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  1. I must be spending too much time setting new caches........ Can't keep with with that pace... Well Done
  2. I can see North Yorkshire was not on the list ! It could take all day to get out of it !
  3. Thanks for the link, and brilliant.... I started rating mine, but I do have a problem with the rating system. How do I as non disabled choose. Can we have some sort of guidance on the levels 1-5, or have I missed a page somewhere. I was out placing a new cache box today, so I paid attention to access..... "Parking good, level walk along the side of two fields.... fairly flat ground, no lumps (well cow pats !) but Oh a style ! " This is a typical example, how do I grade this ? I am not disabled.....Everyone else is saying "I have just rated mine" PLEASE HELP .... What am I missing ?
  4. I find the same..... There seems to be two items to discuss here, firstly items depleting as previously mentioned and secondly, the box generally turns into junk. The taking of TB's should not make an impact. If you leave a TB, you are increasing the box contents, or at the worst, you take an item, so the number of contents stays the same. Therefore cachers must be taking TB's without leaving something ! That is the only scenario that works ! Solution : Take TB, leave TB or a trade item ! Secondly: In all my caches I start with a good supply of new items. For example my next series of Yorkshire Town caches is due to be released soon (watch this space) and In the last couple of weeks I have visited numerous shops. I generally spend £1 to £2 on the items. When you release 5 boxes at a time, this has cost me say 35 items anywhere upwards of £35 and up to £70. I do not mind this, but am annoyed when I have to do the same, 6 months later. Over a period of lets say 30-40 visits, I find the contents deplorable. Geocache rules state if you take something then replace with something of at least the same value. By these rules our boxes should go up in value, not down. Whats happening ? Do cachers not know the rules ? I released a cache recently Forest and More.... and I had these comments from the first to visit "Cache contents are high quality" and "As we had nothing suitable TNLN." Good example Fewston Finders.... I wish more geocachers were the same..... A good stocked box makes the finding of a box more of a fun find !
  5. I had that at first.... (two weeks ago) and I thought it was just my cheap phone, I then tried a week later and bingo, it just downloaded ! Try at random times.... you never know !
  6. Worth bringing my computer to a slowdown for 5 minutes ..... great bucket ! It would be interesting to know how many have visited, is it still live ? I bet the dollar bills are no longer there ! Anyone know the waypoint ?
  7. Well done to all those racing... Current position at 31st July 2004 Furthest MaxKim with 9087 miles (in Australia).... not bad for 45 days..... will it get stuck there ? Sorry PYoungs1s, you were leading with 2011 miles after visiting Monaco and Norway.... will have to try harder.... but still 9 1/2 months to go. For full results Click here and click on Harrogate Meet 2004. P.s. What has happened to Seasider.... has he totally retired, he still has his at home, or is this a ploy and this experienced cacher has something up his sleeve ?
  8. The new version works well on my Nokia 3510i, but it allways downloads all caches, including ones that I have visited. Where do I get the profile number from (the 4 digit one) ?
  9. I have noticed in the Harrogate/Leeds area, there has been a large increase In the number of cachers since Christmas which is welcome, as we could all do with new caches, HOWEVER There has also been a number of bad caches appearing. In some cases these new cachers, place a box without even finding one first ! How do they know what geo-caching is about? Cornwood Walk is atypical example of this.... just read the notes..... I also notice this morning that Ba Tat Box has also appeared by a new cacher, although to date this is not in the same league as Cornwood Walk These people seem to log on, place a box, and disappear as fast, leaving geo-trash, when problems occur. I would like to propose that all new placements be only approved, once the cacher has logged up a certain number of finds e.g. 10 Any ideas..... ?
  10. My phone displays both ....... The initial screen displays the cache type and waypoint reference, but just open and the name scrolls over the top of the screen ! You do not to 'go on line' again for this option ! AND quite correct not all of us have modern technology..... even my GPS is 10 years old !!! Its basic not to say the least and only has two decimal places for seconds. But it works, I still find places, and now with the mobile, I am free to wander without any set up costs !
  11. Easier and cheeper than the above.... use your mobile !!! Have a look on the GeocacheUK website and there is a page on how to download the 10 nearest caches to your mobile, it includes full co-ords, full description and clue !!! I found it a week ago, and the last two days, I found myself in Dublin at last minute. I had with me my GPS (very old type Magellan 310) that does not hold anything, and my mobile (a plain and simple Nokia) Follow the instructions, and bingo. I managed to visit 3 geocaches !!! I think it might only work in the UK, but you never know.... Dublin worked ! Its fantastic..... now if I travel the country, and I stop for a lunch break, 10 seconds and I have got the 10 nearest caches, you can even then use those 10 to search for the 10 closest to them ! Making unlimited searches ! BEST OF ALL..... Is upto date to the second !!! Here is the link to the page GeocacheUK webpage - mobile phone
  12. For those lucky 17 people who attended the North Yorkshire Meet 17 Travel bugs were released, one to each atendee... A month later, some are still in the hands of their owners (Why !!!), some are in their first cache waiting to be picked up (Mine is in A bridge too far.... ), and some are well on their way, one has been to Monaco and Norway (not bad for a month) For those who wish to see all the TB's at a glance, please click on the following link to Harrogate Hunters website, and follow the link to Harrogate Meet 2004 Click Here Good luck everyone who is taking part, and to everyone else see you at the North Yorkshire Meet 2005, (another race with a difference to be started)
  13. After reading the above, I quite agree with the black bag scenario. I have not yet got into the army boxes yet, but I use the range of snap lock boxes from Lakeland...... To date no leaks, no dampness.... which isnt bad for North Yorkshire.... I must admit they are a bit bright, so I might have a try spraying them.... any idea's on paint ? Anyone done it ? Just a point that I have found about plastic containers.... can people stop using cheap ones e.g. old ice cream cartons.... these are always the ones full of water with contents spoilt. A cache is supposed to be permament, so why not make it so.
  14. Well Done from the Harrogate Hunters, despite our efforts to keep you going. Have a great trip to Oxfordshire (dont forget the passport).... and keep in mind they are strange people down there !!! See you next year at the North Yorkshire Meet to claim your prize for the furthest travelled TB !!!!
  15. I have just organised a race for travel bugs, which started at our local Harrogate Meet 2004 cache meet in Harrogate North Yokshire England. We currently have 17 bugs, one of them has travelled 2011 miles in a couple of weeks. Let me know if a website is created, so I can provide information Our bug race results can be seen on Harrogate Hunters Website
  16. Thank you very much for this. There goes the savings.....
  17. My Magellan GPS 310 is set to LAT LOG, DEG MIN, but it only gives me 2 decimal places, and all geo-cache are to three decimal places. Do I need to upgrade my handset. Or.... If I set it to DegMinSec it only counts to 59 on the seconds. I currently have it set to DegMin and this seems to work. Am I needing a better GPS which has three decimal places for the seconds?
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