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  1. thats not true, you can use mkgmap (open source) to recreate them and not loose the routing. I would never advise to simply recreate a sinlge .img file - there are too many problems associated with this. You will loose address search however (mkgmap is not doing it 100% correct yet), but you could even make maps routable that were not routable before - this will involve editing in mp however. And with mkgmap there could be problems routing over tile borders. Mkgmap is much better when used with osm binary data, than with polish data - as it is primarily intended as a compiler for osm data (and can do a lot of stuff neither Garmin compilers nor cgpsmapper can do, like different speed on the same road depending on direction (e.g. uphill/downhill) - of course you would need to know the incline direction of the road for that).
  2. Yes. My guess is that Basecamp has the smarts to understand all allowed Mapsource maps and to choke if anything else is present. So your non-DEM Mapsource maps won't load in Basecamp but they don't choke it either. However, a third party map with unrecognized Mapsource entries causes Basecamp to error. This is all speculation on my part, I'm just reading the "tea leaves" that have been posted so far. My homebrewn maps with DEM do work. However there is still no information of how to compile your own DEM. So you have to include a DEM from a commercial Garmin map to your own. The process of doing this is however very very advanced and good description only available in Spanish. It is nice however to create your own routable mountainbiking map out of OSM data, add a DEM and then being able to show a nice profile besides your autoroute.
  3. If you could get functions like reading routes etc. from SD card would be great. Or get the filesize limit up to 4GB, or less restrive restrictions on routes/tracks ..... Even better having the etrex acknowledge two mapsets - so you could have gmapsup1.img for maps like City Navigator and local topo maps, and gmapsupp.img for maps like OSM that one often updates or topos from places you go to during the holidays.
  4. Did you have bad reception for some time? With variable elevation and autocalibration set to on, something like this could be likely to happen. The outlier could simply be the result of some really bad 3d gps positioning.
  5. Well yes you can, with horrible Performance on my Vista HCx. Tried it once, never thought about using it again. This is usefull if for an area you have no maps at all and then convert some google imagery. Too much work for too few output for me. There is MOAGU too that does the same.
  6. You can also take larger cards, but for maps you may only use 2048MB. With current prices and practically no difference between 4GB (7€) or 2GB (5€), I wouldn't see the point in buying a 2GB (plus generally 4GB SDHC are faster than 2GB SDHC).
  7. Better take ready built map from openstreetmap. Data for Germany and Austria is already pretty good, better than any commercial maps in big cities. On the countryside however only main roads are already in the dataset (except for a few exceptions where also the countryside is mapped to highest standards).
  8. When we speek about accuracy we look at the tracklogs. The Accuracy shown on the satellite page can be utter nonsense. Especially if the view is shiedeld of to one side only, or in a canyon where many reflected signals will be received. (or in a building maybe too). Then it might show 20m accuracy (normally this should be true for 95% off every single measure), but be 100-200m off. Generally if it shows Accuracy below 6-7m than the position is allways really in that range. Though with 2.80/2.80 I'm not sure anymore. My Vista never produced such bad tracks as with 2.80/2.80. I'll downgrade to 2.80/2.50 to compare with 2.70/2.50 and 2.70/2.80 (the 2.80 Firmware seems pretty buggy to me too, maybe the actual GPS-M2 Software ain't that bad at all).
  9. Sorry for telling this is no bug... It actually keeps on logging into the tracklog even if signal is lost keeping the vector you've been going before for well some time. This is definitely a bug. (it should internally for autorouting reasons do this, but not record it to the tripcomputer, or even worse put the estimated positions based on prolonging the vector into the tracklog.) I moved with around 3-4km/h into a mountain hut. The tracklog continues with this speed for about furhter 60-70m. This is definitely a bug and not a feature.
  10. Have a look at the demo version of GPSAR Pro (GPS Action Replay). This software can trace errors in your tracks (by accelleration, max velocity, etc...) and delete spikes automatically. Works great to smooth out spikes and errors of my tracklogs. Sadly the software is not freeware (it offers much more, but most is specific to GPS Speedsurfing / Speedkiting). The old gpsar freeware version does not offer this feature. see: www.gpsactionreplay.com If anyone knows of any freeware to do this too, please tell here. I only know of GPS Track Analyse.net - which can be used to trace errors, but offers no automatic deletion of errors.
  11. Well it's usefull not to loose a signal when driving through a tunnel. As long as this is not recorded on the tracklock (wasn't with older firmware at least, don't know about 2.80) I would find this acceptable for up to 2 minutes. you can see your firmware versions by pressing menu in: setup menu/ system, then "software version".
  12. I have a copy of chipset 2.60 and will share it with others who think they need it. Somehow, I don't think I will get as many requests for 2.60 as I did for 2.50. I'd also offer the following suggestion to everyone who upgrades to 2.80/2.80. Those files will download to your temporary internet folder when you run WebUpdater. Find that folder and retrieve the files - then you will have them if you want to back date to 2.80/2.80 if there are problems with the next update. so John, could you just give it a try to downgrade back from 2.80 to something else? With the appearance of a new map format (CN Europe 2009 - only compatible with mapsource 6.14.1, no more .img but something else) and the impossibility to downgrade Nuvis I'ld like to know if downgrade is still possible from 2.80. Many of you have upgraded already, so you don't risk much by just trying out wheter downgrades are still possible.....
  13. I know how to do it. BUT on Garmin Nuvis the last firmware update is NOT REVERSIBLE. I fear that the same might be true for the Vista HCx Firmware. (the chipset update.rgn 2.80 I suppose to be revervisble). So it would be good to know if going to 2.80/2.80 going back to 2.70/2.80 is indeed possible like normal or if they block this downgrade (as for Nuvis).
  14. Can someone who has already upgraded test if it is possible to downgrande from 2.80/2.80 to 2.60/2.60 or 2.60/2.50 (doesn't matter to what lower version, I just want to be sure that it's still possible to downgrade unlike on Nuvis where downgrading is blocked with newest firmwares.)
  15. The updater.exe is easy to get (either from garmin or from perrys site, also everyone that already updated should already have it, therefore I didn't upload it - there's not that much place in the profile to upload things (300kb limit for .zip files) and I didn't want to cause too much traffic. I'm wondering anyhow that it's possible for people not inscribed to the naviboard.de to download it, but hey that's even for the better. BTW: I don't see it as anything questionable to offer software that garmin once had up for download without the user being asked any liscense question unchanged. Just in case anyone might find offering this software would not be fair - everything else would be unfair to our consumer right of being able to use the best chipset software available for our hardware.
  16. @jmundiger --- are you sure you updated to 2.70/2.50??? Everyone else only has 2.30 or 2.60 available. Please upload 2.50 if you DO have it. Loads of people in different forums want to go back to 2.70/2.50 but noone has saved the file....
  17. I still have 2.50 installed, even though the Garmin software updates folder in temp still exists, it is empty. Maybe someone else is still able to find it inside!
  18. You can use 4GB in order to load 2048MB of maps (at the moment, maybe in future more is possible) - so effectively you gain about 200MB over a 2GB card (which has about 1930MB effective space after formatting - so leaving 100MB for non card things, gives you 200MB increase of Map Space) AND NO - THERE IS NO 2025 Map LIMIT on HCx or CSx units. See picture on here for 4GB card(I hope it's not only for people logged in) http://www.naviboard.de/vb/showpost.php?p=...mp;postcount=41
  19. There is definitely no 2025 map limit for 60 CSX/CX and the HCX series. The 2GB limit seems to be independant of formatting cause people with 4GB cards were able to stuff up the whole card, however only 2048MB of map data --> here is a link over to the german forum about this topic. Oh maybe 2025 Map limit exists if you load maps directly to GPS I don't know, I use a card reader and for that there is definitely no map limit. Vista HCx reference 2025 Map Limit Topic http://www.naviboard.de/vb/showthread.php?...;highlight=2025 Reference for 2GB Limit on 60CSx and 2025 map limit somewhere in that topic: http://www.naviboard.de/vb/showthread.php?...2025&page=3
  20. Just use webupdater to get newest, maybe you got old version of mapsource too? With new mapsource and new firmware there is no yet discovered map limit. (2048MB rests of course).
  21. With newer firmware there simply is no more 2025map limit. The only limit ist max 2048MB of Mapdata on 4GB SD or bigger. At least the limit is higher than 3500 (that's the max of maps I got on my Vista HCx to show up). If you find a way around the 2048MB limit, well that would be a good start.
  22. There is the program gmaptools which can get preloaded (on microSD card) maps back into mapsource as long as you are able to save the gmapsupp.img or gmapsupprom onto your harddisk, though I don't know how good this works. It works great and easy for joining finished maps. Like outputting whole mapsets from Mapsource and then just join the pieces you need for the day very quickly. So you don't need to mind about preloaded maps as long as you can get the image saved to your harddisk. It's time saving if you wan't to change maps regulary.
  23. 1 - Approx. Date Of Purchase? July 2007 2 - Purchase Location? ebay 3 - Unit Software Version? 2.40 4 - GPS SW Version? 2.30 5 - Unit ID? 33488720** 6 - Have you updated the firmware yourself? YES 7 - Have you noticed the Trip Computer bug firsthand? YES 8 - Does your typical usage depend on the Trip Computer function? YES 9 - Have you contacted Garmin about the issue? NO
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