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  1. Yes, most "management" positions do require MSN or Nurse Clinician degree/certifications. I did management for a while, but got tired and frustrated with the politics and paperwork, not to mention the ethical compromises the "higher-ups" ask of you. BIOA
  2. I've been a nurse for a bit over27 years. Worked mostly ER/trauma center, also first male nurse to work L&D in Dallas, TX, Also taught paramedics, nurses in aeromedical flight physiology & survival. BIOA
  3. I actually found two that same day. The second was about 100 yds past the first. It was in a small round plastic container from some product and was in a hollow stump that caught my interest. When I looked inside it, I was at first disappointed that someone would dispose of trash on a National Forest trail. when I opened it I was surprised to find a second cache. This one just had a sign-in sheet. So we wrote our names, left a pen as there was only an old pencil and then continued our four hour hike along the Pilot Rock trail and returned on the Laurel Mountain trail. What a beautiful hike! BIOA
  4. Hello, I am new to Geocaching. While my wife and I were hiking in Pisgah National Forest, looking for wildlife, I saw an ammo box. Being curious, I opened it only to become aware of Geocaching which was previously unknown to us. Fascinated by the enterprise, we were hooked on the sport as we love being out in the wilderness. We only had our hiking staffs, backpacks, etc, so we left $2.00 for someone to get a cup of coffee. After reading the guidelines, I wasn't able to tell if we committed an infraction of acceptable behavior. As we want to become responsible participants in this sport, any feedback would be appreciated. BIOA
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