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  1. srry for double post, im back, I retrieved it, without a single hitch.
  2. i recently placed a cache near a railroad track, one that ran under a bridge of a road used pretty often. It's pretty awkward getting under there, and i've already been there twice. My questions are: How quickly do i need to get this removed? And if i get caught by the police and or bomb squad, what should i say? "Lol, i'm teh geocacherz"?
  3. I'd like to become a reviewer, but i have no idea where to apply to become a reviewer.
  4. i have two golf related caches ready to place, and i was thinking the perfect place would be a a golf course... right? but anyway, i was thinking, i need to ask the golf course manegment right? My question is if its a good idea to ask the golf course, and if the caches themselves are a good idea. Edit: i would tell them, and the cache searchers that you had to be playing the golf course while looking for the cache. (ergo no one wandering onto the golf course to look for the cache.)
  5. i recently planted (not posted) a cache in my neighborhood, a few minutes away from where i live. Is it okay by the rules to post a cache thats planted in a neighborhood?
  6. it was never unchecked, i kept itt checked and realized i had to make some changes
  7. when i submit a cache and it does not get published but dot plotter posts that i need to uncheck the active submission box until i was done working on it... do i need to re-submit it or wait?
  8. thats true mushtang. i'll just do some coordinates nearby. thanks.
  9. is it okay to put the coordinates N 00*00.000 W 000*00.000 And then include a picture that tells you the coordinates but you need to decipher it.
  10. would it be allowed or even legal for that matter for me to pop a magnectic cache under a bridge? i was just thinking how it would look kinda fishy if an authority saw me go under a bridge, emerge a few minutes later, take an elecronic device out of my pocket, push a few buttons and walk away.
  11. what i was kind of thinking of was to have a picture that will somehow (you have to figure it out) have the combo to a lock on it, and then beneath that it will have the coordinates in a picutre. then you go there, unlock the lock, solve another puzzle that depending on how you solve it, will lead you to one of 5 locations within about a mile of eachother where only one has the second leg of the cache. the from there, you get the coordinates for going somewhere where you have to write down information (i.e. number of stones or length of something) to get the coordinates for the next leg, where you just get the coordinates, and then you go to final geocache. puzzle multi mystery cache everybody, please hold your appluase.
  12. would it be okay to make a cache where on the cache page, it has a picture hint with the coordinates for the first cache and a picture hint for the coordinates and other info, and then when you found the first cache, it had coordinate for the next cache, and so on. if so, what would it be filed under?
  13. Well its good to have spare until then, right?
  14. I was thinking about buying a 3/4 inch by 48" wooden pole and using it for bushwhacking, in a quite literal sense... What do you guys think of this?
  15. I have a magellan sportrack map.
  16. 1. How did you first hear about geocaching? My mom told me about it after going on a hike with a family friend that had a GPS 2. Tell me about your first cache? I Didn't, there was a geocach about 300 feet from my house that i thought was easy enough to get, i hopped on my bike and missed it the first time, but got it the second and it was so much fun that i'm still doing it. 3. Have you had any bad/scary experiences caching? Nope 4. What is the #1 reason you geocache? Exercise and a mental stimulant. 5. Do you prefer to hunt or hide? Hunting is fun, but there aren't many geocaches in my area, and hiding is expensive and hard, so i do a bit of both 6. What was your favorite cache place? Why? Powerrocks, it had me looking in circles until i looked up at the "Limbless Tree" And it just snapped. 7. What was your worst cache? Why? at 12 caches, i don't really have any bad caches 8. Have you ever attened a cache event? No
  17. is there a good place to download street maps? .GPX files, or topo information, anything works, even free trials, I need to know a way to get street maps on my GPS. (i've got a a way to get it on my GPS, now i just need something to put on there.
  18. it actually fits in there pretty snuggly. i built the mount around the GPS and then fastened to my bike with the GPS in there. I then took my bike into the grass, shook the heck out of my bike, and it didn't fall out. but for extra fastening when i'm riding around, i think i'm going to put to little peices of tape on either side and the back.
  19. I used paper, duct tape, and masking tape to create a mount for my magellan sportrack map. pictures: sorry for the crappy pictures.
  20. But if you are the property owner, or you get permission from the property owner, would it be allowed?
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