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  1. I know this isn't *really* related to geocoins, but I've seen some sites that create custom squished pennies that include the die with your "package" - you actually get the die back. You could do poly-clay or precious metal clay with it, I imagine. PMC is a bit expensive, but does turn out nice if you've got the resources. I can't find the site that actually provided you with the die anymore, and it may have been squished.com, which doesn't do customs any longer. Boo. Oh well.
  2. Aha! I think the page I had been to was Pathtags, but I love your trolley coins! Very nice design! Thank you for the quick response!
  3. I was browsing coin minting sites once and stumbled across one that offered "mini" coins intended for trading, swaps, meetups, etc. I think they were about the size of a dime or nickel and intended to be hung on a keychain or zipperpull type hanger so that they could be collected. My google searches haven't yielded much of anything! Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Am I crazy? If you do, please point me in the right direction. Thanks bundle, folks!
  4. Oh, that is most definately the one. Waterproof... camoflag-ed. What more could a girl ask for? Actually... man, this hat looks so spiff, if only I didn't really need something I could trust to beat the crap out of: http://www.hatsinthebelfry.com/page/H/PROD...-hats/1256-rust
  5. I everyone! I'm a very pale person. As such, I wear hats, a lot, in addition to the absolute gobs of sunscreen. But I'm looking for a hat that I can beat the heck out of. I want the brim to hold its shape for the most part, but still be ok if it, say... gets crushed under a backpack in the back seat of my car. Is that too tall of an order? I'd -like- a leather hat, but I'd do ok with canvas. I'd like to be able to keep it on my head with a light scarf or a lanyard. I'd also like it to not look too too cowboy-ish. I don't know anything about hats. Can someone point me to a good hatmaker, where I can get a hat that will last me, and wear with me? Here is my current favorite hat, but as you can see, it's more of a fashion hat. The top has two bumps in it, "cowgirl style", and while it came with the two sides curled up, the rim is made of metal, and I curled them down, so that it would give better shade coverage. http://www.flickr.com/photos/bubbledragon/232858554/ It crushes very nicely, as far as fashionable hats go. Heh. Thanks a bunch, if anyone can help me!
  6. Around here, there are special buttons for each park, and the rec board puts a few in each cache. You could make special, "I was at XXXXX cache" tokens or somesuch. I've found "collectable caching" stuff is very popular - buttons, stickers, etc.
  7. I was trying to delete a pocket query yesterday and instead of it being removed from my list, the page only got refreshed. Now, that might be because it was a "run once" that already had a line through it, but I don't know. It did the same thing when I tried to "copy" a query. I'm just finding my way around the interface, though, so take my observations with a grain of salt.
  8. I got a Garmin Etrex Vista Cx. I'm very excited. Now I just have to wait patiently for the premium account to be activated. *grins*
  9. I had thought of something similar that might work, basically leave a tag on the bug that plays on the person's morals, "If you really like my bug that much, drop it into a different cache, and I'll send you an identical item." I like it, though. I'd give it a shot! )
  10. I'm hoping to get one, and plan to send it out in honor of my family's dog, who we had to put down this year after fighting with diabetes for around 3 years. So I was either going to get a sheet of printable shrinky dinks and make a picture tag of her, or make a new "id tag" from one of those stations at big box stores with her name and the years she spent with us. I like the idea of a shrinky dink goal sheet - what do you think your goals will be? My question is about the blue ring that seems to be attached to them... is that like a spare bug tag, for the "owner" to keep, or is that part of the bug, and intended to be released with it?
  11. I ordered one as well. I know it's not exactly as ... err, "Powerful" as having the disease myself, or a loved one having it. But we recently had to put down my parent's dog, Sandy due to diabetes. I grew up with her, and while we didn't get into Geocaching until she had already been diagnosed and was too ill to go on caches with us, she was always with us in spirit. She would have loved it. So while some might bite each others backs over an agenda, I'll just be happy that I can send a bug out in my dog's name and maybe make some pet owners aware that they should be vigilant, as well.
  12. I have signed up for one, and am currently seeking out a respectable cache to place it in. I wonder, though, if I may have signed up too late? I do hope there are still some left!
  13. I will always take something from a cache - even if it's just a pencil or something, as I'm a hoarder, and like to have something tangible to remember a cache by. (Don't worry, I'm not taking the log pencils!) I dearly love to find signature items, but never do. I found a token from PGHLooking once, and a magnet from TeamK-9. (Also, at the mention of LEGO, above - I will always swipe a lego item from a cache. Our wedding was LEGO themed, and we love 'em!) That being said, sometimes I also trade to bring swag factor up a bit. I love searching for neat stuffs to put in caches, because then I like to watch future logs to see if anyone picks it out! ) For instance - Joann craft stores have a section by the register full of seasonal craft kits and wooden bits, all for $1! Often in their clearance section will be patches and such, or mini cross stitch kits for under a dollar. I like to put girly stuff in for some reason. I've also found very cool pet supplies at the dollar store - I stocked up on fabric/collapsible water bowls (but saved one for myself - we use it all the time on the trail for our beast.) and doggie tennis balls. I collect squished pennies. So sometimes I like to leave squished pennies - any time I'm at a well known Pittsburgh location, I'll stock up on a few (PNC Park and the Carnegie Museum are favorites) and leave one or two in a cache (They're 51 cents!) I need to start leaving better signature items, I think. Recently, I've been leaving a kiddie-style valentine stamped with our hand carved logo stamp, and then covered with contact paper. I thought it was cool, but haven't gotten any comments, so maybe we'll make some shrinky-dink tokens. I'd love to have some squished pennies made, but can't afford that right now, and for the amount of pennies I'd have to order in the initial batch, I'd have about 10 years worth of finds! (Ahh, I need to make more time for caching.... as I type away here on the computer. Matter of fact. I'm going out now. See you!)
  14. Micros are harder to find and can be hard on the surrounding environment when placed in an improper location. This also leads to other bashing of heads and ideas when said finding difficulty intersects with secrecy from muggles, etc. I think those might be a few reasons. I haven't found any yet, but don't mind the search, or just ignore 'em if I don't want to.
  15. Congratulations everyone! I just wanted to make a quick note that the "fact" that caffeine actually dehydrates you (thus requiring you to take in MORE water - that is, would have a negative liquid intake) is a MYTH. Here is a decent link about it: http://www.ific.org/foodinsight/2002/ja/caffdehydnbfi402.cfm The only liquid I know of that would have a negative fluid intake would be alcohol. So teas and coffees are ok. Just watch the extra sugar that can creep in along with them! *grin* (Edited to say: I know you got the tip from a doctor, but doctors can be wrong - my husband's grandfather had a doctor tell him that he didn't think he needed to quit smoking, because he didn't believe it actually caused cancer.) (Edited again: I'm stepping all over my own toes here. Of course, the caffeine might have different effects on patients after surgeries like this, so I'd still suggest listening to your own doctors. Heh.)
  16. LOL! I love that picture. I tried to get in contact with the artist (you can see my comment on his site) but failed. I did edit it just slighty... see my bubble? *grin* It was my first stamp carving and I'm ever so proud of it. Also, the Moop Along - thanks for the info! Conveniently, I do have a brother looking to go into machining, but seeing as how he'd be just an apprentice, I ought to lay off the poor boy, hmm? I had once seen a guy make something similar with copper blanks and a large (huge) weight dropped from a height - this was at a rennaissance festival, and he made necklaces with them. Thanks so much folks! Excellent thread! ) ~bubbledragon
  17. The Moops' stamped pennies??! As seen on this page? I would dearly love to learn how to do that. Does one need to have any special skills? Where would you buy something to do that? I only have shrinky dink 'coins' stamped with my bubble dragon stamp I'd be happy to trade a few to glean some info about it. ;o) I ask only because I'm obsessed with squished pennies, but the cost of designing a squished penny is a little prohibitive (would be around $2 each for the first 100) If this would be a might bit cheaper, I could make them for team PWND, which is my family. ) (If it's a trade secret, I understand, I'd hate to step on any cacher's toes and steal their thunder!) ~bubbledragon (Edited to fix crazy forum link code)
  18. Well, you can clearly see the tag mentioned in several of the log pictures, including some of the very early logs. The earliest log with an included picture of the TB with the tag is this one so at least that narrows it down to 3 cachers who've logged it between release and appearance of the tag. Of course, who knows if the chacher who added the card actually logged it, but I'd vote that yes, anyone that considerate probably logged.
  19. Hi there! I love this idea. I've been creating audio CDs of various public domain books to leave in caches, and even have a few "Scary story" disks on reserve to place nearer to halloween. I wondered about the appropriateness of this, since some might not like their kids listening in on that, but I'll label it properly with lots of spooky warnings. ) Yay!
  20. I agree with BerryCachers, as that is the best deal yet, it'll last you muchmuch longer than a used one, and you won't have to worry about what happens when you need to reinstall the operating system or anything like that. If you're that strapped for cash, then I vote going to your local classifieds, such as a Penny Saver, or sometimes even Craigslist or Freecycle. I sometimes even see them at Goodwill, though I wouldn't do much with these except for internet browsing and word processing. Also, as much as I'm sure you enjoy your MP3s, programs like Kazaa and that sometimes invite unsavories (Spyware, viruses) that might behoove you to stop using them.
  21. I've been BubbleDragon since my first excursion onto the internet and IRC. It's mostly because I like dragons, but I'm afraid of fire. I was once referred to as a soap-bottle with wings. I'd kill for a logo of that - lol. My dad goes by Lowroad, and has since nicknamed my mother Highroad. I actually think that this was completely random, but it works. He doesn't log much anymore, but I usually mention in mine if they were with me or not. My brother just registered an account as ProdigalShamrock, because we're of Irish descent. My husband doesn't have an account, but I generally refer to him as hellfish in our logs - which I should stop doing, since there IS a cacher by name of hellfish! Once he gets a name, mayhaps I'll go back through the logs and update them so that no-one's confused. I have a "Team" account, as I collectively refer to the group I go caching with as Team PWND, which is an internetism for "Owned," but evolved through typos to pwnd. Usually found in gaming communities, such as the phrase: "I pwnd j00" I don't log finds here, but plan on posting hides with this account, and using the profile to link all the various usernames together. Wish there were a better way of doing that, but c'est la vie. I like to think I'll stick with BubbleDragon forever, as it's been about 10 years now, but who knows.
  22. Thanks, Nerd! In my head somewhere I new the difference, but should have been more precise when I was writing out my post. Fortunately, Pittsburgh has a very high resolution area of mapping until you get into some of the outskirting counties. I think I'm going to upgrade to premium membership here in the next week and start better planning my weekend excursions. (I'm determined to get out every weekend, it's good for me!) Thank you, it really helps!
  23. So I'm very bad with driving directions. Google maps and such are really what enable me to explore more areas than I'd otherwise be comfortable. So I've heard lots about .kml files "drifting" and using some other method to mark points, and I'm aware that lots of this is a subscriber feature, so... if you utilize google maps, can you give me a quick run through of what you do?
  24. Well... I guess I can bump up to $60, then. ;o) You guys crack me up.
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