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  1. I have a mystery that involves finding three micro's one after the other in sequence, the first leading to the second, etc etc Once visited you have to plot on a map. These three locations form an equalateral triangle, with the final proper cache box exactly in the middle of this 4ish square mile triangle. It is clearly stated on the cache page that there are four parts to find, and I classified it as a mystery after consulting with other cachers at the time ? Is this a mystery as you have to do further work rather than just following a GPS, or is it really just an offset Multi ? As someone previously has said, its sometimes seems to be down to interpretation..... Some people might not like it as they have to find 4 locations in order to claim one cache ! - But It's not just a numbers game isn't it !
  2. Since I went home last night, you two seem to have had a good chat ! Email on the way as requested and have a good time. Come back to me again if you need any other help with North Yorkshire
  3. No.... what ever would you want to come to Harrogate for....
  4. Obviously North Yorkshire, being a huge county has such varied landscape from coastal to the North York Moors to the Yorkshire Dales. It even takes 2-3 hours to drive from one side to the other. I suggest that if you contact me initially by email via my link, I could contact you back either by email (or phone if you wish) and I will gladly pass on my recomendations. Harrogate (in the middle of North Yorkshire) Hunters
  5. Geocache Name Hurrah on Greatest Real Name Dirtier Snob !
  6. I once saw a cache that was specifically for old log books.... The idea was to get them transported to the cache in a way a TB travels and then once their a visitor could take one, have a read, and then place back in any other cache.... hopefully it would then return to the 'old log book cache' via another visitor ! Does anyone know about this cache, and if not, does anyone want me to create one ?
  7. Well done once again........... BUT I was bitterly dissapointed this time....... You did not do the Anorak/Jumper joke again !
  8. Harrogate Hunters the name, that just about gives our location away ! Harrogate, North Yorkshire, any help gladly given !
  9. I have also had an email enquiry from a new cacher......Boxhopper... Welcome to the addiction ! We are meeting up on Thursday/Friday to show him their first geo-cache ! PAUL.... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE !!!! Well done, we might even have some new caches to go too soon !
  10. Well done............ Can you tell me when the second series starts !
  11. Is there a way to find the Lat/Long co-ordinates for a given place in the country, from lets say a postcode, or looking it up on streetmap ! I am having to go to a particular place in the country and it would be useful if I could feed into my GPS the destination, so I know how far I have still to travel. Thanks
  12. Well done... but done make it 100 placing boxes please !!!! HH
  13. I have just picked up a TB from London region which is now in North Yorkshire, and objective to be taken to USA..... Anyone in this county going that way soon......?
  14. Looking forward to caching rather than Juniper bushes..... I got confused at first, I missed the begining, I thought you needed ropes to access the cache.....!!! Awaiting next week.
  15. Thanks for this.... Yes I do use GSAK but only from last week. Had a quick try but might need a dummies guide to install this routine !
  16. He He He !!! No comment...... you mean you did not get FTF on the last one...!
  17. I know this has been covered before, but I am driving down the A1 from Ferrybridge, joing the M11 and stopping at Bishop Stortford Can anyone point me in the direction of how to obtain caches just off the A1 and M11 so I can grab a few on the way down. Ta
  18. Who is this weavey guy anyway !!!! Never heard of him, and never seen him !!! Well done anyway !
  19. Well to all those accountants out there its 31 January... the deadline for tax returns is midnight tonight..... so if they are not in now, its too late ! I hope you have all finished ! Its back to caching after a month (or so) off.... Now where can I go ! Anyone in Yorkshire area fancy a trip out !
  20. Re TB's going missing...... One went missing from my North Yorkshire event last year, and I thought It would be wise for a 'TB register' to be done at my event this year. TB's would be logged in as people arrive and signed for on departure.... Anyone have any objections, or any comments !
  21. Its not in the middle of a sewage works, in particular a processing plant ? If so, is special equiment needed in order to retrieve the box that will soon be placed there ?
  22. I purchased about 30 last year for the North Yorkshire Meet 2004 and could only find the same e.g. purchase in quantities of 5. Again I will be interested in any supplier, as again for the 2005 TB race, I shall be requiring large quantites, and if like last year I gave them away free, its quite costly ! Perhaps Slytherin can help, I think he has purchased in bulk in the past !
  23. Its not surprising that one of my cache boxes went missing. I thought It was safe here under this log Picture here
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