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  1. Coins to be received: ~Eleanor, AtlantaGal, LewisClan77, mamoreb, ModelCitizen, pingos, scificollector, The Moop Along, yanagi All coins, domestic and international, have been mailed out.
  2. Coins to be received: ~Eleanor, AtlantaGal, LewisClan77, mamoreb, ModelCitizen, pingos, scificollector, The Moop Along, yanagi All coins to be sent to domestic addresses tomorrow, international addresses will be sent this coming week.
  3. Just got back from a short trip and found a little Coinfucious coin in my mail pile. Mahalo mystery coiner!
  4. Try posting to the Geocachers of the Bay Area forums here: http://www.thegba.net/forum/index.php That's where most of the cachers in the Bay Area "hang out".
  5. I traded 70% so I'm happy. I'm going to be on vacation this upcoming week so I won't be able to get my coins out until next weekend at the earliest. Thanks to Ashallond for running the trade this year!
  6. Try posting in the forums here: http://www.rcgds.net/ or here: http://thegba.net/ You do have to register to post but more cachers "hang out" in those forums than this one.
  7. The one on the left is the California 2004 and the one on the right is the California 2005. The best place to try to trade for them would be in this thread. You can also check eBay. Also, go to this page to see more California coins: California geocoins There was also a Golden State geocoin: Golden State geocoin
  8. "With respect to the sale of the 4th series, we are sorry to let you know that we didn’t draw your name out of all those who are interested in buying one. Because we had to keep a small margin in the number of coins we sell, we contact you once we are ready to sell these too."
  9. There's one on eBay at the moment. i found it im going to make my bid and hope thanks for the heads up Not sure how picky you are but I believe that's a Land Rover, hence the cacher's name erik88l-r.
  10. Regrouping email sent and all coins verified, thanks!
  11. It's possible that someone handed out a sheet with their trackable #'s on it, but included a typo, where your tracking # is on the sheet instead of their correct tracking #.
  12. Less than an hour to go, thanks to everyone for the bids!
  13. Ugh, just got hit with the "not thick enough for delivery confirmation" sticker and postage due of $4.20 due to the upgrade to Priority Mail. First time this happened to me after sending out hundreds of mailers before. Guess it's a crapshoot with the post office at the receiving end.
  14. Bumping this for those who might have missed it over the holiday weekend.
  15. A fellow cacher's son's girlfriend recently underwent surgery to remove a tumor from her spine. She is now in a wheelchair but hopefully one day she'll be able to walk again. To help defray some of the medical expenses, I have three Cub Scout Knife geocoins up for auction on eBay. All profits will go towards the medical expenses. Here's a link to her story: http://www.santacruzsentinel.com/ci_17919773 And here are the links to the geocoins up for auction. Cub Scout Knife Copper Geocoin Cub Scout Knife Gold Geocoin Cub Scout Knife Silver Geocoin Thanks!
  16. I have this same problem. Every time I log back into the site and click on Beta Maps, the info box pops up. I check "don't show this box again" but if I log out and log back in, it still pops up again.
  17. Itsnotaboutthenumbers used to have the distance from cache-to-cache as one of the stats. I was up to about 93,000+ miles before the site closed down. Maybe mygeocachingprofile can start to generate that stat.
  18. I have the No-Snowmobile attribute in my HI listings. When living in the Bay Area, CA, it started as an inside joke with members of the Geocachers of the Bay Area, where we would put that attribute in our listings. Someone even had No-Snowmobile pins made for us!
  19. And I got my set today as well, thanks Marianne!
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