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  1. My new Wear a Smile, Nothing Else puzzle has 98 smilies as it's only description. I'm still waiting to see it be solved. :-) Nudecacher
  2. I get it when I click on Statistics for User: User Stats tab either List of items found (All Cache Finds) or List of items owned (All Cache Hides). I assume you are in there working on it. I got a 'Could not find stored procedure 'spgeo_GetCachesByState'.' a few minutes ago from both the forum->Washington and from the search->Washington. I have the stack trace if you need it. Nudecacher
  3. The cache or the webcam? I have posted a few DNFs. I haven't posted any webcams yet. Most of them are worse than urban micros for not being nude friendly. Nudecacher
  4. Isn't that the way it always is? So many caches, so little time. Nudecacher
  5. I've added a couple of Durango's caches to my Planning List. Ok, I've finally gotten down and found one of Durango!'s caches. Nudecacher
  6. Detective Elizabeth would be willing to do a caching day with your wife (and/or kids) in a separate vehicle while we do the beach. She's been anxious to work on 'Battleships in White Rock' by Pharmadude GCE19D for quite a while now. Make sure that you check what is needed for border crossing. I think they require a passport or birth certificate to get back into the U.S. Nudecacher
  7. If you are game, we'll meet you and your family on Thurs. June 23 or Fri. June 24 to get in some nuding at Wreck Beach GCGKA7. If you are camping on the trip, I can put you up and feed you at LARC on your way through Mount Vernon, midway between Vancouver BC and Seattle. The same offer goes to any other cacher, just contact me. We'll see if you are all talk! :D Nudecacher
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  9. Is my format for urls in my signature correct? Well, we'll see. Apparently not! How about now? Still not! Hummm... Now? Finally! Update ... Ha! I'm getting good at this. I can't get all the bookmark lists into my forum signature because of a space limitation and the fatness of the urls given. Nudecacher
  10. Make sure that you don't mark 'Notify me when items on this list are logged'. Nudecacher
  11. Oh, and how about bookmarking user profiles. This could have lots of uses for forming groups, such as WSGA chapter member lists and such. I was thinking about what a geocaching association chapter might use for communication. If they were to create a userid for the chapter, then they could organize information in the user profile and use its bookmarks to organize things. This could expand the groups visibility beyond just the event cache for their meetings. Nudecacher
  12. I was just thinking about ratings for shared bookmark lists. There is something puzzling about the concept. The situation is when a viewer rates the list and then the owner of the list modifies it. Unless ratings are removed when the list is modified, they no longer apply to the current list. Removing the ratings would be a bummer if the change is minor, so it's hard to think about what the rating really means. Nudecacher
  13. I've added a couple of Durango's caches to my Planning List. Nudecacher
  14. So, since shared bookmark lists aren't available for other cachers to discover yet, I summarized mine on my profile page. Is that an approved method of exchanging the urls? Nudecacher Nudecacher Bookmark Lists: Nude Hikes This is just a preliminary work in progress, so check back later for a refined list with comments. I am collecting the local Whatcom and Skagit County caches that are in areas where it is possible to go for nude walks. Contact me if you'd like to join me on one. Planning List This is a list of caches that I want to work into near term cache outings. If you'd like to join me, send me an email with a proposal. Skagit 2005feb21 Skagit History tour by Ray & Rose for February 21, 2005 with Detective Elizabeth
  15. Detective Elizabeth and I found a cache on a side trail off the main trail at a cache last year and had a jogger run by as we were setting up the camera and signing the log. A few minutes later he came back. His curiosity got to him. What were the lady and nude guy doing with all that stuff? I not only had to explain geocaching to him, but also Nudecacher. He laughed and went on his way. Nudecacher
  16. I didn't see the original post, but I would consider joining a roundtable discussion if invited. When my Palm IIIx (4MB) lost it's battery door recently and became unreliable because of it, I replaced it with a Palm IIIxe (8MB) because it was cheap and it worked. I used Nat'l Geo TOPO! to create caching routes, GSAK to filter caches, and plucker to transfer and display them in the palmpilot. I live near Bellingham, but have family in Bellevue and could come down depending on the date and time. Nudecacher
  17. I don't buy it! You appear to be in nuding heaven. The weather is great most of the year, there are lots of traditional nuding locations nearby, caches are extremely dense in your area of the world, and there are plenty of caches that list nearby nude recreation sites. Ah that the rest of us had it so good. Nudecacher
  18. nakedwalk.org : Walking for Freedom - the Freedom to be Yourself! Steve Gough (aka Naked Rambler) is planning to walk from Land's End to John o'Groats (the length of the British Isles) naked again(!). The walk starts with a big sendoff at Land's End on Thursday 16th June 2005. As far as I know, Steve has never been introduced to geocaching. However, there are lots of caches from the beginning, 'Right of Lands End - towards Sennen by The Crinklys', to the end, 'The end (and more) is in sight! by Sssmokin!!', of his planned route and along the way; and lots of UK cachers too. The username Naked Rambler is still available for him, if someone were to introduce him to geocaching. There was plenty of media coverage for his walk last year. It seems like the perfect opportunity to make contact, setup caching events, post to Snoogans locationless cache, and join in the fun for cachers in the UK. It's 4646.8 miles from my home coordinates, so I won't be able to be there, but I'll be watching the discussion groups, the media news, the cache logs, and Steve's website to keep up on the happenings. Nudecacher
  19. I've actually discovered several things about GSAK and pocket queries that would be worth sharing. Moun10Bike is really good, if he's deduced them from my pocket queries. I'd like to attend any meetings about the use of GSAK and other software tools. Nudecacher
  20. I haven't done anything outrageous related to geocaching. Well maybe one. Last October I took a 2000 mile trip finding 40 caches with 150 great Nudecacher pictures to post. However, my computer crashed when I got back and I lost all the pictures, so I didn't even log the finds. Nudecacher
  21. I have 5 outstanding pocket queries today too. The way I handle pocket queries consistently ends up with them firing off between 10 minutes and half an hour after midnight at the beginning of the day. So empirically, today they are at least 10 hours later than their usual time. Gary Young aka Nudecacher
  22. In the fall deciduous trees loose their leaves, so the GPS signals are much better. Even the firs seem to have less moisture in them that blocks signals. Nudecacher
  23. I'm planning an application, pre design phase as yet. Please add me to the Gpx Application Developer mailing list. Gary Young Nudecacher
  24. Well, I've continued working on this and am changing the way I do the pocket queries. It should give me better results, but unfortunately it won't lighten the server load any or improve anyone else's response. Before, I had been trying to have maximal information on caches in an area in my offline database for spur of the moment opportunities as I traveled without internet access. That was impossible to maintain anyway, as the maximal radius of a query shrinks over time as new caches are added to an area and the fringe caches in the database are no longer updated by a periodic query. This problem was multiplied, as there were several distinct areas where I travel. The problem is much greater when the area of interest is metropolitan with a high cache density and more than 500 caches. I had to work out overlapping circles of varying unknown radii and was never sure of the data for specific areas. Well, I've abandoned that strategy as unreliable. An additional reason that I want to do a large offline database is that I'm planning a 2000 mile trip that will go to a point almost a 1000 miles from home as the crow flies and back. I want to compare routes to cache along using the ARC filter feature on GSAK and getting a visual picture of cache densities by exporting them to TOPO!GPS USA. I estimate that there are about 9000 caches in the area of interest. Again, I won't have internet access during the trip, so I must capture all the data that I need in advance. I discovered that if I maintain the query definitions off line and re-enter them each time to run once and then delete that they run much faster, since they have never run before. That helps me to the disadvantage of everyone who does periodic queries. I can get 5 full sized queries a day almost on demand that way. I maintain the 500 cache radius from various points in the region and use the TOPO! densities to estimate areas that haven't been covered. Then I sort the GSAK database on "Last Update" and also look for circles that need refreshing. With this information I can optimize my pocket query choices. I'm just doing the optimization by eye now, but perhaps it is possible that I could develop a query definition spreadsheet to automate the process. Now the twenty query definition limit doesn't apply at all, only the 5 query runs a day. Once I have the offline database and have decided on the routes that are interesting, then I export gpx files to load into the GPS during the trip and html datasets to run through plucker for my palm pilot. I use the GPS and palm pilot during caching, and need a laptop to extract traces and logs and reload the GPS and swap plucker files at layovers in the evenings. Plucker updates are very slow for large numbers of html files, but I haven't figured out a more efficient way to format the data for the palm pilot. I really like having the log history with the cache descriptions while caching. I don't really need the nearest caches information, as I use the GPS nearest waypoint functionality as we are caching for that. While I can get what I need from pocket queries here, it might be possible to enhance the server to pre-calculate such data to serve as static pages, instead of needing dynamic queries. I'll have to think about that a bit. Nudecacher
  25. I agree. It seems a shame that the server has to do the work for the duplicates without the user being able to extend to get more caches. I maintain my GSAK database covering Washington state, southern BC, and northern Oregon. I have trouble filling the areas in a band outside of Seattle and Portland. It would also be nice to "update this list of waypoints". I don't know how that would be implemented, but as more caches are placed into an area, the 500 cache limit radius shrinks leaving caches that were previously in a pocket query to age without updating outside the 500 limit. I have to be careful when I go caching in the outer areas to look at the date the cache was last updated in a pocket query. Also, I had been asking for only 'active' caches. That was a mistake because then I never got the logs that archived caches. I corrected my queries for that, but it reduces the radius that I have available. This works as advertised but I hadn't understood the significance. Actually the pocket queries are a great feature and I appreciate having them. Nudecacher
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