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  1. Ok - If someone was going to plant a bomb on a beach, would they put it as far away from people as possible under two giant boulders? Wouldn't be very effective. They would probably leave it in a picnic basket or something. You don't see the bomb squad being called out for every forgotten picnic basket. Sure they're going with the most cautious approach here, and maybe they have some operating rules that require them to treat all callouts with the same approach. But, using common sense again, is there a threat level at Lake Herkert that requires that sort of elevated sense of caution. I'd say not. PS - It goes without saying that Shabadu does not condone any sort of terrorist activity, or forgetting your picnic basket on a beach.
  2. Seriously, how ridiculous is this. The cache was located under a rock on the far side of a beach by a lake. Not in a highly populated area, not under city hall or the police station. And it was in a large plastic tube. Why the heck would anyone even consider planting a bomb by a lake where there's hardly any people. Common sense definately not applied in this case. Some local residents with too much time and conspiracy theories in their heads probably thought they were helping to defend the neighbourhood from the scourge of terrorism. This really ticks me off, after having served in Bosnia and Afghanistan and seen bombs and IEDs planted all over the place the idea of a bomb being planted in Hanwell is insulting. Not to mention all the commotion and inconvienience caused by both by the residents who called it in, and the RCMP in dealing with it.
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