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  1. The look a bit like hippopotamuses, so I will guess that. Water loving too
  2. Richard Harris had a hit record which was over seven minutes long. What was its title?
  3. Who was on the throne when Guy Fawkes and his friends attacked the Houses of Parliament?
  4. Ding to mellers 318 million in 2011, compared to 190 million for the next best - Bridgestone
  5. Ipswich? Norwich? I suspect my previous guesses are incorrect, so I will go with Istanbul.
  6. I have had a similar issue with my OS maps disappearing. I use Firefox, and greasemonkey. I noticed there was a major update of Firefox a week or so ago, and I had not been able to access the OS maps since then, despite the usual restart/switch on and off etc. I have just re-installed the plug-in as in step 14 in the instructions above, when I moved to step 15 the OS maps reappeared as if by magic I wonder whether the firefox update had affected the plugin? Hope that works for you
  7. As this is a geocaching forum/quiz. I am going to guess that it was a map of the Known world.
  8. Me N u has it right, it is Otto Mann Speakers-corner have the description right, however me N u have the ding, or maybe should it be a bong?
  9. What is the former name of the area which was renamed Fitzroy in 2002?
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