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  1. I totally agree, which is the reason I am here and not in the Bay Area anymore. I'll have to look into the local caches, but I am really looking for some nice hikes. I have done sooooo many urban caches ( too many for my taste, but it was just too tempting down there)
  2. Thanks, that is the ticket! Re: Green side - I shall keep this in mind. Can't beat a decent hike with a tour guide!
  3. Howdy y'all. After having moved from the Bay Area to Bend last year I am finally ready to dust off my GPS and setup some PQs. Are there any geocaching resources for the Bend area I should know off? I couldn't find a Central Oregon topic in the forums. I'd love to go for some hikes in the area, maybe start with something gentle and build up to 12-14 miles or so. I can only go during the week, from Tuesday-Thursday basically. Anyone interested? Is there a local approver? Cheers
  4. Unless your FTF statistics can compete with the following example I would suggest to stop counting: Who could it be?
  5. FYI to our hacker friends: make your own google map One of the great things about Google maps is it has its roots in XML. To translate for the non-web developers out there, it basically means Google maps are user hackable. This how-to will show you how to make your own annotated Google map from your own GPS data. Plus, you’ll be able to tie in images and video to create an interactive multimedia map. We’ll walk you through the steps we took to generate an annotated map of a walk we took recently through our hometown, now that it’s actually starting to get warm enough to want to walk about! Doesn't this beg for a geocaching implementation?
  6. Hope you don't get crowded out by all of the people out there caching on the Cesar Chavez holiday! ha, ha. (I'm just bitter because it's a City holiday and I'm stuck working anyway!) Actually it wasn't crowded at all. I took The Rat up on his request for companionship and we had a very nice day out there, doing Ardenwood and Indian Mini-Montage. But I was a bit disappointed by Ardenwood, the abandoned houses in various stages of decay were rather depressing. The other series is set in a wonderful area, really enjoyed that one.
  7. That is a lot of Jeep gone missing. Any idea who might have the majority of the little 4WDs?
  8. Happy B'day: Today only, so if you like ice cream . . . Yahoo is 10
  9. Bummer about Ardenwood. One day I would have finally managed to get there and do this one. Just needed someone to go with, since it seems as if I am not using my GPS - based on various comments here . . . :-) For the folks amongst us who haven't been to Uvas Canyon Park: Invasive Plant Removal at Uvas Canyon - 2nd Saturday, Feb. - April, 10am-3pm We need your help to remove the non-native French Broom from Uvas Canyon in this joint effort with the Santa Clara County Open Space Authority. No experience needed. Tools, gloves, & lunch provided. Please wear long pants and closed toed shoes. Scheduled dates include 3/12, 4/9. Please meet at the Uvas Canyon Day Use Area. This is a very nice park with a decent number of caches and a total killer mountain if you feel you need more once you are done. One of my favorite parks.
  10. . . . or thinking for weeks about a Rat puzzle will get you there as well ;-)
  11. Of course the next level of geocaching enlightenment is to give a toss about clean areas and first pages and just do the caches you really want to do. Such as lamp posts . . .
  12. Hope this has not been covered already: When you try to add a cache to your bookmarks, but you haven't created a bookmark list before, an error message is shown. It would be nice to have something more informative instead of a screen which looks similar to the now long forgotten server to busy errors. Once you create a bookmark list, all is fine. Love the new layout!
  13. Not sure if this is old news, but I am sure yahoo won't like it that much: Google maps
  14. I will be the first to congrateluate him AFTER he got 2k. The real thing this is! Well done, boulter. 2000 more U-turns to come. Eh, caches.
  15. Thanks for the fast reply. OK, I am a bit dense here, but does this mean that I can: - export a list of all corrected coordinates into a GSAK supported, human readable file? - and import this file back into GSAK? I would hate entering all the coords by hand. But if I have to, I would want to make sure I can back this particular piece of data up. I guess asking for some kind of import function of the spinner file into GSAK would be lots of work. But it would for sure make the switch easier. Just asking ;-) Cheers, Nostrada
  16. Quick question: When I am in cachemate, in the overview section, is there a way I can use the buttons or any other shortcut to move to the Log tab? Right now I have to hit the little L in the top right corner where I have all the different tabs. I'd prefer doing this using the buttons/stick (Palm Zire 71) instead, since this is easier in the "field". Hope I am making sense. Thanks
  17. Having bought ExpertGPS a while back I was reluctant to shell out more money for another program. Oh well, after using GSAK for several months on a rather frequent basis I finally hit the paypal button - keep up the excellent work, ClydeE. Only today I figured out that I can have clickable icons in SA2005 - sometimes it would pay to read the manual, I guess. One thing I have looked up in the manual to no avail is the corrected coordinates feature. I doubt I am the first to ask if there is a way to import a GPXSpinner like file of corrected coordinates. Actually, I would prefer to keep an external file with the coords and have GSAK load it when I press a button/macro. # Caches to correct # CacheID, Latitude, Longitude\ GCB416, N40 39.401, W119 21.988 # High Desert Adventure What am I missing here? Or would this be a new feature? Would love to hear some feedback on this. Thanks again, Nostrada
  18. After all the activity around The Rat's latest puzzle cache something to chill out over: http://www.gchq.gov.uk/codebreaking/index.html "We had a few comments last time suggesting that the challenge which we gave you was a little too easy. Well, here's something which will take a bit more work, but has a few things in common with the last challenge. There are three parts to the solution. What is the connection between the men in the first list and the women in the second list? Which man pairs with which woman? And what is the hidden quotation? Just to make things a little more interesting, GCHQ will be offering copies of 'Big Bang' the latest book by Simon Singh, the well known mathematician and code expert, to six successful solvers whose names will be drawn from a hat. " Maybe we should create a cache for this and use the proven method for tackling it?
  19. Anyone planning to attend WOW's cache building evening - here is your chance to leave an lasting impression with your host. And maybe you score a few hints for the upcoming "Assume Nothing At All" series, who knows? Space geeks get bona fide rocket in pocket Camui rockets are true rockets, being 1.6 meters long, flying at 300 meters per second and parachuting slowly to the ground after reaching heights of up to 1 kilometer. "Unlike standard fixed or liquid fuel rockets, the Camui are hybrids, using a mixture of fixed fuel acrylic and liquid oxygen," Haruki Nagata of the Hokkaido University's Laboratory of Thermophysics for Space Engineering tells Weekly Playboy. "We don't use any explosives, which makes the rockets safe and easy to handle. And there are no legal regulations, either, which allows low-cost production and operation of the rockets. And the rockets are used repeatedly provided they are re-fueled." CNN Story Pictures And then finally, without knowing if this formula is accurate: One kilometer in one second. This would require an average velocity of flight of, oh... 1 km/s. If we had linear acceleration (rough estimate) and we started from zero (sounds like a safe assumption) then we'll have 2 km/s by the time we hit 1km altitude. If the fuel is cut there: vf^2=vo^2-2*a*s or 1000^2/(2*9.8)=max altitude -> 50km
  20. Same here, the queries are spotty. Sometimes they come, sometimes they don't.
  21. Since we seem to have a few Scrabble fans here - and to get your mind of those snakes: http://www.vidlit.com/craziest/craziest.html (Flash)
  22. Is that the 6AM at the trailhead gig? Very tempting. Bummer that I have done most of them already last year. I might sleep in instead . . .
  23. Marky, It was enough of an incentive to get the usual gang (incl mmp!) to meet up and head out for a nice hike on a wonderful day. This is why I love geocaching. I have to admit that I never switched my GPS on and we took turns in signing the caches. With six GPS pointing the direction, I doubt mine would have made the difference. I think we had to stop a bit too often, which interrupted the flow of the conversations, but I am not complaining. As long as we all agree to stop placing caches in areas I have cleaned out, of course. :-) This was my third hike up there. The caches are of very good quality and some are even living up to your evil standards. Wow certainly tries to steal this position of yours, but I am sure we will see more surprising caches from both of you. All in all a great day and it never hurts to add a few caches to the list. Thanks for you efforts, Marky.
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