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  1. I have 3 x 2Gb SanDisk MicroSD cards Card A: Gives power off issue and gives periodic hangs. Made in China. Card B: Gives power off issue but no hangs during limited testing. Made in China. Card C: Work perfectly. Made in Taiwan. I read on another discussion group that reformatting the card solves many of these problems. Has anyone tried this to confirm whether any of these 3.90 card-related problems are solved by reformatting?
  2. Actual tests with 60csx running continuously with screen illumination constantly on at 50% brightness and NiMH batteries: Powerex 2700--12 hours Sanyo 2500--11 hours Accupower 2900--11 1/2 hours Any low self discharge batteries rated 2000-2300 mAh--10 hours Of course, low self discharge batteries have the advantage if the batteries are used more than a few days after they are charged.
  3. sma12, I have a GPSMAP 76CSx which I think is the same as yours for menus. If I do find/addresses it already knows I'm in Oregon so it doesn't bring up the field "enter region". My choices are enter City, number & street name. I have the same CNNA you do loaded on a 4GB card in its entirety. I've been looking through the book & all of my menus on the GPS & can't see how I told the gps I'm in Oregon. Is it when I registered the GPS? I'll look some more but can't see at the moment. Maybe this will help jog your thinking. I don't think it's how much you load on the card. Good luck. On experimenting with smaller map sets that work correctly, I think that the GPSr defaults to the region that it finds itself in, if that segment is loaded on the card. If not, then it just shows "Enter Region" and you have to press enter and pick from the list. When I have all of NA loaded, I get no default and no list. But thanks for checking. The fact that it works for you suggests to me that there may just be something wrong with this load of the map set. I'll try reloading it and see if that helps.
  4. I have City Navigator North America 2008 (not NT) loaded in its entirety onto a 2GB card. If I try to Find->Addresses, the "Enter Region" field is unpopulated ("None Found") and I can't make a selection. The "Enter City" field has a list of what I assume to be all of the cities in North America, which I can scroll through and select from (very tedious if the city doesn't start with "A"). However, if try to enter even one letter to narrow the search, I again get "None Found." If I load a smaller piece of CN NA 2008, say just a few states, the Find->Addresses works fine, allowing me to specify the state in the "Enter Region" field and enter characters to restrict the search for "Enter City." Am I running up against a known bug that occurs when the data set gets too large for the 60Csx to search or are other people able to get Find->Addresses to work when all of CN NA 2008 is loaded at one time?
  5. I notice that there seems to be duplication of the trails in the Grand Canyon (South Kaibab trail, for example). There is one that matches the usual grey line used to represent trails and another, offset a bit and a slightly different route, that is a wide white line that I would normally associate with a road. If I put the pointer over the grey line, I get the trail name. If I put the pointer over the wide white line, it says "alley." Are these really both supposed to be there?
  6. I don't know that it's necessary for every Mac user to chime in here in a show of numbers; but I am annoyed by the claim that the Mac market is too insignificant to be worth bothering about. The market share numbers that are generally quoted are heavily biased by business sales. In your target consumer market of recreational enthusiasts, there is disproportionate Mac usage.
  7. Problem solved!! Thanks to all who helped. Thanks also to Cypher man, who offered help via email; I figured out the answer trying to respond to him. I download from Seamless using Safari on a Mac. The file from Seamless unzips to a folder with a .tif file in it, "42796125\42796125.tif" for example. When I copy this to XP for processing, the file name shows up as "4279612542796125.tif", so I didn't notice anything odd. But apparently the backslash is still there, it just doesn't echo. This must look like a directory\filename to XP, which of course it doesn't find, and hence the error. If, on the Mac side, I just rename the .tif file to something without a backslash, it loads into Dem2Topo just fine. Since people have generally not complained about this problem, I'm guessing that the file names must unzip differently in XP than they do on the Mac.
  8. Yes, I decompress the .zip file and use the .tif file in the resulting folder.
  9. Yes, IDL is installed and dem2topo is running just fine with Canadian .dem files from the GeoBase web site. It also runs fine with .tif files created by 3dem from SDTS files. I just can't get it to work with the .tif files from USGS SDDS. I have tried downloading many different times from SDDS, always with the same problem.
  10. I have been trying to create according to the instructions from this forum here: Instructrions for Creating Topo Maps Following the instructions, I go to SDDS and download a small "National Elevation Dataset (NED) 1/3 Arc Second" GeoTIFF file. When I try to load this into Dem2Topo, I get an "Error encountered processing XXXX.tif" message. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to convert the GeoTIFF from SDDS to some other format for Dem2Topo to read it?
  11. I have been trying to use this method of creating Topo maps. I successfully download the GeoTIFF file from the SEAMLESS server according to the instructions (just a small file for test purposes) but when I try to load it into DEM2TOPO it says that there is an "Error in processing" and asks if I want to continue. I can click continue but DEM2TOPO does not create an .mp file. I'm using the latest version of DEM2TOPO--2.9. What am I doing wrong?
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