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  1. :-) Yahoooooooo! The eBay purchase paid off. After a software update from the Garmin site, my $5.50 ($10.50 w/ shipping) cable for my inherited GPS 12 actually works! I got 203 waypoints downloaded from GSAK (since I have not yet mastered the whole "filter" thing in GSAK....) It will not work to download a waypoint directly from the cache page, but when I checked that FAQ, it said it was for USB devices. Oh, well.....whehn I get a "real" GPSr. Now I need a better system to organize my files in GPXSonar.....any ideas other than re-naming the folders by city or area prior to loading them onto a pda? Thanks.
  2. [*]New still-in-package items from a dollar store Found an awesome small rubber chicken today at Dollar Tree. I am also a newbie and have only found micros so far. I look forward to the mosquitoes leaving so I can get to some caches that are big enough for items. Thanks for the lists, oh wise and experienced geocachers.
  3. The only real problem with the older GPS is the serial interface for it. Also it is an older, slower unit at just about everything. I think you may find that you want a newer unit after you find a few dozen caches. Might wait to see how much you like geocaching and better spend the money on a newer unit. I use a Dell Axim with Pocket Queries and a free program called GPXSonar that lets you view cache page details out in the field very similar to what you see online. Be sure to get a good case for the Axim as they don't work so good sitting in a mud puddle after slipping out of your pocket. Be sure to spend the $30 for year of Premium membership as that gives you access to the best tools. I just spent some time upgrading to premium and now have GPXSonar up and running on the Axim. I got GSAK as well and am muddling thru that. Do you use GSAK or just page thru the file names in the GPX program? I need to check the back of the computer to see if there is a serial interface. I do need to see how much seeking we actually do before spending $$ on a zippier unit Thanks to all for speedy replies!
  4. My trusty pup and I made our first find this am. I am using an old Garmin GPS 12 that belonged to my Dad. Does anyone know if it is worth obtaining the data cable for this antique? There is one on eBay, but I do not want the hassle if it will not function with Windows XP. I'm also avidly reading the boards about paperless caching. I have a Dell Axim and an old Handspring visor. Any thoughts there? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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