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  1. Cool! We're interested! I live and Humphreys and I've hidden a few caches right outside the gate in the Anjung-ri area. I'd love to help get an official club started. And I'll be around for a while....at least till Nov 2011 maybe May-June 2012! and if anyone in the area wants to go out caching just let me know!
  2. I'm using the at&t tilt which runs on windows mobile 6 and has a built in gps chip. the program loads just fine and and runs perfect. but it never acquires a gps signal. i've tried running the do anywhere cartridge and it allows me to get to where i put on the space suit and then doesn't let me progress any farther because my "gps signal is weak" and says i need to move around to get a better signal. but if i open up google maps or beeline gps it shows i have a strong gps signal. any idea why i'm getting this problem?
  3. i'm running the program on my wm6 device...the att tilt. the program runs but it won't pick up the gps signal from the built in gps chip. so i'm stuck too
  4. For some reason the pocket query for my local area just stopped running. So I checked the usual problems, such as coming unchecked or conflicts with the PQ details and everything was good. SO I designed a new PQ with different details that should result in just about the same results....still nothing. I then created a PQ for another area that I would be traveling to in the near future and that one worked. So I kept creating for other areas and they kept working so whats my problem here? I sent the question in to Groundspeak and Eric couldn't get me a solution and recommend I post it here....so thats what I'm doing. HELP!
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