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  1. Try here for Bay area Cachers When you find a cache in your area that is quiet old, contact the owner and ask if there is is a local group. It is very likely that there is and you would be able to meet the people whose signatures you find on cache logs.
  2. I really do not know what satisfaction a person derives from lying about a geocache find. I was recently confronted about logging to local caches. One I did not sign log because of muggles looking at(did not want to compromise geocache), the second was temporarily disable, but owner told me it was there, so I went for it. I was told it was not a valid find even though I found the log that was a wad of wet paper. I am staying away from caches placed by this cacher at least until my anger subsides.
  3. I think that word organization has negative connotation. Geocaching is a cool tech game, and (in my opinion) an "organization" would take the fun out of it. That doesn't mean that set up a local informal geocaching group, they are fun. You can put together small events to get to know local cachers, the gathering may grow, more organized with time and eventually you may get your organization. I would suggests to start small and go from there. Good Luck
  4. CVC TAG!!! should stay just the way it is. I found a couple times and it is like find it a whole new cache. LONG LIVE CVC TAG!!!
  5. Just wanted to vent a bit. I had two caches muggled, and two more had to be archived or disabled. For those who have partial Coordinates for Pirates of the San Joaquin River, they are no good anymore.
  6. Usually do not cruise the forums a whole lot. But today, I noticed a new cacher; Welcome Wlfpkrcn. Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place... But I'm new and live in Valley Springs (on the weekends)
  7. Off topic but today while placing a cache I came to an area where it seems some one has camped in the past. There was a huge teepee-like structure. On a big oak tree there remains of tree house. There was even an outhouse structure with a door. Ron Streeter came to my mind when I saw this area. Someone mentioned once about a geocache site near a homeless encampment. I wish Ron would come back to active caching. I would like to see what he's got left.
  8. I tried to find warhrse's 7th cache today, no luck. The area is really starting to show signs of geocachers in the area. branches broken, rocks turned over, plants trampled. I thought we where supposed to tread lightly. Anyway I was hiding one of the many caches I have been meaning to release into the wild.
  9. by using google earth You might be able to find warhorses 7th caches now. As we all know we can not do it with a GPS. check out the gps garage sale forum here too. As a matter of fact I will be giving warhrse's 7th cache one more try since I wil be hiding a cache close to that location.
  10. Does any one out there have an old GPSr that I could buy? mine broke and I have been caching without one, and it is double the work. I have had to expand my searches by over 50 feet.
  11. I was Just wondering if bullets are items that should be in a Cache. A couple of days ago I dropped by View to a Cure by WolfGrrl to discover a Geocoin. The coin was gone, But instead I found three bullets. I did not think that they belonged there so I took them and disposed of them. Can someone tell me If I did acted out of line?
  12. I was just wondering when we will have a gathering. I am new, and I have not got to meet the area's cachers. I have met and cached with NascarFam, briefly met Wolfgrrl, and said hi to Sharkzbyte. I also met the Rowdyclan at one of Wolfgrrl's Caches. So it would be nice to meet all of you, well when stops raining. Oh I also have a new and would like know if any one is working on it. GC184B9.
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