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  1. I have not had any of the problems you are experiencing. My first suggestion for you would be to update your OS version to 10.4.11. I've personally never seen an application require that you reload other applications to get it to work properly. I've been using Bobcat for a couple of months. Currently using Bobcat ver Beta; and Mac OS X ver 10.4.11. It has worked very well. Good Luck
  2. Agree with all of the above. Personally, I wouldn't classify caching as a "game" because that implies there is competition which I don't readily see. I enjoy the challenge of the hunt and getting outside. I also love the combination of technology and nature.
  3. Here's a comparison from the Garmin website. Key differences: CSx costs more. CSx has a bigger screen. CSx weighs more. HCX has longer battery life. CSx can interface via serial or USB. HCx is USB only. CSx comes with a 64MB SD card (Mine actually came with a 128MB card). HCx no SD card included. CSx has tide tables. HCx no. CSx also has larger/more buttons. HCx is joystick operated. They are basically the same unit. I think it is more aesthetics than anything else. I love my CSx. It's a great unit. I like the layout better than the HCx. But that is personal preference. Good Luck with your decision!
  4. I've updated to 3.60/3.00 using Webupdater. Everything seems to be working well. I did have an issue installing on the first try. Through a recommendation on the board I pulled out the SD card, reset the unit and installed. No problems. I hope you get it figured out. Good Luck!
  5. Major, United States Army Currently serving in Iraq, training the Iraqi Army. I live, eat, and fight with an Iraqi Tank Battalion.
  6. I just purchased the LaCrosse 900 from Thomas Dist. last night. It comes with 8 Eneloops which are awesome. I went with the 900 based upon all of the reviews I have read here on the forums.
  7. I've been using the InvisibleShield on my 60CSx for almost a year now and I love it!! I'm in Iraq and my 60CSx is always with me. Either attached to my body armor via the belt clip or in my pocket. I've been really hard on it and the InvShield is still immaculate. Highly recommended. BTW, EXCELLENT review. Well detailed and well written.
  8. "Recent Finds" is not intended to be a list of your recently found Geocaches. Instead, think of it as your "History" in your web browser. Recent Finds are the items you have looked at on your GPSr and not necessarily the places you have physically been to. "Recent Finds" is a slightly confusing name. Pressing FIND FIND on your 60CSx lists the "last 50 items you have searched for or gone to recently." (Page 18) If you select a POI or waypoint on your 60CSx and review the detailed information about it (by pressing enter), that item will be added to the "Recent Finds" list. I cleared my recent finds list and then went to my waypoints list, selected a waypoint, and pressed enter. Then I pressed FIND FIND and that waypoint was the only one listed in the "Recent Finds" list. Hope that explains what's going on.
  9. That is pretty sad when at lest 6 Premium (Paying) Members of GC.com are having issues since July and no one from the website has responded. I guess there really is no advantage to being a paying member.
  10. JEDI-6

    Overseas 60 Csx?

    I've never used Broadway Photo. Cannot give any opinions either on them. However, given what you have described they sound shady. If possible, I'd cancel my order. I recently purchased a 60CSx from Electronics HQs. Got a great price and fast, free shipping. Although the ad states it comes with a 64MB MicroSD card, mine actually came with a 128MB card.
  11. My wife bought me the Garmin 60CSx for my birthday from Electronics HQ. Got it for $329, free shipping, and Garmin (I think) was offering a $50 rebate. Total $279 shipped. Not a bad deal. Delivery was fast. Arrived in about a week. Now I'm just waiting for it to arrive here in Iraq. Can't wait. Here is the direct link to the 60CSx at Electronics HQ.
  12. Interesting story to read! On the neutral buoyancy, if the container contained air then wouldn't the buoyancy change with the item's depth? If neutral near the surface, would have have negative buoyancy at a deeper depth. It may be on the previously-mentioned scuba bookmarks, but there's one in the Turks & Caicos Islands. The description sounds like it is inside an underwater dome at 35 feet. "The Dome" GC12BPA Yes! We attached the 12 inch PVC tube filled with air to an approx 12 x 6 x 6 building brick. The brick weighed approx 5 lbs. WE designed it so the PVC tube would float about 1 foot above the brick. Once we set it into the water, the brick wanted to sink ASAP. The PVC tube provided little "lift" for the 5 lbs brick. Before lowering the brick into the water, we should have inflated lift bags to keep it neutral buoyant. These are what salvage divers use to lift a boat from the bottom. Fill enough lift bags and even the Titanic will come up. With the lift bags in place we could have controlled the decent of the cache. Instead we ended up with a quick, "oh did you drop it". Thanks for asking. We really thought we knew what we were doing, until we got out there. We want others to learn from our errors. I've been diving for nearly 20 years. Salvage diving is a BLAST!!! Your comment "oh, did you drop it" had me in STITCHES!!!! Been there, done that. Thanks for sharing your experience with everyone else. Some great lessons learned there.
  13. I'm new to the whole Geocaching culture myself. It really sounds like it could a very fun and rewarding family activity. Reading anecdotes such as this are quite disconcerting. Geocachers are a small group. Our numbers are growing but remain a very small percentage of the population. One would think that this would create a sense of friendliness and community. Apparently, for some, this is not the case and all they have in life is to be the first to find a little trinket and build their stats on a website. I'm not sure what I would have done in your situation. Clearly, this jerk was wrong. But would it be worth it to pound him a couple of times? Probably not. However, he clearly needs a lesson in common courtesy and manners. Based on your story, you were the first to find the cache. You just stopped to say hello and chat, he ignored you and ran to the cache. That was wrong and rude. In your other story where the group told you to "stay back" while they continued to search, I do not believe they had any right to do so since they had not yet found it. At that time the hunt was on and it was a race. That could be a lot of fun trying to find it before "the other guys" so long as the hunt was not adversarial. I commend you for your consideration to the other searchers even though I do not think it was required for you to wait. Had they already found it, that would have been different. When I return from Iraq and take my family out on our first hunt together at least I'll know that not all GC's are considerate and friendly. I'll be prepared for that minority.
  14. JEDI-6

    Invisible Shield

    I just bought one for my 60CSx (Both in the mail). I have used Invisibleshield for other products (iPod, PSP) and they have worked out great. Once I get the 60CSx version, I'll let you know how it works out.
  15. Couldn't agree more, mouseful. I've gotten some really great ideas from this thread (like hemostats). When I began reading the thread I was thinking to myself "these people carry a lot of stuff just to go walk in the woods for an hour." As I pondered more it struck me that "we" (Army) usually carry three days worth of supplies no matter how long we PLAN on being out. Better to have and not need, than to need and not have. So long as you can handle the weight.
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