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  1. LOL ok, at least Thanks for replying back
  2. What are the conditions that have to be met?
  3. I know the feeling. Have quite a few of my TBs going missing. Only lost 1 coin & that was during a trip here to NW Pa for me to pick up from a transfer from another cacher. I stopped putting my Coins out in the wild. Now have 1 proxy missing.
  4. MIA Travel Bugs/Coins TBY7V1 Emtfire10's Internet Satellite Travel Bug Last known pick up 5/5/2013 Cito Black River Style GC484XE TB4EG1H Dude Where's Our Signal Travel Bug Last known pick up or placed 8/7/2014 GC52XG0 Sharp Drops: Bonus Cache
  5. About 2 yrs ago, I stopped sending out the original coin since they generally come up missing. I adopted one from the Czech Republic it traveled to South Africa for a time. A cacher picked it up added so miles on it & then one day it was never logged after that. I emailed the Cacher about it 5 times & NEVER heard anything back from him at all. If fact he just recently logged a cache about 2 days ago. I got a proxy for it & placed in the cache located right outside my front door for the cacher. Since then any coins I have bought are with me or proxies are sent out.
  6. Request a Minelab Geocoin We are sorry to say that our supply has run out! We have sent all the Minelab Geocoins out to new homes and hopefully to caches near you. While we can’t send you your own anymore, you can on the lookout for them by tracking their latest movements. Thanks again for your interest.
  7. For my ECs, if there is a group doing them, as long as the cacher whom is sending in the required answers, that all parties are in agreement then 1 email is fine. If 1 or more of the group feels their answer(s) differ I ask for them to email me their own answers then. So far every cacher that has done any of my ECs has followed the required guidelines, WITH the exception of 2 local cachers from my area. They have been very well known to "phantom log" both regular & earthcaches in the area. In that case their logs had been deleted "ONLY" after I sent them a email asking for the required answers. If i did not hear from them within a month then their log(s) were removed.
  8. I have a 60CSX the only downside is the on/off button has worn off as using quite a bit. If interested let me know.
  9. I am using a Motorola Atrix2 Phone & attempted to download the whereyougo file using Opera Mini for the browser. Somehow Opera renamed the file as a .zip file instead. We did 4 attempts on this today with the same results. My wife's phone is a IPhone 3 & downloaded the same Wherigo file with no problem. Did the Wherigo on her phone got the unlock code but then the wereIgo site would not accept the code, even though we were able to log it thru the geocaching site itself. Any ideas for the Motorola Atrix2 phones on how to get the Wherigo to work by chance?
  10. If you are going to be in the Niagara area for a few days, it would more feasible to do the SWGT. Both are nice programs though. My wife & I finished the Erie setion of the SWGT & there was only 1 cache that we were very dissapointed with, everything else was completely awesome!!
  11. My avatar is the patch of a FD in SC & representing their LODDs their dept suffered.
  12. I just tell them about geocaching & some of the places or things I have seen along the way. Everyone that I have mentioned that too seemed to somewhat interested in it. However when one of my team's caches was politely blown up by the Erie County Bomb Squad & I was contacted by the State Police about it, I told them the same thing & they seemed to be even more lost than before. When I explained to the investigating trooper about it, I simply told her when she had some free time to drive down a road that she is very familiar with and she what she notices. Then walk that very same section of road & she then what she missed as she drove down the road before. Needless to say she was very surprised.
  13. Guardrail bolts work good to hide a nano. They even work good themselves as a nasty micro.
  14. I won a "chirp" beacon last week, still awaiting for it to get here. But I highly doubt if I will use it in any caches though. One reason is simply I use a 60CSX & they are NOT designed for the chirp beacons.
  15. Sometimes you have to wonder "what makes people tick". But yet looking at a log such as that I would not want to figure out what makes that cacher tick. As the saying goes "You can satisfy some of the people all the time & but you cant satisfy all the people some of the time."
  16. Time is counting down for the Geowoodstock Event Folks!!!!
  17. NW Pa (Including the Warren Area) offers quite a bit of variety in different caches. Erie Pa also is not "Just a numbers" place for cachers to seek out quick micros either. There are MANY decent small & regular size caches in the Erie area too. As for Geowoodstock coming to Warren Pa, Hey I am happy that NW Pa is represented this time. There's a selection committee, and you have to submit a bid. You need to have a big-time well-organized volunteer staff, and have to demonstrate such to the committee. Why God-forsaken Warren, Pa. of all places? This is just my opinion, but I think others will agree. The early GeoWoodstock events carried the tagline "where it's all about the numbers". If you don't believe me, look at this 6 year old article promoting the then upcoming 2005 GeoWoodstock Erie, Pa. has always been a haven for "the numbers crowd", and has been since 2002 or 2003. They put in bids early and often for the older GeoWoodstock's based on their cache density. I imagine they just kept bidding over the years, and finally got the prize. The focus, fortunately, has shifted away from the numbers and "world record runs". I believe the tagline these days is "Where it's all about the number of friends you'll meet" or something like that. I do agree though, Warren, Pa. is not an easy (or inexpensive) place to get to via commercial air.
  18. Play it safe & ask for permission to place the cache, whether it would the "local government" or the district office of the dept of transportation in your area.
  19. I am going to have to keep an eye out for this next year, sounds like it could be very interesting!!!
  20. Thinking about all of the cachers in Japan. Looking at the photos & videos coming from there is simply so un real. Godspeed with all & hope you all are ok. Caches can be replaced, cachers can not.
  21. I have never had that type of problem with my 60CSx at all.Best bet would be maybe to call Garmin support & see what they may suggest.
  22. I would have to agree with shadowmib here more about the possibility of radiation rather the 13 ft marginal movement.
  23. May have to get some team members together for this one.
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