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  1. Hi I have a Garmin HCX 530. I really think it would be cool to have a reliable solar charger for those long hikes. Any ideas where I could get one. furglasses
  2. As far as what you could do.. Nothing you could do. As far as calling a bum a bum. what the hell else would you call him. Is bum not a word anymore?? The cachers that were trying to make you feel bad need to take a good look at what there saying and realize its ludacris.. ..Sounds like its a Liberal problem they chould take to San Fransisco.
  3. I just started and one of the first things I learned is "keep looking". I dont have the most patients, but caching is actually helping me with that. Just when you think you cant look anymore keep on going.. just like a fight or somthing. It definately is 9 times out of 10 the better choice and I cant wipe the smile off my face when Im leaving..
  4. I think that is the funniest thing ever!
  5. how do I find my local network cachers.
  6. hey , where the hecks your buisness I want a T- shirt!
  7. lol, thats hilarious. Im glad its just not me.. then again it is just me. I cant seem to find anyone to cache with. Caching by myself is exciting but its always funner doing things with people as weird as I sound.
  8. Ok, Now that I have done a few caches, Im begginning to see how addictive... how does everyone feel about caching in public, by peoples houses, or thr road. Very fun and inncoent game but I feel so suspect when people see me off trails wondering in circles...lol has anyone every been approached or had any confrentations with this? let me know furglasses
  9. well the truth is it would be nice to have just in case their was ever a terrorist attack or any reason that I would need to navigate my way through the country without any other means kinda suck carrying an atlas around plus it lacks the features. paranoid geo cacher
  10. what does segment mean..
  11. I figured it out. I RE-downloaded topo 2008 and it worked...but then I couldnt get the whole u.s on the gps because I only have a 1 gig. memory card.. So I wonder were I can get a like 4 or 5 gig.
  12. Look Ive done all I can.. I cant seem to get the topo map to the gps unit. Topo-2008 ---Garmin530hcx
  13. that snake is spooky;halloween snake..
  14. well I wanted all the features. Its called convergence
  15. well I plan on geocaching at least once with it. My geography teacher introduced it to the class and said if we went on one geocach we would get extra credit... If I like it Ill keep doing it.. Also me and a buddy are going back country camping for the first time on Mt.Eagle in TN. I thought it would be nice to have if we are going to start doing that. And I went head first for all of it' features when I was reading about GPS'S.
  16. oh,, thanks quite the penny though. I found one on ebay for half that. 16 bucks.
  17. oh, yeah I guess they are. you probably think Im silly now, but I was thinking of the alkaline "brand". If there is such a thing come to think about it.. Is there a way to remove this question from the forum?
  18. when you buy an alkaline battery pack for emergencies can you use energizers instead. Its just that in the discription on the product it say it holds 4 double A alkalines but I want to use energixer I have like 500 of them.... ANY DIFFERENCE BEFORE I RUIN A 4 00 DOLLAR GARMIN 530HCX
  19. awesome...where can I get a battery pack for my model... and about how much u know what wil it cost me.$ thank you thank you..
  20. Does the Garmin 530hcx allow you to put double A's into it if th lithium runs out? Does it have an alternate power source in a pinch. I thought I read it did somewhere now I cant find it again.
  21. Thanks for all the good advice..will do. probably just saved a few bucks.
  22. Oh man thats terribe, what model? because Ive been hearing some cool stuff about the 530hcx.. not only that you can track eachothers position..
  23. so are snake extractors effective? should I buy one or is it a waste of cash and a false hope if ever bitten?..
  24. So snake extractor or no ? How are you prepared?
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