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  1. I thought I would try making some custom maps again for my explorist 310, but I am missing mobilemapper office 2.7. What few links I have found are bad. Does anyone have a good link or have a copy?
  2. Garmin Etrex 20. Does everything really well and at under 200 bucks. brilliant that's the one I was looking at cool Hi. I have played with the etrex 20 which is nice, but I would recommend a refurbished oregon 450
  3. How much can you spend? I love my montana 600 especially for it's big screen, but it is still rather high priced. What are your priorities. I recommend garmins because of the free maps available.
  4. Looking for a TwoNav Aventura cheap to add to my collection.
  5. I would go with the etrex 20 at amazon. Add a cheap micro sd card from newegg and you can add all the Free topo and driving maps you want. Maps do help. I have an explorist 310 for backup and it is ok, but if you want to go cheap go for the explorist gc.
  6. Hi Take a look at this topic http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=292070&st=0&p=5097497&hl=magellan%20310%20conversion&fromsearch=1entry5097497 There are some cheap topo maps available at Maps 4 Me http://www.maps4me.net/index.php?language=en or if you need a small and old sample from the USA I could send you one
  7. I would suggest the etrex 20 they have for 159.99 at Amazon because of the FREE topo and driving maps available. I have not tried one, but I like my old etrex venture hc and new montana. My magellan explorist 310 is ok (better than the 110) and the base map ain't bad, but the topo maps will cost you and you can't add driving maps.
  8. I have an explorist 310 for backup and map testing and the base map is pretty good though without topo lines. I think you would be happy with a gc at that price. Remember there is the hack for the gc detailed in this forum that enables adding maps. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=292070&st=0&p=4993939&hl=turn%20magellan%20into%20310&fromsearch=1entry4993939 There are some topo maps available fairly cheap at http://www.maps4me.net/index.php?language=en
  9. So what is your best source in NC or SE USA? The ones I find in drugstores are a bit too big
  10. Klearity, I have no idea as to how much to paid for the eXplorist 500LE, but it is a very old GPS has far as GPSrs go today and the support for it has long since past. Since the time when Magellan made the 500 they've produced a line called the Tritons and then returned to a new line of eXplorist with are the GC, 110, 310, 510, 610 and 710; but these units are totally different and support all of the new technology. There are ways to load your 500 and I've checked and GSAK does support this unit. However, for $129 you can buy and brank new eXplorist 110 that is simple and easy and supports routes, tracks, waypoints and up to 500 geocaches and has a simple basemap. You can also step up to the GC for 126 (Amazon) with support 10,000 Geocaches, but it built only for Geocaching. I you want a full features little hand held you have look at the eXplorist 310 for $170 (Amazon) which is simple to use and all of the features of a higher end GPS including routes, track, waypoints and hold upto 10,000 Geocaching as well as having a limited capability to support additional downloaded custom maps. And, of course if you want to go into the higher end you can look at the 510, 610 and 710. I would recommend taking a look at GSAK and see if it will work for you - if not, you might consider checking out a newer GPS. David Magellan Insider The explorist 310 does routes? Not by streets right.
  11. Maybe a local geocacher with a laptop could help you out. I do believe the geomate jr can be loaded with up with quite a lot of caches. If I was near by I would gladly set you up for the price of a soda. Good way to meet some good people too.
  12. An idea strikes me. Magellans 310 and lower getting routeable
  13. Sorry to say that no there is not. Now people have been able to upgrade the GC so you can add topo maps like a 310. I doubt if anyone can give it the routeable ability of a 510, but who knows.
  14. I would suggest a Montana 600 and free topo and driving maps unless you have to have a camera. Don't buy the T after it models. The GPSFileDepot maps I have used are just as good or better. More info on Montanas and map choices here http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=294623
  15. Stick with it and enjoy paperless. "The owners book is absolutely worthless" Par for the course for all of them. Too cheap to pay tech writers and print what they say. "I still don't know how to get found caches off of it". Give Garmin HELL about that and maybe they will finally fix that so I can do that;)
  16. I could use a used one to test out some of my maps on magellans, but the fools on ebay want more than the retail price!!?? Good luck! Anyone out there tired of theirs. I would be glad to help you out with maps for a garmin or a different magellan eventually.
  17. Wondering about the best deals on bison tubes in bulk? thanks
  18. Glad to see it is working out well. Did you ever get any useable maps out of mobac? Let me know if you have any questions about the profiles or anything. Be sure to send me a picture. The seller
  19. You may have used the Lacrosse 2600 mah batteries before. I was wondering how may hours you would expect. The batteries are not new and neither is the oregon so I am wondering.
  20. Price drop. $110 Let me know around where you live for specials.
  21. It runs fine. As I said I am selling it because I got a montana. The screen is a big improvement over the 400 and is bigger and has a higher resolution than the new etrex models.
  22. Hi. My big deal is the screen size for my older eyes. Let me know if you are interested in a used oregon 450 with driving and topo maps
  23. Hi. It is the 450 not the 450t. I can put some topo maps for Canada on it. I am selling it because I got a montana.
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