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  1. Did a bit of 'legal action pending' and bingo Website and email arrived within the hour ! Email address working all ok !
  2. Sorry, check This Thread. You can change your name, but you will have to copy all you logs, bookmarks etc. over manually. Oh well ! Never mind... I will have to be a hoard of people not just one..... ! LOL ! Thanks Bongtwashees
  3. another.com ! My website disappearred without warning last week and you cant contact them apart from through their website and I only get standard replies or ...... its being fixed.... replies !
  4. I am wishing to change my log on name !!!!!!! Can I do it, without loosing all my log history ! Dont worry I only want to drop the 's' on Harrogate Hunters People keep thinking I am one of thousands in my group ! LOL !
  5. I am having major problems with my website hosting company and they have 'lost' my website, and for the foreseeable future I can not get it back !!!! Therefore I have lost all email communications ! I have now changed the email address on my profile, but if anyone has tried to contact me over the last 7 days, I would appreciate if you could re-send any messages via my profile page. I am particularly worried due to Hunt & Munch Event coming up ! If you have stored my email address in your address book, please do not use it until I post an all clear ! Thanks for your help ! Robin
  6. Leave london please ... you already have clear images.... How about Harrogate ! Have you looked at that !
  7. now I am confused... this same person also is holding two other events on the same day in America ! Can someone explain !
  8. Just in case you have not got the cache on your watchlist can all cachers who are attending the Hunt & Munch II please update me with final details. If there is a '?' next to your team, please can you supply the missing details. Thanks, it just helps me provide better organisation on the day.... See you all there a week on Saturday. HH
  9. I am 70 miles away... I know the cache in question..... If no one else is closer I shall pop over and grab.... I shall try dropping an email to Alma... he is closer ! HH
  10. As an event orgainser who's events have grown from 30 attendees to over 140 I am worried that my borning events are now affecting more people every year..... What can I do !
  11. I have today updated the cache page for the NY Bug Race Three months into the race and the largest race yet with nearly 50 competitors..... Top three places 1. Mattwaggie 25 points 2. Mackem 18 points 3. Mallfoy 14 points Well done to you three - keep it going..... And to all the other racers.... maybe a change of name so your cacher name starts with a 'M' might help ![]
  12. In light of recent events most problems with cache maintanence seems to relate to two areas.... Cache box is damp Log book is nearly full Like many people I can not just at a drop of a hat pop out to some of my inaccessable caches, so instead of reporting caches to the owner, I now adopt the policy of travelling with a tea towel, so I can totally dry out the cache, and if ness replace the log book. Two problems solved in one.... (a) a now revived cache box and ( a happy cacher who knows his box has been maintained without that visit. Can I recommend more cachers travel with t-towels..... What about actually starting to leave t-towels as regular cache items ! Lets keep the standard of UK caches high and adopt a self help system !
  13. This is just a huge thank you..... I came on holiday to Oporto and then Cascais for a month in August and of course did a small collection of caches. May I thank all cachers of who I visited your caches, and can I add that I was amazingly surprised by the friendly nature of the cachers. My wife and I were astounded by the friendlyness of everyone concerned and the number of emails we received. What an amazing country and what amazing people..... a credit to your nation..... I hope to be back, and shall look forward to some more caches and hopefully meet Thanks and next time I promise I will learn more than one word..... 'beer' would be useful
  14. What I would like to know... if it was your boyfriends mum who told you about caching.... Does your boyfriend cache... or now you are hooked.... is this going to be your first argument as he does not like caching !
  15. Try Slytherin..... Although he is in the states he will provide (also he has a contact in the UK !)
  16. I was looking for a nice place to pop one of my boxes, when tucked into some bridge supports, I found another tupperware box. Inside was a packet of white power and some drug equipment ! Bugger It was a nice hidyhole as well !
  17. Can I please ask why I want to always post pictures of London Buses and I quote 'It should look something like this'
  18. Hello Bored in China ! Is that simular to Sleepless in Seattle ! Who are you communicating too across the world, which will end in a romantic involvement ! LOL ! Best Wishes R (HH)
  19. The one who has taken his trousers off looking for a plastic box ! See this cache log !
  20. No prob Dam (lost the second half of my email message !) LOL !
  21. Had a wander around Asda today and at one of the ends of the shelves they had a £1 shelf.... 260 assorted screws in a box ! Assorted pack of 6 tools ! etc etc great value for money. Just stacked up an ammo box for a new cache I am just about to release and I must admit myself it looks fab ! So awaiting all the tac that will be in there in a few weeks ! But at the end of the day, it has not cost me much !
  22. I had my pda in my pocket and squeezed through a fence, only to hear a crack ! Result smashed screen. Contacted the house insurance, and they supplied a replacement (same model) free of charge with a £25 excess within 7 days ! Not quite the same but close ! Still have the smashed one, they never asked for it back !
  23. Brilliant... just what I wanted...... Thanks
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