skull with a motion sensor that triggered it to laugh as soon as I stood up. You must get this picture I am in a dark damp hole with only a pen-light to see by when suddenly behind me a skull screams and laughs menacingly, I jumped around and saw this thing with glowing eyes screaming at me from the darkness. I nearly soiled myself!!!! Best cache ever. The second one was this cache. A whole lot creepy This cache consisted of a standard mailbox mounted where no mail box should be. When I found the cache and opened it there was a switch that triggered a disembodied hand that reached out at you. Once again I nearly fell over backwards when I opened this one. This was a great cache.
  7. It's the year 2525 And basically the song goes that if man survives to 2525 he may find 3535. Which implies that if we can survive till 2525, then we will survive till 3535. The question is, will we? I am not much on music, just that this thread brought that to my mind. Love that Song. The Year 2525 on YouTube
  8. Yes, indeed it can. Just one of the countless task GSAK performs Thank you, My wife Got me a Magellan Triton for Christmas, GSAK does not recognize it. Solution; Export from GSAK by Gpx, load in Vantage point then send to GPSr, adding several more steps to the process. And then and when uploading waypoints with Vantage Point the unit would hard lock and require battery removal to reset it. Never got a single successful upload, WOW the Triton is a piece of Junk! We returned it to Wally world.
  9. Thinking of buying a new GPS Just wondering if anyone here can verify that GSAK can load waypoints directly into a GPSMAP 76Cx without having to go through some other app?
  10. The reason I "sometimes" make my caches members only is to lessen the chance of theft by a cache thief. Especially if they are easy to access. And yes cache thieves that visit the here and then get their jollies by steeling caches do exist, I wold like to think though someone who pays to play would be more likely to be a real cacher rather than a lowlife thief.
  11. Ditto! The two FACTS above are the cornerstone of this whole thread. You have stated the basic facts of this whole thread better than anyone. When all the other smoke clears the two above Facts make it clear that the reviewer was wrong on this one. You are not the only one who feels this way. I think Groundspeak could go a long way to mending fences by simply admitting that the reviewer was wrong on this one. I am sure others feel the same way.
  12. Now that the reviewer has called him a liar, ethically the right thing to do is apologize or prove it. I agree If you call someone a liar you need to be ready to prove it. Stating "I stand by what I said. " is not good enough.
  13. I agree We need to hear from GS on this one. Where are you?
  14. If there ever was a topic that needs a reply from "The Frog" this is one.
  15. As for the closed at night issue, there are many caches in parks that are closed at night so I don't see this as making any difference. As for the type it could be a multi or off-set cache. The off-set cache would be listed as a Mystery Cache. I have done several off-set caches. The cache instructions could include something like this "Go to these coordinates nxx xx.xxx wxx xx.xxx and then walk 155 feet north to find the cache." The initial coordinates could be outside the building and the end of the 155 feet inside the building. Most important I would NEVER consider hiding a cache inside a building without having the owner or managing party's permission. I would think that would be the first thing that you should consider, don't even try it without permission. That could be the deal breaker. Unless you have some direct connection to the owner or operator of the mall I don't see how that could ever be accomplished. Last I don't feel like the commercial aspect would be a issue as long as you are not hiding the cache in or promoting a particular business. many caches are hidden in mall parking lots which are common areas I don't feel like inside would be any different as long as it was a common area.
  16. My first Earthcache Just got published WooHoo The Public road proved to be no issue, you can see it here (Sunset Rock) I will be adding photos to the listing soon.
  17. This is a series-multi, I did this themed one back in '03 and it proved to be quite popular until the super-sized final was stolen. Monty Python and Search for the Holy Cache.
  18. Don't know if it qualifies as SWAG but I found a rotten fruit once in the Betty's Booty cache.
  19. Here’s one for all you arm-chair lawyers out there. A few months ago while caching I found a roll of 35mm film laying in the woods a few yards from the cache. The area around the cache is high traffic enough that it could have been dropped by anyone, not just a cacher. I picked up the roll with the intentions of having it devolved and posting a few of the resulting photos around the web in the hopes that the owner can be found. But then a horrible thought crossed my mind what if the film was filled with child porn, or some other illegal acts? If the film does contain illegal activity and the film lab called the police I could find my door kicked in by the middle of the night and tossed into jail with a lot of explaining to do. And the many wrongful conviction horror stories I have heard over the years leaves me a little gun-shy. As such the undeveloped roll of film is still in my car. Does anyone out there have any thoughts on this? How would you handle it? Should I get it developed or should I just toss it and forget it? Discussion?
  20. I was wanting to a search here to see any discussions concerning a specific city, but when I entered the city name in the forums I was immediately greeted with the dreaded Your search included a word with less than five letters pleas go back and try again. Arrgh!! well so much for that. My question is Why are searches limited to words with five letters or more? I am a database developer myself and have written many search routines and as such know it is quite possible, while not practicable, to write a search that can work with only one letter. The five letter limit is clearly an arbitrary limit imposed by some setting in the in the config of the forum software. Im sure the reason fro the limit is to decrease database load but the five letter limit is too short. While I'm not proposing that one letter searches be allowed, with current five letter limit you cant even search for the word Jeep or Ford here, much less hundreds of place names that are three and four letters long. For example here is a short list of things you cant search for on the forums here; Rio, Dead Sea, Kent England, Hyde Park England, Rome NY, the Alps ( a whole mountain range), Yale University, Ada Oklahoma" Has getting this artificial limit raised ever been addressed before?
  21. Just got around to submitting it This Monday, we will wait and see.
  22. I have an idea for a Earthcache and the location in on a public right of way with plenty of parking. This is not a park or other managed location its just an interesting feature along a state road. Earthcache.org states that permission for all earthcaches must be included for your cache to be considered. How or who do you contact for permission on a public right of way? By the way, the road is a state maintained highway in Tennessee.
  23. We didn't have a teakettle but we did leave a coffee pot, Close Enough We went in July and spent the night. Although it was 121 when we first entered the park, by the time we got to the racetrack just after sundown the temperature was very comfortable, by the morning we actually needed a blanket. As for breakdowns you should be sure that someone knows exactly where you are going to be and when to expect you back, and if you are late call the park rangers. Also we went in as a convoy of two vehicles, if one broke down we had a backup. By the way cell phones don't work anywhere near The Racetrack. Yes death Vally is dangerous it's called DEATH Vally for a reason, the week after we were there a woman and her son traveling in a Jeep got off the main road and got stuck in a remote area of the park the child DIED before they were found. I know that there were at least three heat related deaths in the park just the first half of this summer alone.
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