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  1. Tried my android phone, Windows 10, Windows 7. Same here. Hope they get it fixed....leaving on a two week trip this weekend!!!!!
  2. I get A map on the right but not the right one, it's usually the one for the Seattle area, and see on the left where the list should be but no routes show up after I have clicked on upload. My progress bar shows it's working on it then it says it's "done" on the bottom left of the browser but no file shows up?
  3. I just tried the caches along a route the other day before we left on vacation and couldn't get it to work. I went to Google and created a .KML file, then "browsed" for it on my drive, then told it to upload but nothing ever shows up as being uploaded? I usually use MSN expolorer and thought it might be an issue with that since there have been wierd things like that before so I tried IE7 and get the same results: no results! Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  4. drames


    I just recently saw some caches that people had visited that had some neet stickers they put in the log rather than actually writing in the log. They just had to circle the date, weather condition, etc. Then they had their name already on it and a place to put what they took/left. Does anyone know where you can get these or did they make them up themselves?
  5. OK..... I'll just remember to widen my search area a little more if it's not where my unit say's it should be. Thanks for the info.
  6. I recently was looking for a cache out in the desert/sagebrush found in my area. I looked and looked but was having no luck at all. I looked in a circle with a radius of about 30'. I was about to give up when I decided to follow part of the cacher's description of it being in line with 2 different posts. I finally found it and my GPS (Magellan Meridian Platinum) showed I was off the mark by 69'! I sat for awhile letting it average but it didn't change significantly. Is this much error normal? I've been 10 to 15' off before but never this far.
  7. I agree!!!! UTM is a lot easier to use than Lat/Lon. I belong to a county Search and Rescue unit and all the training we have had and practice we do is in UTM. I do have a question though...... I have gsak and when I do a query and download the data, all I get is the Lat/Lon info, the UTM info isn't there like it is when you look at the cache info online. Any way to get that other than running a conversion program?
  8. Hey thanks guy's ..... I appreciate the help and suggestions! It works the way you described. I'll get SP2 downloaded and tehn I should REALLY be set (barring any bugs from THAT!)
  9. Answered my own question!!!!! For some reason using MSN 8 for my internet access is the problem. When I go back and use my old IE it downloads the way it should (geocaching.loc). Thanks anyway!
  10. I have a meridian platinum and wanted to download the waypoints to it. I have both EasyGPS and GSAK on my computer. The problem is when I mark the caches that I want to download then tell it to download, it says it's downloading a file called "nearest.aspx"? What is the aspx extension for? And what am I supposed to do with it? I thought it downloaded in the .loc format? HELP!
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