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  1. I hate to 'poo poo' your idea but I just don't see it taking off, why on earth would I want to do this kind of thing when there are really great caches in Supermarket car parks that I can do while getting my shopping ? Walking, pah, it'll never take off. Why WALK to a cache when you can simply open your car door ? I just don't get it, maybe you can explain it to me. I'm currently working on a large series of nano's and film pots hidden on the roads around busy urban areas in Lancashire, that hopefully will entice more people to get out in their cars into the great outdoors where they may occasionally see great things such as Tesco, Asda, and McDonalds, further along in the wild you may also get to see awful things like grass and trees, but I will be keeping these to a bare minimum, as far as I can see what you are trying to do who will only redicule my efforts, so with much regret I'm afraid I cannot support this series although I wish you well in your (somewhat foolhardy) venture. Regards Pete
  2. Have you read his responses? They make very interesting reading I think the poor guy was a bit scared by the locals who where taking great interest in him foraging around the neighborhood. Infact and i quote, he finds the caches "not that enjoyable to do!". Well fancy that! I sympathize with the guy but i think i offered a pretty good description of what he'd be getting himself into. I think maybe he didn't 'get' what they where about. He mentions dirt and rubbish being around the caches..? And he says there where too many people about..? That's pretty much why i did them! Goldpot - I did come out unscathed thanks ! :-), I got exactly where you were coming from and what the idea was, I think what you do need to think about is though you can still take people there to the same spots without routing around in their gardens ..... by the way did you get my message about the 'cautro' cache as you haven't replied ? what I was getting at is with a little more thought ie use of magnets instead of blu tack, and fixing caches to things instead of simply pushing them into the ground these could be a decent diffrent type of series, I agree we should show people diffrent parts of the country as it isn't all rolling hills and sunny beaches in idyllic settings, but it doesn't mean we want to get covered in mud and crud (on a driveby) or be looking for a cache literally 2 feet away from somebody living room... hope you see what I mean . . .? Ps what happened to number #3 ? there's a 1-2 then 4-9... ? do you have to fight someone in a bareknuckle cage to get #3 ?
  3. [This is unbelievably annoying ! probably the one feature I use the most, all the hybrid options gone and without the zoom the mapping is pretty useless! how hard can this be to sort ? I wish they would stop messing about with it, why fix something that wasn't broken to begin with !!
  4. I found #25 in the COINBOX cache in Birmingham, England, I got captured by security whilst finding the cache and had to explain! luckily everything was ok Here is some pics of #25 with a cat, it comes into our house but it's not our cat !!!!! it seemed to like the coin ! Waht's this then ? Think I'll scratch myself on it... Meeeooowwww !
  5. Hi, Gold ones were a limited run (not limited edition) limited to 165 coins Cheers Stuart Just ordered a gold and a silver one, very worthy cause, a mate at work has got one of each and they are VERY VERY good quality !!
  6. Stark is an odd one that does have an aura about it, here's a picture that I took I think the power trail you are refering to is the Water of Leith Cache Trail. A 12 mile walk along Edinburgh's river, which you can break off from from any point and get the bus back into town. I had a bit of bother up there last month, had a DNF on both Greyfrairs Bobby and also Alexander Graham Bells birthplace, the last one we were at it at 2am in the morning! managed to do the 2 webcams along Rose St / Princes St area, I'll be back up soon to do the Arthurs Seat one's, anybody got any tips on the 2 DNF's I had? as I see people have found them since Cheers Pete
  7. My biggest one yet is 24 in a 12 mile trek, and I was pretty cream crackered after that
  8. Hi, Im pretty new to all this, and when I have entered the reading on my GPS as my home coordinates when I registered it has my coordinates registered as near to Galway in Ireland when I Live in Wigan Lancs! anyway I can't find the section on the site where I can go back in to alter this to the correct ones....? can anyone please link me to the bit on the site where I can do this please? Cheers Pete
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