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  1. Great job NB! Thanks for your great caches too!
  2. I got out to a quick start with the first two, but I got stumped on Charlie and will have to take at least one reality day before I can get out again - NB44 hides are tough and I suspect that Charlie is especially wicked...
  3. Great work TwoCat! You've made some tough finds in your first 200 and have created several challenging hides too!
  4. Great job eKitt10! Many great hides and still time to find 500 - well done
  5. Great job T32! That's a very fast 500, and most all of them difficult too...
  6. Great Job Avroair! I can still smell the muck on my boots from Melvin's one week later... a hard-earned milestone for you.
  7. Thanks all! Loved Melvin's and look forward to doing many more Swamp caches.
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