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  1. I have an issue with the new update - when geocaching with the new update, using the pointer screen while navigating to a cache, the distance changes every two minutes or worse. It makes caching nearly impossible!
  2. thank you Dragon flys - I had seen those by searching through the map, but I was not sure where the boat docked! Thanks!!!!! Robbie
  3. Hello everyone. I am coming to Nova Scotia on a cruise in a few weeks, and am interested in doing a little caching during our visit. I'm looking for caches close to the pier since we won't have any transportation other than our shoes Thanks for any help you may provide!!!! Robbie from Kentucky.
  4. Actually it wouldn't be buried, simply under the surface of the ground No digging required. Robbie
  5. I have special ones I am working on, and I have a few others that are placed. One that is close to my home. One is placed on a bridge, so I took a peice of treated 2x4, and drilled out the grain end just big enough to fit a 35mm film container into.....then I cut a larger circle to fit the lit flush against the grain. My latetest ones include a pop up sprinkler.....remove the guts, and seal up the spinkler head (where the water would come out), and the bottom with silicone, and bury it. And lastly, I bought a dran you would find in the yard to drain ponding water. I took a Sheet of ABS and cut out a perfect circle to fit inside the drain top. The drain top, and ABS are both black. Then this drain fits into a coupling, with a micro in the bottom. I cut out another circle of ABS and siliconed it into the base. Note: Sorry I started the other topic, I didn't see this one I'll post pics as soon as the paint dries Robbie
  6. Anyone seen any good, unusual cache-tainers? Different from the usual ammo cans, 35mm film containers, small tins etc etc. I've built two now, but haven't had the chance to place them yet. lets hear your ideas! Robbie
  7. Hey Krissa - try www.kywilderness.com check out the forums.....I live 45 minutes or so from RRG. Robbie
  8. Hey I'll give that try! Thanks!! Robbie
  9. I posted this in the GPS software section too, but here goes again. I am looking for a Points of Interest CD......I can buy it new for $39. Thanks! Robbie rkrausen@earthlink.net
  10. The title is pretty much everything. I am looking for a Mapsource Points of Interest CD for my Venture! I can get it online for $39 with shipping......anything below that will be considered as long as the CD is in good shape! Thanks!!! Robbie rkrausen@earthlink.net
  11. I was at Walmart last night looking for a container for my new cache, and found something cool. Rubbermaid makes a 17 pint (usual size cache container) that is almost completely clear, but it has a rubber seal all the way around. I sprayed it, and tried to submerge the container, and it stayed completly dry. Just thought others might look for these while looking for a new cache container Robbie
  12. I figured it wasn't an original idea. thanks Robbie
  13. I had a sort of brain storm today when I was trying to think of a new place for a cache. What if there was a moving cache....each time the cache is found, it is moved to a different place. I guess it is sort of a travelbug, but different....this could have items to trade, as well as a log etc. Any feedback is welcome Robbie rkrausen@earthlink.net
  14. We went out on two Caches today, and both waypoints were about ten feet off.... Anything I can do to adjust this? Robbie
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