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  1. Woody, you rock. Small town people have big hearts! Thanks for taking care of our master cacher on his "vacation". I DNF'd one of his 2.5 caches twice, so I do not want to get carried away here. Come back, we miss you.
  2. ... let the guessing about his/her identity begin!
  3. If anyone really wants a gmail account - here is an invite: http://tinyurl.com/2eh8u Have fun!
  4. Rumor has it that we have a new member in the 4 digit caching gang. Cheers boulter! Thanks for taking me along today!
  5. Don't worry about coordinates or difficulty rating - this only adds to the challenge!
  6. Check this out: http://members.aol.com/GeocacherBB/locationless.html Cheers
  7. Since no one else seems to have noticed. . . http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...07-f3ca471ed311 May 2 by TeamJiffy (1000 found) #1000 Found at 1:56PM. We are glad that our 1000th cache turned out to be one overlooking the ocean near a nice secluded beach during a restful vacation weekend away from home. Discovering places such as this is what geocaching is all about! We didn't trade anything here. Thanks for the cache! Congratulations! bykenut or boulter - who will be next? workerofwood?
  8. Planned Upgrades, Defeating the Server Too Busy errors They are working on it. I am sure it will be better in a month. I hope. I wish.
  9. Well, Marky, I agree with regards to this series. But Rancho San Antonio is so crowded that I do not need to go back there again. Not after having been to Uvas Canyon, Almaden Quicksilver and Sierra Azul. Anyone feel free to put another cache out there ;-) I have nightmares of the hordes of folks running up the PG&E trail. Shiver.
  10. I agree. This was a nice series, but thanks go also to the young PIE lover and the 2marbleheads! Now hopefully no one else will go there and plant any further caches. Been there, done that ;-)
  11. yeah, really slow. As if it would be a Sunday evening :-( But I get my four little FINDS in anyway, no worries!
  12. [Devil's advocate] I have attended a few hikes during the last few months and most of them have been big fun. One thing I noticed is that not everyone in the group has the same level of fitness. This fact can be the cause of discussions and friction within the group and can leave "bad vibes" afterwards. The larger the group, the more likely it is that some want to go fast and others want to take it rather slowly. I have come for myself to the conclusion that it is the best to go for a substantial hike with friends I know well and in a smaller group. This increases the chances that we can achieve our objectives in a pace we all agree on. Some hikes allow someone to stay back for one particular cache, other hikes do not have this options, one-way hikes for example. (El Sombroso) On the other hand, if the group is large enough it can split up in various sub groups hiking at different speeds. But this should be discussed beforehand and expectations should be set accordingly. The faster group would not need to wait for the last one to arrive, for example. I guess what is all comes down to is that I wouldn't mind to abort a hike if a good friend of mine doesn't feel well, but would be rather disappointed to turn around at the first hill because a fellow cacher I have never met before can not get over it. [/Devil's advocate] PS: Post #100! PPS: Ducking for cover now
  13. Congratulations to The Rat for achieving an important milestone - 100 forum posts! Well done, way to go! :-)
  14. Three more posts on the forum and I have 100! Not that anyone is counting.
  15. So here we have three dedicated geocachers setting out on a Friday to clear our Fremont. As Marky is our witness, we were high spirits and achieved our goal of 25 caches in Fremont, making this area a hole in my StreetAtlas map. I wake up at 2:30 and casually check my Email - 35 new caches in Fremont. Sure, Happy Birthday to you, JoeSpaz, but couldn't you have had your Bday LAST week? Whilst I am tempted to go right NOW and start all over again I will leave the FTF race to my dedicated peers. Guess I will have to meet with boulter and Motorbug again and visit Fremont soon again. We missed each other by less than 24h, JoeSpaz! Have a good one!
  16. I dislike the idea of having only 2 pictures attached to a LC. OK, I am guilty of the occasional drive-by shooting as well, but for some locationless caches the fun is more than just one phat GPS shot and a blurry shot of the target. Look at the Nike cache - there are some awesome pictures there. But then again - the majority of logs have only one or two pictures right now anyway - so is there really a need to limit it?
  17. I guess the next hike will be 20 miles and I'll have to take along a shovel and a bible, workerofwood.
  18. Not being an oldtimer I dare to add my opinion anyway. For me, the best part about the whole geocaching experience is to get together with friends and setting out to reach a goal. The last hike we did in Sierra Azul made me wonder if I can make it at all and then we finished it with a smile. I have not hiked for more than 12 miles in a long time. Now I can not wait to do it again. I doubt I would ever set out for a hike of this size if there weren't a few caches along the way. This strikes me as rather funny. I also enjoy having to research on web a theme to find a "specimen" of the requested kind - locationless caches. Sure, the first 20 or 30 were rather easy, but now it gets harder and harder. Beats searching for the 1/1 in ivy, but can not compete with a a good hike. I have never been out and about as much as I have been in the last nine months. Previously I looked at the mountains of the Valley wondering what is up there - now I know - at least for a few of them. And I met some really decent folks and new friendships have developed. What more can I ask for?
  19. I can assure you that this particular nonnative has been dispatched
  20. If they remove the caches, the terrorists will have won.
  21. So it might have been related to yesterday's server load, I guess. Great stuff, thanks.
  22. nostrada

    Logs Missing?

    Hi there, my PQ came through last night with all my found caches. When I imported it into Utopia, it showed four caches which I haven't found. Going to the actual cache page shows that there is indeed no log of mine. But on my "Show All Logs" the log shows up OK. The cache owner confirmed that there are more than just one missing. Anything we know about? Cache: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...&log=y&decrypt= The logs stop at Oct 22. Here is my log: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?lu...B-7A2DF18E1BE0} Nothing urgent of course, but it might be interesting to find out what is going on. Might be related to the server load problems yesterday? Pages rendered in an incomplete manner due to the heavy load on the database?
  23. San Jose Mercury News Travel Section Feb/22/04 A nice article about geocaching, with several names - which I do not recognize - talking about some nice geocaching offerings such as a cruise as well as some local caches in Rancho San Antonio. Several pictures, including a GPS shot of some GC4EA8, which I find odd. I thought the cache might have been Motorbug's Y in the road. Just a heads up, the article is not online yet.
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