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  1. Sorry, dojo = gym in Japanese. Actually, I've been interested in karate for awhile but never tried it. My son started, then my wife then I tried it with one of the 2 weeks (4 classes) free to see if I really was interested. I've found it to be alot of fun. Work, yes. Fun, yes. Would I like to see someone sign up and join the dojo because of this? Sure I would, the more the merrier. Would I like the thought of someone trying karate that's wondered if the sport is for them because of a card I left? Sure I would. Am I trying to "sell" memberships to the dojo? Nope. Just hoping to share something with a fellow human being that they may enjoy, but would've never tried had it not been for something as simple as a 2 weeks free card I left. Sorry to be long winded, just trying to explain and be as honest as possible to all you good folks.
  2. I belong to one of the local dojos. Would it be ok to leave a business card that is worth 4 free classes in caches? I'm not wanting to use this as a trade item, just something to help someone try a sport that I enjoy without having to pay to try. I am only a student here, so it's not like I'm an owner or anything. If I haven't explained something correctly, please ask questions. Thanks for your time and advice!!
  3. I'd like to come up with a sig item but for now, my son loves leaving the chemical glowsticks. The ones alot of kids wear at Halloween and they're nice to have in your pack for extended light.
  4. Going from memory: Pen, Sharpie marker & Rite-In-Rain notebook Swiss Army Knife Spare "Hybrid" batteries Multi-tool First-aid kit Naglene water bottle GPS - Garmin 60 GSx Cell phone Fenix flashlight CRKT knife Camera Swag SAS Pocket Survival Guide Leather gloves Sunglasses Safety pins Cache printouts Tracks walking stick Maxpedition Fatboy Jumbo bag w/ JANUS extension pocket, 4 1/2" holster & 5" holster attached
  5. Awesome cake!!! mmmmmmm, buttercream frosting
  6. Nice info. Guess I'll have to look at GSAK more. I've just been using Easy GPS
  7. Mine was overnight if I remember right
  8. That's the problem for me. Thank you very much!!
  9. Mine'll do the same thing. I haven't figured it out either.
  10. That should work, I have a Garmin 60CSx
  11. Ok, maybe I'm just not thinking right today, but with all this talk about v8 and upgrades and such, I'd like to make sure I order the right software. I'm not upgrading anything so I'll need the full version. I want the most up to date version. What am I looking for? Links appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time!!
  12. Stormstaff

    City Nav & Topo

    Nevermind. I think I found my info in the FAQ section. My apologizes
  13. I'll have to post mine a soon as I get a pic and some time to figure out how to post pics, hehe Nice setups folks!
  14. Glad to hear you're ok. Worst I've ran into so far was a group of hungry skitters.
  15. $35!!! I may have to check my local Wally World. I'd spend $35 on one for my son to mess with and he's only 6. Heck, after a day or two, he'd probably be teaching me things, LOL
  16. Just other normal hiking things....First Aid kit, water, snacks, flashlight, extra ziploc baggies, tissues, anti-bacterial hand stuff, bug spray, sunscreen, etc Yup, some of that stuff is obvious, but I've forgotten enough "obvious" stuff in my day, LOL
  17. I only one I even have any thoughts on is #5 and I'm not even sure of that. I believe that is the newest series just released. Welcome to the site. I'm new here as well
  18. Thank you Stunod and sorry, I must've missed the Website forum
  19. Since I'm new to this geocaching thing and already own a Palm Tx, this sounds very interesting.
  20. If I remember right, most other forums I belong to adjust to the users time zone. I entered my time zone in my profile, yet my posts show 3 hrs earlier. Is it me or the forums? I know it's a small thing, but I like things to "line up" right. Thanks for your help!!
  21. Well, after reading about them here, I ordered one last night
  22. Stormstaff

    60csx reboot

    Wow, nice info
  23. Yup, when I logged on, everything's good. Thanks for the help!!
  24. I just purchased it and was curious if I'd get an email or just log on and "poof" have premium access. Thanks in advance!!
  25. Thanks. Since I'm new to this, I'm sadly on the low end of the learning curve.
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