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  1. I was in the audience for the GCF demonstration. Used it the next week at Going Caching for some easy nice pics to post on FB. Got home and am trying to perfect the process. No where near as good as Hounds but 17.34 times better than anything I have done in the past. Great info!
  2. That's right - we are team Lookout! Vegas Night Scare!!!
  3. Our hearts go out to the Anderson family too. As the week has worn on and we learned more about Stu and his life I realized I would have liked the man had we been given the chance to meet. I wish you the best as you carry on. Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you. KidVegas19, ChickVegas, KV jr. J.D., JoLynn, Matt
  4. A little late because sometimes my power of observation has dead batteries. Congrats to DMagoo and Chumpo too! DMagoo @ 207 Chumpo @ 1702 T&K, LLCool, MntGoat50, The Riley's, Lookout Lisa, etc. Congrats on your (fill in appropriate number here because you've probably found a hundred more in the time it took me to write this post!). Good job all! KV
  5. Big Congrats to Raillink. I needs to get me one of those wooden coins. I came here to say just that, and now I'm noticing all of these other major milestones too! Wow! Congratulations everyone!
  6. Big Congrats to: MtnGoat50 for topping 1,800 LLCool for eclipsing 2,000 The Riley's for bagging 700 Good Job!
  7. I am pleased to be the first to offer congrats to Trevor and Kate for 3,001 finds. Your names should be in lights! Oh, wait a minute........ Congrats! You guys are too cool! KV
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