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  1. This is for Samsung Tab 2 7" to Garmin 550. I could not get the pocket query onto the gps. Turns out that even if you uncheck the 'zip' option on the query request, it comes in a zip file. However if you make the query 500 or less caches, the email will come with the file unzipped. The tablet recognizes the gps no problem but the zip files are useless. I tried an unzip app and it didn't help - the gps still didn't recognize the file. By reducing the query to 500 or less I just sent the emailed file to the gpx folder on the gps and all is well. I don't know what GC is up to by zipping the files but it had me flummoxed (when was the last time you saw that word) for about 3 hours trying to find the workaround. BTW, even if you reduce the file size, the direct download comes zipped - you have to use the emailed file.
  2. I beg to differ a bit. I love the geocaching dashboard. But, I use the compass page with the small data fields for navigating to other waypoints. Also if you have topo, disable the shading function unless you need it in harsh terrain - it slows the write speed severely if you're going at any speed. At a walk it's fine.
  3. Hasn't bit me yet at any firmware level. Is there a particular profile or config where this becomes an issue? I never use mine for road routing, FWIW. My "Guidance Method" has never moved from my original "Off Road" setting, and my "Lock on Road" has always held at my "No" setting. No exceptions. Just checked mine. Still no prob with the 'locked on road' thingy. I used road nav yesterday and all is still well.
  4. That 'lock on road' thing got me in a jam a couple of time. Sheesh. Did the 5.2 update yesterday and all is well so far. Boots in seconds. Hope it stays that way.
  5. LS has acknowledged that the broadcasts would distrupt GPS navigation esp below 2000' for airborne navigation and will have to shift the freq. range for their product but then everything should be okey dokey. It then went on to complain the the rest of the gps based industry got to build their base on free infrastructure and 'you guys are a bunch of meanies'. Duh. Watch your wallet around these guys. Read the article at Aviation Week Aviation Now magazine on line. http://www.aviationweek.com
  6. Funny thing - my sister in law had a 60 csx and moved to the 450T. Do what feels good. The accuracy debate is a tempest in a teapot. Accuracy goes to the lowest common denominator. The best accuracy on a hunt is immaterial if the hide was badly done. A buddy (he with a Mag 610) and I (G550) did 5 caches the other day, all placed with a Mag 500 (I think). My buddy and I had almost all the caches off by 45 feet in exactly the same area.
  7. The Garmin beta's can have their hiccups and quirks but none have been catastrophic and sometimes have significant improvements you can have while waiting for the full releases. I wait for the 'really brave souls' to have the first look. If it doesn't cause them to yell 'boogah boogah!!' I give it a try.
  8. Yep. Drag them both into the gpx folder on the gps. The wpt file has whatever extras the cache ownber has added like trailhead and parking spots. When you get new PQ, whick you should get regularly to prevent hunting for archived caches, just drag them into the same folder and the old ones will be over written. You can also get the PQ files from the second tab (PQ available to download)on your PQ page I`m not sure what is going on with your PQ. You can get 5 PQ`s a day but the same PQ only 1 time a day. Where did you get 3 days. You really should find and read the Garmin x50 wiki - lots of info there. cheers This gps does aLOT of stuff - you`re gonna love it too.
  9. I see you are a premium member. Build a pocket query for your area. Open a window (PC) to your gps in the gpx folder. All you do then is drag the pocket query file into the gpx folder on your gps and bingo - it's all there. Very slick. I don't use Basecamp at all. Otherwise you could send each gpx file from the cache page to your gps which is tedious. I'm loving the 550. Good luck.
  10. [One thing I didn't mention was that after the install, selecting a cache froze the screen so I powered down and tried again. Maybe I just wasn't waiting long enough. In any case, I did a master reset and everything is hunky dory.
  11. Installed it first thing the the mighty 550 this AM. 15 finds on a great, sunny day, no dnfs. All seems OK so far.
  12. By policy (ie gunshy) they don't comment on expected release times but I quote "Trust me, it's coming soon".
  13. Sent off a note to Garmin this AM and within 30 minutes I got a reply saying the issue has been fixed in the next release. I am asking them when that will be.
  14. Yup. Finally got together with a 450 owner and the connection doesn't work. I can talk to my chirp but sending or recieving from another unit fails at 33%. meh - noth thrilled but I've had worse problems in life. OK Garmin get it together and fix stuff.
  15. Yup - my chirp works fine, I sent both caches and waypoints to make sure it was working. Nobody around me has a gps with the wireless function so I haven't tested the transfer between units. So that's obviously not a big deal to me. Waypoint handling - no prob. I don't use birdseye so no info there either. I've been rooting around trying to provoke problems without result. If I had to say anything, it's working better than ever. But maybe I just haven't looked in the right place. Since the update I've done a couple dozen caches and all is well (so far, touch wood). Best of luck to those having issues. I know it is immensely frustrating.
  16. This is confusing. The .45 beta has worked flawlessly for me on my 550 except for initially having to do a master reset to get the streets to show properly. No other issues at all that I've seen. From the complaining going on, it makes me wonder what is common to the problems you are having. Is anybody else, besides me, having no problem? I didn't install the early December beta and went straight to the middle Dec beta. Could that have something to do with it? Curiouser and curiouser said Alice.
  17. Just checked to see if my 550 had a problem with chirp detect and communication. I have a chirp and turned on the detect - no problem that I can see.
  18. One thing I did discover today - my Canada Topo maps showed the caches, road names, railways and all just fine but - no roads. Had to do a hard reset and all seems well now. Had me worried for a minute there.
  19. Quick, easy install on a 550. Seems to be running fine. Locked on inside my hotel room. Don't think it used to do that. One thing seems to have changed - I was getting strange battery life indications. Full batteries would show to be depleted way early. I reinstalled semi-used batts and they are showing more reasonable capacity.
  20. Yes, there are a lot of nice folks in Geocaching. You have had a tough row to hoe, so I hope you find companions here to help you move on. Watch for local caching events. I think you made a good choice with the 450. Very talented unit. Make sure you get the software/firmware updates from Garmin. You're going to have alot of fun. Take care.
  21. I have an old 60c that is similar to use as a 62. I liked it - reliable and tough. Labels wore off the buttons after a couple thousand caches but by then I didn't need the labels (hell. I didn't even need light - it became inutitive) But now I have the 550. I love it. True - the 62 has the quad helix ant. but from all I've heard, it's a tempest in a teapot. My 550 lockon is superb. Touch screen is great but fussy with gloves on. And it is tough. I took a bad fall with it in my hand - I ended up in the emerg room. It was fine. 'Nuff said. Get them in your hand. Pick one you like. They are both great.
  22. Game, set and match to you. My buddy drilled down and found the folder for the pics in the GC. He said the Vantagepoint process was so quick and unobtrusive he didn't realise it was storing the images. Hmph, there ya go. Thank you, Steve, for the answer. The whole answer. Now I can go back to ignoring GSAK. I'm a drag and drop sorta guy. PS- yeah - I already got him a couple times on the compass thing but then he wave his arm and goes "150 bucks". I still love the 550 tho.
  23. Hngnnn. I'm aware of the math. Believe me, I don't get it either. But there is NO OTHER PROCESS. He gets the tiny PQ file from the PQ page and drags it onto the GPX folder on the GC. Somehow, someway this thing is clever and this tiny little cheap GPS is smoking me and it's annoying. NEXT!
  24. Yeah, your friend is wrong. GPX files do not carry pictures. Period. Well, that's not an answer. I've given you the file size, the equipment, the process - how is he getting pics from a 327 kb file? Don't tell me (again) he's not - he is. Dig a little deeper and see if you can find out what's happening here. Jeez, Sheldon. Any Mag GC users here that can weigh in on this?
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