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  1. paid for mine just now tsun thanks for your great looking coins,caint wait to get my sexy glow PAX.
  2. we just finished the whole trail 8-28-10,what great places it took us too,historic places ,scenic,fun places,trails,had a blast ,just awsome,collected our 5 regional coins .
  3. about a month ago i updated my garmin vista cx and it messed the gps all up,i called garmin usa and got through really quick,the man was very helpfull,he said send it in for repairs,it cost me little over 5 bucks ,there were other problems with this unit i had the rubber come of one time ,i had to re-glue it on and my neck strap hook on the bottom of gps had broken off.the gps was little over year old,i thought they would just repair software but they sent me a brand new gps at no cost,from the time i sent gps in to recieiving new one back took only 9days wow i could not say enough about garmin's service they were the best company i have ever dealt with.i will always be garmin owner .
  4. mine came in the mail today they are awesome.our first dorkfish coins you did great job on these.Thanks for the free pin
  5. just ordered 2 ,1 glowing power plant &1 nebula very nice our first of your coins you make some great looking coins hope to get more in the future for our collection,can not wait to see them in hand.
  6. I was wondering the same thing. Why would people just learning about caching even know about or want a geocoin? Some of them would likely not even be interested in caching. i just went to a mega event were my son recieved a coin from a cacher who was tossing them to kids under 15 years of age ,my son tought it was the coolest thing so did the other kids,weither not they will all activate there coins tomorrow or years down the road or as a scout group,they will treasure and remember those kinds of things.if i get one kid into caching for life hey then, i did my job.!anything we as cachers can do for kids is the most important thing ,what ever we receive or have ,we will work with what we get,remember most of these kids love the outdoors,thanks
  7. That is a good idea. Who gets the coins? Do all the scouts have accounts to activate them and move them? Or do you want activated coins? Or are you activating them? Or are you giving the coins to them? If you could be a little more specific. And I echo eartha here, Why do you need coins to teach? You should be asking for extra GPSs, LOL!!!!! How are they finding the caches? With compass'? Curious to see how it works out. Opalsns I ask, because I've held a class or two myself in my local area, and got by with a slide show, and a talk, followed by question and answer, and then finding a cache hidden for the class, for hands on GPS use, using two or three GPS brought by myself and a couple others. The attendees seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. It wouldn't even have occurred to me to ask for donations for anything and the class was free to anyone. Who gets them? Are they being raffled? What are the donations for? good question,, as theres not much info about what is going on with this,, i think if they added more info about what this is or going to be,, where, how ,,,why,, that sort of thing . we would be more inclined to donate to this cause. but as it stands theres really no effort put in the posting about how important this is to them. just my opinion. i have had not that much time to post on here because i also coach little league right now & been busy.thats why im waiting till end of june for this class, when baseball will be almost over or over.i want kids to have the total geocaching experience.i could just show them my collection of coins but what fun would that be ,hope to get enough prizes so each scout gets there own if possible ,ive also donated 2 coin,s from my collection with the 2 gps's.we are open to idea's too.as i stated we will take any donations weither its ideas or items ext.,thanks
  8. That is a good idea. Who gets the coins? Do all the scouts have accounts to activate them and move them? Or do you want activated coins? Or are you activating them? Or are you giving the coins to them? If you could be a little more specific. And I echo eartha here, Why do you need coins to teach? You should be asking for extra GPSs, LOL!!!!! How are they finding the caches? With compass'? Curious to see how it works out. Opalsns the kids will be getting any of the coins or travel bugs{if any}as prizes, they will be opening own accounts with there family,or they will be activated under there troop# account as a scout group?either way the kids are getting any coins or travel bugs.we will have 2 days of cachingclass they will put out permnenant caches as a scout group with there own account.i have couple styles of gps's &{7}on hand for kids to use.i will be donating 2 for scout group to keep,i wish i could get every kid a gps but thats not needed and don't think it would be possible either,lol .
  9. Just send me a message and ill send address to mail stuff too thanks
  10. I'm setting up a geolearning class in late june for our local cub&boy scout's and ask if anyone would like to donate coins ,swag ,geostuff ,ext.no matter how large or small anything would be greatly appreciated ,Thanks
  12. i tested new site and its working for me ,woohoo can't wait.
  13. i want 1 of each earth turtle please
  14. ive had my oregon 400t for week now and truly love it,im really glad i spent the extra money .worth every penny.garmin is also great at backing there software updates and units ,u.s. stationed service and repair.i had a garmin vista cx before this oregon 400t and i will always carry a garmin gps.
  15. http://www8.garmin.com/support/collection.jsp?product=010-00697-02 this is the page i was talking about that clearly states a warning about beta ver.2.94
  16. You should always use webupdater service from garmin !!! the beta ver.2.94 under the update and software page states this.and gives a warning under the beta ver 2.94 update-that its not been released for production and should use at your own risk! if you guys used webupdater it would have not updated your oregon to this ver 2.94,mine is 2.8 still with no problems.
  17. i have had mine for a week now went out for first time caching yesterday ,wow what a great gps.LOVE MY OREGON 400T,i love how you can set different profiles for each activaty ,such as geocaching,recreation,fitness,marine,automotive,you can set each one up for your taste .the topo maps are the bomb,you can touch anywhere on the screen to get info on the map such as names of mountains places roads,trails everything.with awsome detail & you can set how much detail you want on your map& also have 3d view.i love paperless caching i dont know why i waited so long.you can also wirlessly share your caches ,waypoints ,through wifi.the field notes are awsome too,after you select you found a cache you can set a short hand log note of your find then load them all up on your profile page all together.the only drawback is you can,t delet your finds on oregon you have to go in gpx file when your device is conected to computer and delete the gpx-visits file.i wish garmin would set up a found folder in program software so that you could delet finds much faster.you have to go in gpx file and delet the found caches by gpx code name,which takes time to scroll through all them one at time to delet them from oregon.the screen i have no problems with.having the screen up all the way and on alltime during day and i turn my light down 50% at night ,which does not to me affect battery life.you get great battery life from oregon about 16-18 hours .the expandable micro sd card is great had couple extras lying around from the ones i was using in cell phones.you can upload pics on your oregon too.before i had a garmin etrex vista cx and oregon blows it away,on features and durability.im very shure garmin will keep improving software updates for the oregon series as they done in the past models.before using oregon ,load up software on computer ,set everything up through garmin they update oregon before use.i will always cary a garmin gps.not just for geocaching ,but for every activity i do outdoors,the garmin oregon is a complete all type use gps.
  18. our family will be attending ,cant wait hope it will be nice weather this year!!
  19. Wooot,Wooot,got mine today .wow they look great,awsome job tsun.these are my first earth turtles,these are at the top of my collection tsun.
  20. received my paypal shipping email yesterday woo hooo , my heart beat has not slowed down yet .im getting tingly just thinking about seeing them in our geocoin collection.congrats on job very well done tsun.you put alot of work pulling everything together & our geocaching family wants to thank you tsun
  21. got a set woot wooot!!! wow they went fast !!glad i stayed up ,i'll be dreaming of turtles tonight.
  22. hi i want a nickel/transluent one soo cute i sent an email to you
  23. if i find them i will pick up some extra MWGB parrot coins for you guy's ,so excited to be going in couple days this will be our first geocoin event but sad that my oldest won,t make it {oversea's at war}pitt. is only 150 miles from were we live so awsome.
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