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  1. is everyone having trouble with satellite reception the last few days or is it just me in Tucson with my 2 Garmins?
  2. Thanks to all! Off I go into cyberland! Wish me luck.
  3. GSAK does not run on Apple. Is there any way or any software to get my found caches to be listed on my Apple?
  4. The answer to all this is to properly install another browser, IE or Firefox. Here's what I got from Garmin: Thank you for contacting Garmin International. I will be happy to further assist you. Microsoftw Edge is the name of the Windows 10 browser and is most likely set as your default browser. This is not compatible with Garmin Communicator Plugin (CPI). You will need to use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. I have provided a link to help you with the Communicator Plugin. Please note that if you need to download the CPI, it will take you back to the test page, but it may take you to the Edge browser if it is set as your default. You would need to reopen Internet Explorer and go to the test page using this browser. Why isn't the Garmin Communicator Plugin detected in my browser after installing it? http://support.garmin.com/support/searchSupport/simpleCase.htm?caseId={5a6a7780-f7f2-11e3-c98c-000000000000}&kbName=garmin Please let us know if you need further assistance. With Best Regards, Kathy Customer Care - Software Team Garmin International 913-397-8200 800-800-1020 913-440-8280 (fax) Att: Kathy 8994754 www.garmin.com
  5. I can't speak for anybody else, but whether I eventually upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 will have absolutely nothing to do with the "Send to GPS" thing or, for that matter, anything to do with geocaching. I can think of a thousand other factors that will be a lot more important to me. And "some one responsible" would not be Groundspeak. The browser plug-ins that handle the "Send to GPS" function were written by the GPS unit manufacturers, and they're the ones that would need to resolve any problems. --Larry One of my friends talked with Garmin and they replied that they could not help him. Not their problem. If they would have said that to me they woiuld have gotten an earful. Its somebodys problem so lets get it fixed.
  6. I'm not a tech, so here is what I did. In Windows 10, go to top right menu button, click options, it will tell you what your default is. I thought I had re-set to IE, but nope. So down to window in bottom left, settings, system, default apps, web browser, select one, finish. It is a longer process but evidently the quick little click click in Control Panel no longer works. So it's really a two step process to re-set to IE or Firefox or whoever. We mainly geocache, and those are the two best browsers for that. But that's just us.
  7. This is the problem that started this string! See my Aug 6 entry for answer. You have edge as your default browser and that is the problem. Change all defaults to IE.
  8. A tech at Garmin provided the answer -- Edge does not like Garmin Communicator -- when you go to Communicator, it sends back to you -- but if you just installed Windows 10, your default browser is Edge! Won't work. So...I changed every default browser setting I could find to Firefox and it all works great! Thanks to all who gave this a shot!
  9. Thanks for the info and there is my problem -- I have that set up. On a cache page, I hit the send button and get the pop-up where I select Garmin. Then I get a message that Garmin Communicator is not plugged in and to click here for a download and install. So I click that and first get a quick flash that says I have current version of Garmin Communicator. But that is quickly overwritten by a pop up that says "Firefox no longer supports this plug in." And that is a dead end. I guess I need to go to the ol' computer repair next week.
  10. Garmin Express is installed and still won't go.
  11. Oops! I should have mentioned I have a Garmin gps -- and Firefox does not support Garmin Communicator!
  12. I just upgraded to Windows 10 and now geocaching will not "send to my gps." Anyone have similar or solution? Thanks
  13. I just upgraded to Windows 10 and now cannot "send to my gps." Did you have to make any changes to be able to do that? It used to work fine before Microsoft "improved" it!
  14. Excellent! Thank you -- they are trying it right now!
  15. We've started a friend on geocaching, but he cannot set up an account -- his email is in "q.com" and the message comes back for invalid email address. This rings a bell but I cannot find anything on it. How can he register? (qwest.com does not work)
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