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  1. Gorgeous dog Did he fall asleep after unwrapping his moose? She loves to unwrap gifts, therefore she watched her gifts all day and has not slept. After unpacking she was so tired and fell asleep immediately.
  2. Christmas is over in Germany. This is our last picture of the evening: Congratulations to all of the winners!
  3. "December 24 around noon" is the time we decorate our Christmas tree every year. This year we use a decoration from my childhood: A Merry Christmas to everybody from Germany
  4. Send me your address and I will send you some coins (for free).
  5. He posted a couple days back that his dog was having energency surgery and he was in NY (I believe). Probably not gonna be around for a bit. sad news
  6. Happy Birthday Merchlinskys! Hope you feel better now Happy birthday too youuu... Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag
  7. I have 2 sets available for trade: Creatures of Nightcaching Geocoins (set contains 3 coins): - Gold Edition (70 coins minted) - Black Edition (70 coins minted, LE) - Silver Edition (70 coins minted) Cache Hopper Geocoins (entire set contains 11 coins): - Green / Black Nickel (30 coins minted) - Green / Gold (30 coins minted) - Green / Nickel (30 coins minted) - Turquoise / Black Nickel (30 coins minted) - Turquoise / Nickel (30 coins minted) - Black / Nickel (30 coins minted) - Black / Black Nickel (30 coins minted) - Purple / Nickel (30 coins minted) - Purple / Gold (30 coins minted) - Red / Gold (30 coins minted) - Red / Black Nickel (30 coins minted) If you are interested in one of the sets or in both sets, please send me your trade offer via pm until next weekend. I prefer coins from my seeking list, but I'm open to any kind of offers that fit.
  8. @tsun: Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of the Baby ET process. It is a lot of fun. @anne.and.eli: Thanks again for the great templates. @sunsetmeadowlark: I'm very glad to see my design is your favorite and I hope you will get one. @all: Congrates to all other artists, I hope to see all turtle designs get done sometime.
  9. Methospedia


    I'm very sorry to hear this. Aischa and I will keep him in our thoughts. All the best!
  10. My new Top 5 most wanted: 1. Dutch Lion 2. Earth Turtle Naughty Lump of Coal 3. Geocachers Luck & Protection 4. Bitten by Whitebear Antique Copper Glow 5. Quebec 2008 Antique Copper
  11. Was working on a B&W one until I was this one. Got my vote. Thanks I fixed the color of the letters (I hope this is allowed):
  12. Thank you very very much for the great template anne.and.eli
  13. There is a LE of the Bremen Geocoin for sale: http://geocaching-bremen.de/bremen-2008-geocoin-le/ What is the difference between the AE and the LE?
  14. Message sent Thank you very much
  15. Could someone please invite me, too?
  16. I have a very special set available for trade: If you are interested in the set of Pi Math Puzzle Coins (red + blue) or in a single coin, please send me your trade offers via pm until Thursday evening. I prefer coins from my seeking list, but I'm open to any kind of offers that fit.
  17. Send me your address. My Wishing Coin arrived today, it is awesome. Thank you very very much :laughing:
  18. Found these awesome coins in my mailbox today. Thank you very much and a very special thank you for the Wishing Coin.
  19. Hi I'm seeking for my Tengwar collection: - Polished Copper - Peach enamel on Polished Copper - Bright green on Polished Nickel - Bright Green on Gold - Dark Green on Satin Gold - Dark Purple on Satin Silver/Nickel - Bronze on Bronze - Light Blue on Satin Silver Please send me a PM, if you have one for a trade. I have several Geocoins for a trade, e.g. these are the Tengwars I can trade: - Antique Bronze - Antique Silver - Orange Enamel on Polished Gold - Red Enamel on Polished Gold - Turquoise Enamel on Polished Nickel - Antique Copper - .925 Shiny Silver (11 coins) - Polished Gold & Black Nickel (LE, 12) - Polished Nickel & Black Nickel (LE, 12) - Satin Gold & Satin Silver/Nickel LE, 25) - Antique Silver & Antique Bronze (LE, 25)
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