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  1. GeoCan, I am certain I do not appreciate your sense of humor. _____________________________ ... where is it?
  2. Karen, Marvyn & Markus _____________________________ ... where is it?
  3. quote:Originally posted by Kreebelle:Introducing the Silicon Valley Cache O' The Week! Kristine Kristine, I like the idea, but am wondering if we should start a new thread for this one. Problem would be to get the people who are subscribed to this thread to contribute to the other one. This would help to keep the general discussion to this thread and the voting/nominating to the other. Only a suggestion, I do not mind if we keep them together either. My 3 cents (darn inflation) Nostrada _____________________________ ... where is it?
  4. quote:Originally posted by boulter:Ok, so where can I get some Grade A magnetic micro cache containers around here? I've checked Target and Walmart and Home Depot. Only Home Depot had them and they were the kind that is molded inside for the shape of a key, leaving little room inside. The most popular ones I've seen are the ones with a clip and open lengthwise. If there are others which are more durable or otherwise superior, I'd love to hear your opinions. Jeff I picked up a few Grade B+ ones here N37 21.165 // W121 59.837 aka OSH USD$ 1.50. Evil Grin! _____________________________ ... where is it?
  5. ..in the restroom of a 707 inbound to SFO? _____________________________ ... where is it?
  6. quote:Originally posted by Dru Morgan:Ever notice how anyone that caches more than you do is a maniac, while anyone that caches less than you do is an idiot? -http://www.theheavenlyhost.com/geocache Now this got me laughing so hard! Otherwise this day suck, our company is laying off once more, but you, my friend, are clearly a MANIAC! ;-) Vielen Dank! _____________________________ ... where is it?
  7. Rat, please hang in! I have learned a lot from your puzzles and haven't even tackled the hard ones yet, mostly because I have no clue on how to solve them (yet). I have spent countless hours over your puzzles, knowing that I get a friendly answer and guidance if I am really stuck. Next I want to tackle some of kablooey's works. I would be sad to see you go, Rat. Hope this makes a little difference. Is this whole thing about ranks and stuff really that important? When I find little cards in caches telling me exactly the rank of the cache in San Jose, Bay Area, NorCal, Western US, USA, Northern Hemisphere and worldwide, broken down by caches types, I must assume it is. (I am exaggerating only slightly) Fine, so be it. Let them have their fun. My little rant would be when folks don't reply to inquiries by Email. Or at least not from "noobs". That leaves me always disappointed and eats on my enthusiasm for this game/hobby/sport. (Hello word police ;-) Maybe some of the new folks will develop some new type of caches? This is hard, because you old-timers have come up already with quite an arsenal of ideas. Ok, Mr. Rat, you take care! Nostrada _____________________________ ... where is it?
  8. quote:Originally posted by Ron Streeter:InsideCorner is where Dan had his stats info stored. If, for some reason, Dan doesn't get the data up and running somewhere else, maybe it's time for those computer geeks who have given us some other great programs to consider a *mining operation* on Jeremy's database to provide a new view of the statistics. After all, how will we know which of the bay area cachers hits 2,000 first!? Ron I heard John Poindexter has a colorful reputation and is available for any issues related to Total Information Awareness. Maybe we should recruit him? We could then also start betting on the name, date and which cache it will be, using a futures market . . . The possibilities are endless. _____________________________ ... where is it?
  9. Rat, I would suggest you use a real IRC client instead of the web interface. If you should happen to have a PC, MIRC is the way to go: MIRC Download once you have installed, you will need to add the server to access the IRC channel: IRC Server: irc.slashnet.org Port: 6667 Now give yourself a nick (and an Alternative) and press OK. Then File/Connect and once you are in, you will need to join the channel /join #geocache It would be great seeing you there. Drop me a mail if you need help with this. If you have only MACs, sorry, I wouldn't have a clue. _____________________________ ... where is it?
  10. Not that I am anxious for feedback or anything like this... but - THANKS! This is so exciting. Glad you enjoyed the walk, hopefully the planes didn't upset your fine ears too much. _____________________________ ... where is it?
  11. quote:Originally posted by fizzymagic:So what's the deal? Why has the flow of new geocaches in the Bay Area dried up recently? Is it a problem getting new caches approved, or is everyone burned out on placing new caches? I'm seriously considering archiving a couple of mine and placing new ones, just so that there is _something_ new for people! I have one urban ammo box submitted for review - 24h and counting. My first, so please be kind. San Jose area. And plans for the second, a micro with puzzle are under way. So I am trying, my friend! _____________________________ ... where is it?
  12. popular topic, eh? I could use a CITO logo on my stats page.... _____________________________ ... where is it?
  13. quote:Originally posted by beckerbuns:Okay, it's not supposed to rain in the summer in northern California. What is going on!? Some words of guidance on this topic: quote:On the same day government scientists predicted a disastrous future for American agriculture due to climate change. Bush said merely that he'd read the report "of the bureaucrats" and that the U.S. would have to "adapt." _____________________________ ... where is it?
  14. quote:Originally posted by Marky: quote:Originally posted by nostrada:Remember to log it as a find under http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=33695 It's considered bad form to log a find on your own cache. --Marky Of course, I was suggesting this to georgeandmary, naturally. _____________________________ ... where is it?
  15. Remember to log it as a find under Smash a Penny _____________________________ ... where is it?
  16. :-) Yes, I had fun coming up with this idea as well. Evil laugh Nostrada _____________________________ ... where is it?
  17. quote:Originally posted by marwagsalot: quote:Now I am close to my 100th but very saddened about the fact that once I made some silly noises about the Big Lady cache it went offline Go look for the predator!! --marwagsalot Well, first I didn't realize that you were talking about a cache. Only Marky's comment made me understand. I took the day off, since I certainly couldn't wait until the weekend, dropped the child in daycare and took my SO along. Thanks for the suggestion! quote: July 29 by nostrada (100 found)Woohoo, this would be #100 for us. In breaking with an old tradition I lefty only a $10 bill from where's george. Good luck for the next finder! (Took the $1) It did take us a while to get there, since we neglected to read about the suggested parking location and drove up all the way. Only to find out that this might be a tough descent, with this little green thingy being everywhere. Worst thing - I am not reliable at all in spotting it. I will know tomorrow... Anyway, we relocated, the heat didn't make us wanting walk just too far. The walk was nice and we ended up facing the cave. Some 30 min or so we found the little critter. The day started with 2 DNF on some Urban Assualt caches, and another DNF (UA as well) later on. I guess the GC gods wanted to make sure that this one stays pure - only one find today, but what a find it was. Thanks for putting this one up and thanks to marwagsalot for suggesting this one. With Marky basically pushing us to do it we dropped the Junior in daycare and took off. The heat got us and we ended up watching Finding Nemo - no worries, we did remember to Junior up. Great day, thanks! _____________________________ ... where is it?
  18. I decided that we need a The Warden for the TB prison. I found the perfect inmate to accompany him on his journey and to keep him busy during the start of his term. See the TB's page for details, you will agree that this TB got what he was asking for. Now I'll have to run and duck for cover. _____________________________ ... where is it?
  19. Just to inform you that the other thread has been updated with the news about The Warden. Other Thread _____________________________ ... where is it?
  20. Friends, I have decided that the I.T.B.P needs a warden. Therefor I have createdThe Warden and gave him the assignment to move a prisoner to the I.T.B.P. The Geocaching court system appeals to your cooperation. Thanks! _____________________________ ... where is it?
  21. Well, do I still count as a noob? I started after reading about GC on slashdot.org - my favorite hangout during the working week. The GPS had to come with express delivery from Amazon.com and I am still waiting for my rebate. Now I am so hooked, my poor young son has to endure the driving around town and being used as the perfect decoy/alibi for some of the more odd caches. I also love the locationless caches, here it clearly pays off when you drive around with your eyes wide open, specially since I am not from here and can not rely on years of expertise on what is out there. Now I am close to my 100th but very saddened about the fact that once I made some silly noises about the Big Lady cache it went offline. I enjoyed two lunch breaks and a bit over there and still no go. And now it is gone. Dang. What else to use for #100? Yes Way, Jose! is already off my list, that was a challenge as well. _____________________________ ... where is it?
  22. quote:Originally posted by marwagsalot:I'll have my human go out and tie a ballon to the cache If you tell me its size, color and if it is a Helium ballon I will be there. How long will the cord be? _____________________________ ... where is it?
  23. *** STOP *** STOP *** THIS JUST IN *** STOP *** STOP *** 1) The US Government has been informed that this cache (Sly Dog's--Big Lady) actually contains proof of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) currently hidden in certain geographic crisis points. 2) The US Government, short of troops to deploy, has issued a statement that by tomorrow, Thursday 24th, a low yield thermonuclear device will be set off at the above posted coordinates. It will incinerate all biological matter but leave properly tagged geocaching containers as well as the Big Lady totally unharmed. So they say. 3) All involved parties are confident that this swift and resolute action will prevent further loss of productivity of a certain individual aka "Nostrada" 4) Above mentioned individual was last seen signing up as an inspector of Blix's (WMD) search team for the next deployment in North Korea. 5) The slump of the world economy will be over soon after and other caches of similar difficulty might be targeted next! *** STOP *** STOP *** THIS JUST IN *** STOP *** STOP *** _____________________________ ... where is it?
  24. <---- I can at least reach my toes... TPBM can't because...
  25. Doing a few locationless caches these days some would agree. TPBM disagrees and thinks that locationless caches are a challenge as well, since one has to go through the neighborhood with open eyes! ... where is it?
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