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  1. But a spell checker will only pick up on words which are spelt incorrectly, being dyslexic it is very difficult to distingush between correctly spelt words e.g. weather and whether which are spelt correctly but have completely different meanings
  2. Just to say from someone who has dyslexia I think that the way this thread is going is extremely insulting - I try to spell correctly and NO amount of being taught to spell correctly will help me, I do copy my cache listing into a word document however if a word is spelled correctly but isnt the word I am meaning it will not be picked up. To say that bad spelling is linked to unemployment - I can't spell but have never been unemployed
  3. We think we might have one lurking around a bottom draw, we'll have a look and get back to you if we manage to find it
  4. Hi All When I was logging some caches I placed a geocoin I had into a wrong cache, I know which cache it should have gone into, I have tried Grabbing it but with out the number I can't, does anyone have any sugguestions
  5. We went to Lincoln and apart from today it rained and rained and rained, did have a good time though and managed to get a few caches http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/style_ima...icons/icon1.gif
  6. I am sorry to hear you are getting bad reviews for a cache you have placed in location dear to you, i would say maybe consider archiving it if you are getting bad reviews as you don't want the bad reviews to alter your opinion of the place
  7. Many thanks everyone for your replies and advice, now we have to take the brave step and move to Linux
  8. Hi All, not sure if this is the correct forum (please move if its wrong). Does anybody know if you can run programs such as GSAK and Memory map on a Linux system as we are thinking of moving OS to a linux based OS - Thanks in advance
  9. having seen the links from simply paul we may have to change the name of our cache - GC1BE28 ????
  10. hi All - We are thinking about doing some night caching - just to spice things up - can anybody suggest any good ones (take that as easy ones to get us started ) in the Durham/North Yorks area
  11. He must have a twin as i am tracking him in Spain
  12. As you can see I'm having trouble with the smiley faces too (third time lucky?)
  13. Wow, I knew it had a lot of features we were going to like but didn't know it could do any of that!! Thanks for the help Happy Humphrey, looking forward to having ago at Christmas. []
  14. Does anyone know if you can use the TomTom point of interest macro in GSAK on a Garmin Nuvi as I am getting one for Christmas
  15. Totally agreed - you can't go wrong with them and they are cheap enough
  16. We've just had to google "arachibutyrophobia" to see what it means I think santa needs to bring us a dictionary for Christmas
  17. This could be an entire new type of cache, you could have prospective girlfriends/boy friends at different co-ords and you have to find them a sort of multi-love cache - not sure about the FTF though
  18. We have Hotmail and have no problems this week, have you checked your notifications settings in your account page to see if they have changed?
  19. Just looking through GSAK and the oldest cache which I have in there is Angels view which was placed 22-04-2001. Is there an older cache in Britian which is still active and does anyone know what was the first cache to be placed in Britain?
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