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  1. Hey everyone, So what are everyone's thoughts on the geoboxes being sold by geocaching.com? I bought the first two. The first one was great it was random and a great price, the second they were all identical and a not so great price. the third one announced today is $60 for $80 worth of value. What are your thoughts my friends?
  2. WTB, Hey all I am looking for the Egyptian/Stargate coins that were around a couple years ago. I have the space gate coin but am looking for the others.
  3. I had an interesting conversation with someone who took one of my TBs. I asked if they were going to drop it in a cache soon as it was in a race. They replied I did, I put it in a munzee cache. After further discussion I was able to determine that they put it in a light pole that a munzee sticker was on. So using this logic TBs may be put in non "geocaching" caches by mistake.
  4. event caches are graveyards for trackables. If you pay attention at events you know who is taking the trackables but holding anyone accountable, gosh forbid. I started a thread for geowoodstock "how many trackables have you plundered from caches so you can bring them to GeoWoodstock". the bragging quite literally never ended.
  5. what exactly would you be googling? I did not ask for any information. I provided the exact info your link does.
  6. How about the cost of the Ferry that seems crazy high and I can't find info on ferry between Nantucket and Martha's vineyard. Woods hole to Martha's vineyard $140 for a car and $17 per person in the car.
  7. I have several geocoins that are just for myself (milestones etc.), I have never let anyone log them and yet my codes are being put on lists that are being disseminated all over the world. For instance last week my 15 years of geocaching coin apparently made an appearance at the GEOCACHING PARTY 2017 in KRAKÓW Poland and the tri-state meet and greet in Pennsylvania which is funny because I have it right here in my hand.
  8. I just got a string of discovers from the "GeocachingParty 2017" in Cracow Poland. The problem is the coin is right here in my possession. This happened with the tincup trackable I got as well as several other. Some how even though I have not given out the number it ends up on a list and gets disseminated far and wide.
  9. Easiest way is to get people to stop stealing the trackables. This is the only hobby I participate in where theft of personal property is not just over looked but condoned. It has gotten to the point where people now have to staff the trackable tables at events and make people sign for them when they take them.
  10. Hello All, I have been receiving a lot of finds on my tin cup whiskey trackable and one of the cachers was kind enough to share why. Tin Cup has made every single number available on it's website. A convenient map shows the last known location of every tin cup with the associated TB code right there. Takes armchair caching to a whole new level.
  11. I found out why tin cup whiskey in their infinite wisdom has made available every single trackable # on their website. rather defeats the purpose.
  12. I just got the new tin cup travel bug, I just activated it last week and still have it in my possession but it has already been discovered four times.
  13. It's hip to be controversial. It creates buzz.
  14. I can't help but wonder, how many of the people demanding everyone use real geocoins, have large private collections of such coins.
  15. I found a cache that someone dumped a bunch of missing TB's in to and re logged them in to the game sadly some owners had left geocaching since. I have to wonder about those who excuse the theft of travel bugs.there is a posting here in the forums of a geoclepto reurning all the TB's they had stolen (hundreds) and people disbursing them back in to the game.
  16. geocaching, #1 preferred sport of cleptomaniacs
  17. And what if it turns out that munzee was of (or in cooperation with/with permission of) the owner of that geocache? Then you destroyed someone else's property and spoiled a game others play. In the vast majority of cases, the Munzee placer almost never has permission from the cache owner to place a Munzee there. Why would a Munzee owner need to get permission from a geocache owner? As long as they don't place it on or in the cache, they have just as much "right" to the spot as you do. When you place a cache, you are granted that spot in the geocaching world. It doesn't mean it's off limits to the rest of the world. I agree that placing a Munzee right next to a cache (or a cache next to a letterbox) is in pretty poor taste but we don't "own" the spot outside of our game. I recently found a sticker on a tree where a cache was hid that the placer of the cache had to get special permission from the landowner to place the cache, While not 100% certain I am pretty sure that the placer of the sticker did not get permission to do so.
  18. Yeah, they must be talking about Guardrail and LPC caches. I notice for example, the OP found a bunch of Mass Pike rest stop caches on the way to/from the Geobash. I daresay I've never come across a situation where one could give away a cache location. And I'm not a big looker at their forums, but I know it's almost universally agreed over there you should not put them INSIDE someone else's Geocache. Only seen/heard of that happening once, personally. What does the fact that I found 2 (1 going 1 coming back not a bunch) geocaches on the mass pike have to do with the fact that the people placing these munzees are ruining the experience of finding the geocache? I just recently found another one on a tree where a cache was hidden.
  19. In the last two weeks since I attended the Berkshire Geobash III I have seen these munzee stickers on almost evry single cache I have tracked down. It completely ruins the "finding" of a geocache for me. My Girlfriend who is new to geocaching has now said on several occasions "it's over here I found the sticker". The thrill of the chase is gone, clever hides are made easy. I find the entire experience disheartening. Anyone else having this experience?
  20. Hey All, I am looking forward to several days in LA next week and was wondering if anyone could suggest any geocaches along the lines of the mash cache and the Batman's bat cave cache, I have seen that there are several out at Vasquez rocks as well. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Mind your P's and Q's you little whipper snapper. The Elders have spoken. So mote it be.
  22. I quit years back because the technology just was not where it needed to be. It was a lot more frustrating than fun.
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