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  1. I would have thought a DNF meant that the searcher did not find it. A DNF with an explanation that some contents of the cache where found nearby would suggest that some form of maintenance is required. A DNF that suggests the cache was hidden in a stump that is now a pile of smouldering ashes is a dead give away that some maintenance is required! A DNF does not mean immediate maintenance, it means you watch and see what happens next time and look at past posts and frequency of DNF posts. Otherwise, take a drive by for the hell of it!
  2. I am coming in at different angle, my smart phone is an emergency phone and is pre-paid. Looked at putting it on a plan and considered it too expensive, particularly for data usage and the lack of service where I live. Weighed up the costs and the GPS was the cheapest option. Even ran a comparison run on the pre-paid and the GPS paid for itself within three weeks of caching and worked out to around 5 metres more accurate than the Samsung 5. But my circumstance is different than yours and I respect your view! Cheers, happy caching!
  3. Being short of stature, often these little delightful things are often out of reach. Add the affliction of essential tremors having to spend the next 20 minutes rolling up the log. I hate them!
  4. I had a friend visit me. He introduced me to this addictive habit. He had the latest Phone, Apple, and could not find any of the caches around my home. The GPS that I had downloaded all necessary geocaches for our day out found them all. Forget the phone, buy a cheap phone for phone calls and buy a GPS that will put you on the money every time.
  5. What happens if the cup hook is screwed into an introduced tree, the hole is drilled into a treated pine pole, the cache is hidden in a hole where the soil or sand is dumped or hidden in a foreign plant? God forbid, half to three quarters of my finds were illegal! Chill out, it is a game!
  6. I'm glad I live in Australia, we don't have Poison Ivy. We have simple things like Brown Snakes, Tiger Snakes, Death Adders, Taipans, Fierce Snakes, Red-backed Spiders, Funnel Webs, Box Jelly-fish, Blue-ringed Octopus, Dingos that eat babies, Crocodiles, Paralysis Ticks and a heap of other things that cause us grief. And those are only usually experienced on a Monday. Tuesday includes Kangaroos which jump into our car windows, wombats that break car engines and emus that kick down our outside toilets, usually when somebody has just started reading the weekend sports results because we have been to busy evading the Monday beasts and problems. Wednesdays are usually quiet with a few people having problems with the jumping jack ants requiring treatment for anaphylactic shock or bulldog ants when the tractor rolls over onto a nest. Thursdays are paydays, so most of us are safe having a drink at the Pub. The rest of the week is prone to all sorts of disasters which include leeches, bush ticks, echidnas and savage kookaburras. Then we have the introduced beasts such as camels, foxes, rabbits, horses, rampant Samba Deer and we breed the most savage rats in the world because they have to compete with the feral cats! Then we have the weekend free for geocaching! Life is fun in Australia!
  7. And I always thought it was simple, if you can't sign the log due to the fact that it is terrain 5 and need climbing gear to get 20 metres up a tree, or you are like me with congenital ducks disease with a backside close to the ground and can't reach the cache, or you get a nose-bleed climbing on a chair to change a light globe, it is a DNF. You can say you found it, or you can see it, that is the story behind your visit, but you never had it in your hand to sign the log, even if you did have it in your hand. A pen or a pencil is a no brainer, I have one taped on the handle of my bike to write down the rego number of the car that nearly T-bones me on the round about so Mr Plod the policeman can talk to them! I also have one tucked into my sleeve on my shirt whenever I ride my bike to sign logs on my rides looking for caches.
  8. First reason I don't use a phone is that costs too much. Second reason I don't use a phone is that I find it easier to set up query and down load the caches I want to look for into the GPS. Thirdly, I live in the country where mobile service is sometimes limited. The fourth reason is that I can park the car, chain up the pushbike and log where it is so I can get back when I get lost! Hasn't happened yet.
  9. As I suffer from congenital ducks disease, backside far too close to the ground and suffer nose bleeds whenever I climb on a chair to change a light globe, if I can see it, directly or in the inspection mirror I use for those higher than me places where I figure the cache is, I always log a DNF but add that I will come back when I have a height advantage. That advantage may be a low folding step or the height of someone taller who always gets the recognition of the retrieve. As far as anything else that requires climbing gear or risking a broken limb, goes on the ignore list.
  10. Subject Cheaters. I do not give a rats backside, note the politeness, if some low life cheats by claiming it has found one of my caches. The reason being is that low life has to live with it's lie! And please note, I was politically correct by calling them low life and not bottom dwellers, bottom feeders or scum suckers! It's a game that relies on honesty and if you can't be honest with yourself, why play it?
  11. I generally don't get too worked up about dirty stuff in the woods. I usually come home smelling like a swamp. But on the other hand, some of the deadliest viruses in the world were "discovered" while rifling around through the forests and jungles.. Viruses and bacteria are totally different beasts and an anti bacterial wipe will never stop a virus. A virus, and I will generalise slightly, will need a vector to cause infection. That vector will cause the virus to become available to the new host via some function such as sneezing, being bitten by a vector or a way of causing the virus to become active. Once active, the virus uses the hosts cells to replicate the RNA which the virus is made of by using, I believe, the hosts DNA. Hence the viruses ability to mutate and cross species such as birds to man. If anyone can and knows more, please correct me gently, without slamming me into the wall. Bacteria are what people refer to as germs and occur everywhere. Some of the biggest hospital bugs are common bacteria that cannot survive in dirty environments and yet are the biggest concerns and killers in hospitals. Pneumonia in certain hospital patients is caused by a bacteria that can be carried by the normal person. Psuedonomas, if I have spelt it right, comes in several different species. Get the wrong one in hospital and it is a very frightening prospect. Scary stuff and good reading if you are a SciFi buff and liked the Andromeda Strain and Omega Man!
  12. I am still relatively new, but I have found some disgusting caches that needed trashing and starting again. So my theory is start a new report that goes like NONASSCBI or some such whereby it is taken to the nearest bin and trashed and the site is opened up to someone that may care about a cache. NONASSCBI would stand for No One Needs A Stinky Smelly Cache Bin It. This would enable waste of time caches that need to be propped up honest cachers to be disposed of and recycled. Logic goes with CITO, Cache Induced Trash Out.
  13. Unfortunately the cache is not their living room, so when it is found, it not treated as their living room. The cache is treated like a take away food container, wasted and used. Left with disrespect and disrepair, alas poor CO, I really don't respect your hide, nor the reason you hid it here. I just need to be the FTF or reach my goal of umpteen hides even though I was forty miles away and someone else signed for me. I am a disgruntled CO who cannot respect the fact that my smelly rotten cache wet cache needs propping up by someone providing a new log. I also need to know when I should be bothered checking caches. I also need to be informed when there are new gripe posts about anything to do with complaining about CO behaviour, cacher behaviour, bad CO maintenance, NM posts, NA posts, and, ooh, almost forgot, DNF that are correct. What else can I add. People who hold onto my travel bugs, refuse to log trackables and just don't take the game seriously. Just play the game and log everything as it should be logged. Don't prop up caches, don't think it does not need a NM or a NA, the game needs the kick in the butt to keep it going.
  14. Maybe we have a new author who wants to write another novel about geocaching and dastardly crimes of passion and such forth setting up scenario to check responses!
  15. Evil to me is something small, magnetic, looks like a part of a bolt or some such paraphanalia. The sort of thing you find on a street sign such as the corner of Clarke and Kent that requires extra ordinary anti muggle skills to retrieve. And is called Superman Corner. That is evil! Also bad for caching because it takes a fast moving caped crusading cacher to retrieve it!
  16. You need the funnel web spider, red back spider, death adder, tiger snake, brown snake, taipan, fierce snake, red bellied black snake, king brown snake, paralysis tick, male platypus sting, box jellyfish, blue stinger, Australian tax office bite alarm turned on. Also be aware of the billy tea swing and damper alert. Also, please have a "bloody great time". I forgot about the wombat register, kangaroo muster, bluey jacket run and the wallaby worming. And don't let any one take the Mickey out of you. I am an aussie, what else can I say?
  17. I really do sorry for you all and lets play some music and do some Karaoke to the tune of you have lost that caching feeling! Just get out there and do it you sad sacks! If you really want to do it, a copy of Catcher in the Rye, Cannery Row, or any of sound tracks from Dirty Harry Movies, manic depressive stuff.
  18. I didn't place the cache, I only find or not find it. I don't expect anyone to look after my caches, in fact I would rather a NM posted than someone trying to fix my "stuff up" because I did not get the cache right in the first place. So therefore, if the cache I find that is not my own and needs some TLC, depending on the amount, the first option is message the owner. The second, and the one more finders should be using, is the NM. It is not my job to prop up somebody else's cache for any reason. If it is damaged or wrong or funky, NM it. Watch it and if nothing happens, NA it and let someone else have a go. Let's start to clean the game up and get rid of propped up caches!
  19. So if I was in a car 10 miles away on a team hunt for trophy gold, as many logs as the team could register and never even saw the cache, can I still log it as found? Criticise away please. Please be harsh.
  20. I have relaunched one of my first TBs after it went missing in the hands of a local geo cacher. Contacted them and asked for it to be moved on and no response. The problem I have is that the local Geo Cacher stated in the post that when the TB was retrieved that it was cute. Should that give me an indication that it was never going to be moved on? So I purchased a new tag and the same replica of my avatar, okay, a chimpanzee, but it is Lancelot Link, look it up on youtube, and set him in motion. Hopefully this one will make it and not become a plastic teething rusk for a baby!
  21. My view and humble opinion, as such that can be offered which will most probably offend, is that if you cannot find the cache yourself and a member of the group finds it before you do, then you should log a DNF. After all, you did not find it, you were shown where it was. So how can you claim you found it? I would be all for such posts being logged as found by a group being deleted from all caches. If you did not find it, it is not yours to log. You are only cheating yourself. I am all for logs saying found in the company of so and so when a cacher is first starting out but team logging to me defies the purpose of the game. The option I like with a group, not team logging, is the first person who finds the cache walks away and lets the others find it. The strict rule is that if a person cannot locate the cache, they post a DNF and walk away so that the group can sign the cache as individuals. This allows the person who didn't find it a second try and gives the CO an indication that people are seriously searching for the cache.
  22. I have given up placing caches because of the FTF crew. It is not so much that they are the first to find, it is what I consider disrespectful logs that bear no relation to the cache. For example, FTF at 09:24. And that is it. I even hid an almost impossible to find cache, knowing that the FTF crew would want to find it. I got bombarded with messages as I know them personally about how to find it. I gave up in the end and showed them. So no more hiding caches for me, the FTF has spoiled that side of the game for me.
  23. This post irks me the most because it is so negative about the game.
  24. Not your cache, post a NM if it is a mouldy wet smelly log, broken link in a multi post a NM. Watch the posting and if a response is not apparent in two weeks, post a NA. If the CO cannot respond within two weeks, then it is not worth your time watching the cache and the cache needs to be removed from the system as the CO cannot look after it. It is not up to the finders to prop up caches, it is up to the cache hiders to look after their babies! I know this post will probably get a lot of flack from do good cachers who want to keep a cache going, but realistically, let the cache be archived to allow some one else a chance to move in with a viable, long lasting cache.
  25. I'd love to do an Australian version, but it would be full of Australian slang and vernacular and probably would be almost unpublishable. From an Aussie China Plate! It would probably be funny and blue too.
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