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  1. The same senario here.....Order placed...never recieved and no response to many email inqui ries...that was over 3 mmonths ago!....ALSO....unable to get activation codes from Coinswag....What's up with that?
  2. OK, so GS bailed on the GE app.....From what I can gather maybe it was a $$$ and server load issue. I didn't use it too often but certainly found it useful when I did. How about if GS initiates a "Premium2" user category..I would be willing to pay another dollar or two on the yearly dues to be a "Premium2" user with a few more bennies....anyone else?!?!?..... FINDIT
  3. Hey....Which coordinates are the best to use? I have noticed that the La & Lo #'s on the cache name are different from the "Google Map" coordinates....I probably should have said that the FORMATS are the same but the MM' SS.S seem to be different for the same location.
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