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  1. What should be done is that if you win the contest, but haven't moved the travel bug along, then you should instantly be disqualified.
  2. Unfortunately our first TB did not reach its goal. It's in the clutches of ohiocaver, who was going to put it in a cache but has since gone AWOL.... http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?ID=46985
  3. Here are some tips I've garnered from reading others' posts, on how to keep that from happening again: Make an interesting story for your travel bug. I did that for a bug I just placed today, Supa Squid. Makes people more interested in making sure they make it to the next cache. Also makes it seem like the bug has more worth and therefore isn't soemthing to be thrown to the bottom of the drawer. Posting pictures of the bug on the cache site might have the same effect. Make the bug something unique and interesting. Add an information tag with instructions on how to log it (and possibly an appeal to log it as soon as it comes into their possession). Good luck with your last travel bug!
  4. I recently picked up a Garfield TB out of my cache, and because of the placement (near a reservoir), I discovered that the group who had dropped him off in the cache had dropped him in the reservoir before placing him in the cache! So I have a soggy kitty in my car, and I need a way to dry it off. I'm hoping keeping it on the dashboard during the sunny days will work, but if not, does anyone else have ideas? My girlfriend told me that a blow dryer runs the risk of setting the thing on fire. Is there anything safer to use? Thanks [] ~ FenrirWolf
  5. My first instinct when I saw it was a sextant. But it does look like a knife, saw, etc... so I think that maybe it's a carpenter's pin?
  6. My one complaint? I have an eTrex Legend, and it seems that in certain instances (might be if it's left out in the sun too long), the unit flashes "External power source failed" or something along that lines, and you have to press a button to get it to run on battery power. And yes, this has happened with old AND with a fresh set of batteries. But other than that, no complaints, it's a great unit and I'm really glad I bought it
  7. Hmmm... I've been using gypped all my life, so that somehow makes me racist against Gypsies? Wow, political correctness gone horribly wrong
  8. Remember, there's only one fruitcake; it just gets passed from cache to cache because no one wants it
  9. My girlfriend (Newtie) and I are considering placing one at Essex Skypark in Maryland. We have permission from the property owners, and we actually have it placed there (Newtie and I are just arguing over whether or not it's a good spot). So yeah, when I send it in for review, it will be a good airport cache
  10. Not unlike Team Bohica's incident, when searching for a local cache, this happened: I noticed no one else was in the park, and since I was about to go through some underbrush and some river rocks, I was going to change my pants (Black Widows are very common in my neck of the woods). So I looked around, didn't see anyone, then just as I'm about to unbuckle my pants, I turn around, and a guy is facing the other way on the path! I was pretty spooked out, but I thought, "Oh well, I'll just risk getting bit and go down to where I think the cache is." I walk down, and he's standing there looking at the river! Keep in mind, this is a deserted park, and I'm only 17, so I felt a bit uncomfortable. After a while of looking around in other areas, and noticing he hadn't moved, and also noticing he had the persistent urge to grab his crotch , I outright asked him, "What are you doing here?" to see if he was a Geocacher too. He said, "Oh, just hanging out. You?" I said the same. So, I walked away a bit up the river, and he walked back to the path, and then when I walk back, he COMES BACK! So by then, I was completely spooked out, and I started to walk back to my car. Guess what he does? Starts walking back to his car! So I went to a nearby picnic table, sat down, pulled out my cell phone, and called my girlfriend (Newtie) to calm my nerves. Luckily, he left the area after that which gave me a couple minutes to hunt for the cache. If I've learned one thing, it's that if you go out alone, have some self-defense training or bring pepper spray or some deterrent. I have some self-defense training but I wasn't sure if I could take the guy if he grabbed me from behind or pulled a knife on me : And also, don't trust naked people!!
  11. My girlfriend (Newtie) wanted to take it to Alaska with her and use it to cache hunt! Although it was for a good cause (she wanted to take Snowy Liz there), I couldn't part with it for eight days!!
  12. At first I thought that was a Freudin slip gone horribly wrong
  13. Yeah, I didn't want to resort to wearing long pants/shirts in the middle of June, but I guess if that's what I got to do, I'll do it And yes, that is a lab (my girlfriend's Lab), but he's WAY too wild to take cache hunting, weighing in at about 126 pounds and being crazy outdoors
  14. You know, I have been reading a lot of stuff on the forums about this after posting, and I have come to a couple conclusions: Lyme disease is a REALLY BAD disease to catch No matter what, there is no true way to prevent getting the disease I may actually stop geocaching for a while, because I REALLY REALLY don't want to get Lyme Disease. My immune system is already lowered due to some prescription drugs I'm taking, and I really don't want to get it. Maybe the Geocachers out there can reassure me
  15. While geocaching in Maryland, I am constantly finding ticks on me when coming back from the cache hunt. Is there anything I can do to prevent them from touching me in the first place? Will longer pants keep them off, or can they crawl up my leg/pounce on my arms? Any sort of bug spray that I can spray on me? Any help would be appreciated
  16. How do I get the map representation of my state, in order to find caches in a certain park/area?
  17. Several days ago, before I had purchased my GPS device, I was looking through a couple cache descriptions, and one mentioned it was in an obscure park, at a historic site. I thought, "Bingo! The cache must be at that limestone kiln I've always passed by!" It's right on the side of the road in the Maryland suburbs, and it's interesting to read about when you stop to read the sign next to it. In the past, limestone was heated up in this kiln, where it would then turn into a powder. This powder would be used to "sweeten" the soil in the fields, supposedly promoting better growth of crops. At least that's what the sign says The kiln has been about half filled in with dirt, and I decided to take a peek inside to see if the cache was hidden within (I thought it would be neat to find my first cache without a GPS device I look within, only to see disgusting garbage. I wasn't so much disappointed in not finding the cache, as I was to see the litter strewn inside the kiln. It's the same for the rest of the park: litter EVERYWHERE. I mean, this is a part of our history, guys, let's not throw a BAR-B-Q potato chips bag in there!! So, my solemn vow is to make a cache in this area, and, while I'm at it, clean out that limestone kiln. I think it's the least I can do for mother nature and for our local history
  18. Sorry, but I have a few questions... I'm considering getting the Geko 201 unit... do you think this is suitable for a starting GeoCacher? What qualifies as a nice cache? I've read some complaints on the boards about bad newbie caches, and I'd rather not repeat that mistake About what is the average cost of a good cache? Thanks in advance
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