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  1. I've added them to my "Nude Friendly Caches" list, thanks. GC49PP8, GC2E1NH, GCR0XP, GC451RC, GC45BW6, GC468M5, GC46XAG, GC49QZD, and GC4A336. Gary aka Nudecacher
  2. Do I have them on my "Nude Friendly Caches" list so that the descriptions are labeled as Nude Friendly? Gary aka Nudecacher
  3. My two favorite "Nude Friendly Caches" are GC18RR9 Owasso Shalom Clothing Optional Cache by kw4gt and GCZ2DP Eden cache by awe_cz, Kizz. Gary aka Nudecacher
  4. I'm not someone who will cache nude, but since also cachers who geocache with their clothes on might be able to help expanding your list I wonder what the criteria are. I looked for instance at the logs at cache Fallen Forest Creature, but I couldn't figure out why this one is specific a nude friendly cache. Because of the mosquitoes and stinging nettles mentioned in several logs, I would think this one is the opposite of nude friendly, the only nude friendly aspect is that it seems to be at a part of the forest where hardly anybody goes. Here in the Netherlands there are areas that are designated as suitable for naked recreation by municipalities. At all other areas naked recreation is allowed as well, unless it is clearly not suitable, which is of course a matter of opinion but for this common sense is the "guideline", so no busy places where a lot of (not nude) people are or might pass by. Am I right that a forest/dune area etc. that is used by many people to walk their dogs, by scouting clubs etc. is not nude suitable/friendly, and neither are the caches there? And caches in areas of greenery where hardly anybody goes walking, so places that are hard to find by regular people and remote areas away from cycle paths are considered nude friendly enough for your list? As you note, the criteria have to be subjective and your post hits the main points. Some nude friendly caches are in areas where nudity has traditionally been tolerated or is posted. Most of the caches on my list are in areas where there are few people who would pass by who could be offended. Since I can't check out every cache on the list, I have to rely on the judgements and reports that I receive from other interested geocachers. Most caches are at least somewhat out of sight and thus allow brief periods of nudity. In real life I'm a nudist and I created the Nudecacher persona for fun to make it appear to be more than the game it really is. In the early days, Groundspeak worked with me on the issue of what could be accepted in the photo galleries on their website. The policies they have worked out vary by the norms in different countries, but even that is somewhat subjective. Be careful and have fun. Gary aka Nudecacher
  5. I've added another geocache to my "Nude Friendly Caches" Bookmark List: GC28233 Fallen Forest Creature by BatmanGeocache N 52° 54.914 E 005° 02.222 In Netherlands [recommended by watani1972, thanks Watani] Gary aka Nudecacher
  6. At least since 2003, I would imagine. What's the prize? Nudecacher
  7. I usually carry a small pack with the usual stuff for geocaching. I need a place for the camera equipment and trade items. Nudecacher
  8. I was thinking about the reaction of unsuspecting other hikers coming upon a nude hiker. The most common reaction is to laugh. Most people think it's funny. The common thought that people would be horrified just isn't the case. There are very few people with that reaction. The nude bike riders at the Fremont Solstice Parade in Seattle and the nude runners in the Bay-to-Breakers race in San Francisco are partly what make those events so popular. Even the Mayor of San Francisco had positive comments for the nude racers. I ran in the San Francisco race 5 years ago. That was a lot of fun. My estimate was that there were about 300 out of the over 60,000 runners that did it nude. My biggest problem was I was going too fast and it would be over. I slowed down to a slow walk on the second half so I wouldn't finish too soon. I did the 7.5 miles in just over 3 hours. Gary aka Nudecacher
  9. I'm curious. How would the thrill of geocaching be different when done sans clothing? Everything's more fun sans clothing. I used to hate mowing the lawn until I discovered that I could do it nude. One still needs shoes, goggles, and hearing protectors, of course. Gary aka Nudecacher
  10. My favorite is awe_cz's 'Eden cache' GCZ2DP. I also watch kw4gt's 'Owasso Shalom Clothing Optional Cache' GC18RR9 and my tribute from elrojo14 'An ode to Nudecacher' GC1HPB6. If you find any caches that belong on my list, jaygonude, be sure to send them to me. Gary aka Nudecacher
  11. Since when were there trails in urban areas? Check out a few of my caches. Maybe not where you live, but lots of opportunities where I live if you are willing to explore. I've posted my picture with the cache in WRASTRO's driveway. Gary aka Nudecacher
  12. Running into another trail user is interesting. You not only have to explain why you are nude, but you also have to explain geocaching to them. Once we had a runner pass us on the trail while we were getting pictures with the cache. A few minutes later he came back. His curiosity got to him and he had to know what we were doing. I had to explain both geocaching and Nudecacher. In actuality, when geocaching you don't spend much time in an area and geocaches are hidden so that they aren't exposed to regular people in the area, so encounters are rare. Gary aka Nudecacher
  13. I'm ok on regular PQ's but I can't create a Pocket Query from a ROUTE, I'm getting "An Error Has Occurred" HTTP Error 500 Internal server error http://www.geocaching.com/error/500.htm. Is this the same issue? Nudecacher
  14. I'm here and mine don't work either. I run 5 new pocket queries every day on my scans of all the caches in the world, number 8 and all new caches roughly two weeks ago. Today's PQs ran just before 1:00am local time today, but I can't download the results. Nudecacher
  15. This has been around since the layout change release quit a while ago. I reported it a couple of times in comments then, but it must have been overlooked because the bug is still there. You can go to my "Geocaching->Your Pocket Queries" page http://www.geocaching.com/pocket/default.aspx in the Nudecacher account any day to see the problem. For queries that have already run with a date in the "Last Generated" column and are on an even numbered row with the blue background, the "Name" column entry is mucked up. Apparently the html code for the cell is bad. Anyway the name displays like this, for example: d529 CUR2e 04-12-2010 thru 04-21-2010 GC26NX0 Total Records: 989">d529 CUR2e 04-12-2010 thru 04-21-2010 GC26NX0 Total Records: 989 Instead of what it should have like this: d529 CUR2e 04-12-2010 thru 04-21-2010 GC26NX0 Total Records: 989 Here is the html that is generated for that cell: [pre] <td><img src="/images/silk/database_lightning.png" alt="Pocket Query"> (1000) <a href="http://www.geocaching.com/pocket/gcquery.aspx?guid=243ebbd1-4d92-4b3c-ae48-aecfe31afff4" title="<span class=" strike="">d529 CUR2e 04-12-2010 thru 04-21-2010 GC26NX0 Total Records: 989"><span class="Strike">d529 CUR2e 04-12-2010 thru 04-21-2010 GC26NX0 Total Records: 989</span></a></td> [/pre] Here is the code for the next (odd) line cell which displays correctly: [pre] <td><img src="/images/silk/database_lightning.png" alt="Pocket Query"> (1000) <a href="http://www.geocaching.com/pocket/gcquery.aspx?guid=e8b296bd-2fc7-414b-079-d362e1fa392e" title="d528 CUR2a 04-13-2010 thru 04-18-2010 GC24GCA Total Records: 944"><span class="Strike">d528 CUR2a 04-13-2010 thru 04-18-2010 GC24GCA Total Records: 944</span></a></td [/pre] There seems to be garbage characters inserted at the begining of the title value: <span class=" strike=""> Rows for queries that have not yet run and all odd numbered rows with the white background don't have the bug and display correctly. I am using Windows XP 5.1sp3, Firefox 3.6.3, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702 (only to check this, I never use it otherwise). All three browsers demonstrate the bug. It's only a visual problem and is not causing any functional problems, but I thought you might want to know about it to fix it. Thanks, Gary Young aka Nudecacher
  16. His larst couple of caches where events. Don't worry, he (mostly ) keeps his clothes on for Events. Yeah, mostly. I've thought about finding a stylish loin cloth to wear to Geowoodstock this summer. They could invite me to attend as a wondering celebrity. Over the years I've found that there are more people that become involved in nude activities than one would expect from the horrified reaction that you get from a few whenever it's mentioned. I'm contacted by cachers from all around the world who have discovered the Nudecacher account almost every month. Nudecacher
  17. Well, not usually. It's hard to keep the camera lens sheltered and get good pictures and all. Nudecacher
  18. I still have the bad html generated bug from January 12th that I had reported back then on the "Your Pocket Queries" page at http://www.geocaching.com/pocket/default.aspx. I haven't read all the forum posts lately but I thought I'd repost it to see if it's on the list of known problems. All the processing works fine, it's only the html on the displayed page that doesn't look good. In the table with alternating white and blue background rows, any pocket query that has already run so is striked out, that also happens to fall on an even numbered row with the blue background has incorrect html generated for the Name column: (e.g.) The name is listed twice separated with a doublequote and lessthan character pair with only the last rendition of the name struck out. It looks like the bug is in your code that inserts the strikeout. The name of this pocket query actually is: Here is the html generated for the cell: Notice that the problem is at the title="<span class=" strike="" generated html code. By the time you look at my Pocket Query page the queries listed will have changed, but the bug has shown up every day for the whole month. When I add a pocket query that bumps them down in the list because the name comes earlier, the rows that are corrupted change to the new rows that have already run that happen to be on an even row with the blue background. This proves that the problem is only a display problem with the page when the html is generated just before it is sent from the web server to my browser. The problem shows up with both Firefox 3.5.7 and Google Chrome on Windows XP 5.1sp3. Gary aka Nudecacher ps. Oh, by the way, I like the way the format has come out. Thanks.
  19. I checked my pocket query page, and the one I ran with 100 caches, shows "(100)", all the rest show "(500)". That's showing the number of cache results in the query. So it's a feature, not a bug. Goody! Thanks, I suspected that. Of course it's probably the maximum number, not the actual number which might be less. Gary aka Nudecacher
  20. I'm still experiencing the bad html on the Pocket Queries page, http://www.geocaching.com/pocket/default.aspx . The even numbered lines that have already run and will be deleted after 24 hours that happen to have the light blue background are displaying the Name twice with a double quote and greater than sign characters between them and strange strikethroughs: (500) d282 CUR2g 12-26-2009 thru 12-28-2009 GC22AEJ Total Records: 452">d282 CUR2g 12-26-2009 thru 12-28-2009 GC22AEJ Total Records: 452 The strike through is not displayed on the first time the Name appears nor the extra "> characters, but the <a href...> link includes the whole mess of both copies of the name and the "> between them. Here is the source html that is generated for that cell: <td><img src="/images/silk/database_lightning.png" alt="Pocket Query"> (500) <a href="http://www.geocaching.com/pocket/gcquery.aspx?guid=b5c73923-756a-46d9-84bf-b242fea3765f" title="<span class=" strike="">d282 CUR2g 12-26-2009 thru 12-28-2009 GC22AEJ Total Records: 452"><span class="Strike">d282 CUR2g 12-26-2009 thru 12-28-2009 GC22AEJ Total Records: 452</span></a></td> My pocket query Name is d282 CUR2g 12-26-2009 thru 12-28-2009 GC22AEJ Total Records: 452 and it looks like the offending part starts with stuff with unescaped double quotes and maybe an extra or missing quote too: title="<span class=" strike=""> If I print the page, the Name field shows the same thing as was displayed on my screen. I'm using Firefox Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20091201 Firefox/3.5.6 with XP Home Edition sp3 on an HP netbook here, but the same thing happens with Chrome. Also, all of the lines have the "(500)" in front of the Name. I don't know what that is. Gary aka Nudecacher [ Check to see if you have a length overflow when you add the strikethrough tag with a long Name. The fact that it is only showing up on the blue line might be because my name is at a critical length, longer than most. (added comment) ]
  21. Oh, wait. There's more clue there. It's definitely a quote problem. I don't know where the quotes come from, but here is the Name displayed (it's listed twice with a double quote, less than angle bracket between them. Let's see if I can insert the html code here: <a href="http://www.geocaching.com/pocket/gcquery.aspx?guid=a361b900-190b-48cd-81e6-46729f5774e6" title="<span class=" strike="">0735 WS8k 07-29-2007 thru 08-16-2007 GC12MDE Total Records: 481"><span class="Strike">0735 WS8k 07-29-2007 thru 08-16-2007 GC12MDE Total Records: 481</span> Ok, that looks like it. Notice the title= seems to be missed up. I'll attempt to include here the displayed results: 0735 WS8k 07-29-2007 thru 08-16-2007 GC12MDE Total Records: 481">0735 WS8k 07-29-2007 thru 08-16-2007 GC12MDE Total Records: 481 Ok, that looks like it. Let's see what the forum code does when I "Add Reply". Gary [ Looks like I got it in as intended. I have to go now, I'll check back later. ]
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