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  1. Hi, i have ordered some coins, can i get Number 666 ???? maybe, i hope so ?????
  2. Hi, i have ordered and paypaled already, thanks good job.
  3. Hi, i have got the coins yesterday, very nice coins thanks for it.
  4. I have a look for a MIDWEST GEOBASH COIN. I would trade for a other coin, i have some in stock. let me know via PM everybody have one for trade. thanks Darth_Maul_3
  5. I wouldn't be about to attend the event, but I would take a couple from this coins
  6. CONGRATULATIONS Boo for your 500. Hope you can remember to me, Geocacher get together Event in Watford Greetings from Germany and happy caching
  7. CONGRATULATIONS ALIBAGS for your 500. Hope you can remember to me You are really the biggest jeep hunter in UK Greetings from Germany and happy caching
  8. Put me down for 10 please.
  9. Hi, everybody interessted to trade a moun10bikecoin or geowoodstock III Coin for a new german Geocoin GOLD EDITION or SILVER EDITION. http://www.soft-media.de/shopc21829/produc...products_id=273 http://www.soft-media.de/shopc21829/produc...products_id=272 Let me know, if like to change I have the Coins in Stock.
  10. Thanks for this wonderful Coin, i have paypaled already, hope i get soon.
  11. I would like 3 coins if possible, i can pay via paypal, you know the shipping cost to Germany, let me know how much, so i pay the coins.
  12. Hi, i would take some coins too, if you manufacture new coins. I think if the new coins are trackable to geocaching.com this is a special bonus for every coin, and the 1500 coins are faster gone. Let me know if i can order some coins ;-) happy hunting Darth_Maul_3
  13. Hi, i think you have some problem with the tracking number or the activation Code !!! I hope i have the answer. If in the code a 7,8,9,0, or M,N,O,P I think that´s the problem try it change 0 to O than i think work correct. Hope i can help you, let me know. cu Darth_Maul_3
  14. I have a look for a white jeep ungrabbed which one can travel together with the Power Pack. Link Below: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=156094 Don´t worry, i´m from Germany, but the Power Pack will go to California.
  15. I Just paypaled for 5 Bronze Thanks Darth_Maul_3
  16. Hello ribel, this event is over 400km fron london city, i think is a long distance for a few hour´s, sorry. Is this not possible for somebody organize a event near london ???? 4 more persons are sure: Darth_Maul_3 DB-Keks tata_geko Schatzpirat cu Darth_Maul_3 from germany
  17. Hello guys, i have a question: Four german guys will travel to UK from 20-23 January 2005 for a litte caching tour. We plan a event cache on Saturday the 22 January outside from London maybe for change travel bugs, coins and Jeeps with one we bring from germany. Is it possible everybody, you can check a location for me in the north west from london maybe 5-10 km from the city ????. If possible you can send me the Kords from a Restaurant or bar and the Name there we can meet us. The event will start at 7 p.m.. Thank you Roland aka Darth_Maul_3
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