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  1. This statement is 100% false. Pot does not have ANY physically addictive properties like tobacco or alcohol (much less so than tobacco). I do smoke occasionally, having started at twenty years of age. I do have a somewhat difficult life, what with working full time to afford my apartment, and education, as well as have a social life. Stoners are not all lazy screwups with emotional problems, any more than people who enjoy alcohol are. I cache and camp, while maintaining my personal, educational, and social life just fine without having become some terrible monster that you seem to think pot smokers become. Alcohol and tobacco are much worse physically for you, with alcohol being much more dangerous both emotionally with a much higher chance of injury, death, or illegal activities being performed when drunk as opposed to stoned. Drugs are pretty common in high school, so I can't say that I was never exposed to it as a youngster, however, as a kid I rejected it. After my twentieth birthday I pretty much did decide one night "hey I think ill go get stoned".
  2. While caching, the worst iv done is jump over a fence, landing on my hip on a thin tree stump. Hurt rather badly the next day.
  3. You dont have to be able to beat everyone. Most is more than enough. If you are in a situation where you are in danger, anything that can help you get away is enough. Seldome is the objective to beat the crap out of your assailent, but to beat them enough that you can get to safety. Yes it hurts to have a broken nose, but I have experienced MUCH more debilitating injuries while still incapacitating an opponent. And if you get kicked in the balls, your doing something wrong.
  4. I dont know about anyone else, but my kenpo training consists of quiet a lot of getting hit full force in the face and other places. You screw up, you get hurt. Also training in ground fighting, in case you do get nocked down, you can be just as effective. Sure anyone can be beaten. But if most of the population isnt the one who an do it, its good enough.
  5. Yes, but most martial arts in america are less than useless in any confrontation as they prepare you dor noexistent situations, while ruining your ability in anything that doesnt fit your training perfectly. Also gives people undue confidence. Very few martial arts in america can train you to fight. Also, yes, it is psychos who are scary and chase people around, but the people in this thread automatically associated psychos as being gay. Edit: and, as chance would have it, kenpo is one of the only martial arts I would recommend for self defense. Saw thats what you took in your profile.
  6. Yeah, because homosexuals aren't people.</sarcasm> I am really surprised about you peoples responses on this type of subject. The thread that started this was entirely based on the completely baseless assumption that the person was gay who followed him. Ten everyone jumps on the bandwagon of anti-gay. I am really surprised, as this always seemed to be a rather kind accepting community. So now the topic starter of this thread makes up a website with everyone's worst fear in mind, which is apparently gays. Rather dissapointing. That being said, if anyone follows me in their car, they are going to be hurt, be them gay, straight, bi, asexual, or transgender. Watch out for THEM! They's gonna getcha!
  7. Im in Tallahassee. Havn't done that many and havn't met any others.
  8. I have gone on four hunts thus far. All without GPS. Found three and gave up on one. Just too hot here.
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