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  1. Hope I don't get banned for asking this. I've read posts where people mention other "competing" (as one person put it) geocaching sites but don't say names or URL's. What other sites are there other than this one? Chris
  2. I bought this yellow off of ebay and it also came with a cable, so I'm in luck. I checked the software and it's 2.08. Now I have to figure out how to download it using the cable. Thanks Chris (By the way, I don't ever think I've been on a forum that has been so helpful.)
  3. Really not a big deal but I thought somebody might know about this. I recently bought a Garmin eTrex Yellow and was working my way through the manual when I noticed that it seemed to be missing a certain feature. The manual says there is an "advanced skyview page" that you can access through the satellite page. When I hit enter nothing happens. I just get the cartoon of the satellites sending their signal to the little man. Anybody know why I can't access this feature? It's really not that important, I've used this GPS to find my very first cache already and it worked fine, I just think it would be cool to know where the satellites are that I'm using to navigate. Thanks Chris
  4. One other thing that I wanted to know is if I bring somebody along with me do we both sign the logbook, or just one of us? Is it only the person that is going to post on geocaching.com? Chris
  5. Does that mean if I find a travel bug then I can take it and don't have to leave anything behind? I understand that if you take a travel bug the next cache you find you leave it in there. I understand the trade up or trade even idea. It sounds to me from reading a lot or other posts that most people do trade "trinkets" or sig. items. Chris
  6. I'm new to geocaching and would like to go find my first cache today. The only problem is that I don't have any small items to trade yet. I'm going to start scrounging around the house to find stuff but as of yet don't really have anything that I think would be "cool." Is it okay if I go out caching, find one, sign the logbook, post it to geocaching.com but leave nothing and take nothing? I tried searching the forums for this topic but didn't find anything. Thanks Chris
  7. Can it be done? Has anybody done it? I'm guessing that it can be done, but how hard is it and what kind of maps do you need (and where do you get them.) Chris
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