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  1. Are there any plans to show Ad Labs on the main website map, just as they appear on the official app and Cachly? I can't see why they aren't shown on it.
  2. It can be annoying to have locations in a set order but one of mine is along a river and the set order means you have something to do on the way back after collecting the bonus. There are no other caches along that stretch.
  3. AL locations now appear on Cachly and even the far less useful official app, but NOT on the website map. Is this something that will change?
  4. On one of mine location it appears at on the map is for free parking.
  5. While it is helpful to have updated coords shown on the map, could the cache icon colour reflect that of the cache type? IE orange for a multi, different shades of blue for a letterbox/Wherigo etc.
  6. Thanks Jim, I didn't have a clue so I just copied and overwrote the script and checked a couple of caches. The OS map and blue line are both back in the minimap. Cheers
  7. I use GME in Firefox with Greasemonkey and can't see how to update the script to show OS maps in the mini map. If I can update it will it also show the line from the original coords to the new ones?
  8. It's amazing that something like this possible but we have just had to buy a wifi extender to improve the signal upstairs in our house.
  9. Any ideas whether GME and the Project GC extensions work on a Chromebook, either in Chrome or Firefox? My Windows laptop is getting slow and I don't need a DVD drive so I am looking into other options.
  10. Is anything being done to address the issue of armchair logging of ALs? Some people are clearly getting round the fact that geocaching is supposed to get you outside by spoofing their location on (usually) Android devices and completing them from home with the help of someone who has done it properly and the posted the answers online. Some of these cheaters even have ALs of their own and appear fine with others cheating to complete them. Is there a way of preventing the app from working if a GPS spoofing app is also running?
  11. Bonus caches aren't always Mysteries though, are they? My AL Bonus is a Letterbox Hybrid...
  12. Thanks, that's fixed it until the next time it goes. I've never had issues with it before so it must be something in the update.
  13. Nothing happens when I left-click on GME from the drop-down but if I right-click and open in a new tab or window the Map Source window appears for about half a second and then disappears again.
  14. I know what to do but as I said above I can't select it. Is there another way to paste the Bing key?
  15. Using Firefox my OS maps have disappeared and I can't select the config icon to paste the Bing key back in so I'm stuck with OSM . Using Chrome I don't even have the options menu in the bottom left corner.
  16. Yes. I tried it today on a Chirp I have found before. All three apps searched but couldn't find anything, so I know it's some sort of hardware issue now rather than one with the Chirp I can't find. I just need to work out what the problem is. Or try a different phone.
  17. I have been trying to use a Google Pixel 2 with Ant+ adapter and USB OTG cable. Something is happening (using THREE different apps) as it will search but doesn't find anything. Short of going to try it on a Chirp cache I have already found so as to rule out a problem with the phone/attachments, is there any other way of working out what the issue is?
  18. That would explain it. I always thought it was part of GME as I expected the Project-GC extension to be just a link to the dashboard. I have both installed so that makes sense.
  19. It's back. I've found a cache with some image data that's just a trad as an example.
  20. Previously, where location data was present, it displayed automatically under the small image in the gallery. I didn't have to download the images or right-click to see it and I don't remember downloading a script for it.
  21. I have relented and installed Firefox, Greasemonkey and GME. Everything works except the location data on gallery images, which is missing where it used to be present. I have no idea how I activated it before, or whether it will work after GS's map updates from last year. The main thing is the return of the OS maps, even if I can't use Chrome.
  22. Is this still possible? I reset my laptop yesterday as it was so slow and now I don't seem able to get the OS maps back. I have put Chrome back on and installed TamperMonkey and GME. Thunderforest maps etc are there but there is no gear icon and as I am by no means an IT expert I have no idea if there is a way round it.
  23. I think I’ve sorted it. I don’t know what I did but I went to the same zone again, tried it a couple of times and it seems to be saving properly ?
  24. I downloaded it to my iPhone and tested one zone today. It triggered ok as I entered the zone but didn't save for some reason, so when I restart the app the zone is still showing as not having been visited.
  25. Thanks for your help. I've tested it a few times in the emulator and it works just as I wanted, so now I need to test it in the field.
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